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Insurrectionists Defeated, Peace Restored to Valacia

VVN – The last of the much hated rebel group, The Iron Fist, were captured today in a pitched gun battle in the warehouse district of Velletri, says anonymous sources inside of the Valacian Armed Services. Reports indicate that the traitors had set up inside of an abandoned warehouse, until our brave soldiers received a tip as to their location.

Eyewitness reports seem to backup the stories of these anonymous military members, as several civilians in the area reported hearing sounds of gunfire and cries of “Throne of Iron!” before an eerie silence fell on the area

More information to follow, once the official report comes out. Our anonymous sources claimed that the military wished to verify they had dealt with the last of the traitors before making a public statement. This reporter, for one, hopes to find that the rumors are true.

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Valacia Celebrates Her Centennial

VNN – Yesterday marked the hundred-year anniversary since the official start of our Republic, rising from the ashes of the monarchy of The Kingdom of Alleria. Celebrations echoed their way across our nation for the last week, and continue to echo across the nation today, as excited revelers shoot off fireworks and generally make merry in remembrance of what we’ve earned.

But all has not been celebrations and delicious food. While we’ve been out relaxing and enjoying the day off, our boys in the military have been hard at work, safeguarding our celebrations and keeping a wary eye out for any trouble makers who would mar this, the greatest holiday of our nation, with another violent terrorist attack. After all, as we all know, though the Iron Fist may have been finished recently, it won’t be too long before another group rises to take their place. Threats to our democracy are ever present.

So, if you see a soldier as you wind your party down today, offer them your thanks, and maybe a delicious dessert. They surely deserve it.

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Storms Claim Third Ship This Month

VNN- The Valacian Navy reported today that the total number of commercial ships lost to storms this month has reached a total of three, as of this morning. 
The ship in question, registered as the VFS Abranes, is the latest in a string of ships reported sunk in storms. The Valacian Navy has issued a statement reminding fishermen and other sailors to avoid going out in bad weather, when avoidable. 
However, some who knew the crew of the Abranes are skeptical of this report, as they claim that when the ship set out, the weather was practically perfect. Indeed, at least one of these folks are wondering if perhaps the Abranes was sunk by pirates, or worse, Insurrectionists with a naval ship. 
The Valacian Naval Secretary was quick to quash these claims, and wished to remind the public that all Naval ships are present and accounted for, before he quickly ended the interview. 

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