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The Republic of Valacia

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The Republic of Valacia



The name Valacia was actually lifted from a dead religion, practised by those who had settled the nation many years before the creation of the state as it exists now. The name was the word which was used for “promised land,” and the modern Valacians had the hope that the name would inspire that sort of peaceful existence for themselves. It has yet to pan out that way.


5cCMZ73.pngValacia is situated between in the sea between the continents of Argis and Alharu. To the north is the Sakspati Sea, while the Ygros Sea lies to the south. The nation consists of a string of four islands. Valkyria is the national capitol city. Other major cities include:

  • Acendria
  • Gilona
  • Mavala
  • Valoria
  • Velletri

Combined, the islands come to roughly 35156.5 km^2, with the island of Valacia, on which the nation's capitol rests, being the largest. 


The history of Valacia is one filled with strife and bloodshed, most of it recently internal. The Valacian Democracy, as it exists now, has only existed for about one hundred years since 1919, and is therefore relatively new. It owes its existence to a particularly successful revolution, the last of a long string of such rebellions against the former monarchy of the area, formerly known as the Kingdom of Alleria. After a long and drawn out conflict, the rebels pulled out a victory, and have spent the last hundred years installing a democracy and reconstructing the nation in a way that benefits the people again, though, of course, there are still those who would continue the proud Valacian tradition of rebelling against the reigning powers that be.


The current President of Valacia is President Alan Pierce, direct descendant of one of the big names of the rebellion that freed Valacia from the rule of the monarchy. He’s the head of the executive branch, and shares power with a senate and a supreme court.


Because they have never quite been able to root out those that would see the installation of a monarch or an autocrat, the Valacian military is on constant alert. While there are not regular terrorist attacks or open fighting in the streets, it is important for the military to be on alert, keeping an ear to the ground so that when the next group rises, they may be quickly crushed. As a result, the military gets a substantial amount of funding and has a good deal of urban fighting training and experience.


Valacia is an oceanic country, and as a result, a lot of their economy is based around the ocean. Fishing is a large industry, as it oceanic commerce. There are also a couple of expeditions looking for offshore drilling locations, but very few have turned up. On land, the predominant industry is still construction, as a lot of Valacians have spent a lot of time rebuilding their nation, but with the relative peace the democratic government has brought, other industries are beginning to experience growth as the construction industry loses places to build. Land reclamation is being experimented with, but many wonder if perhaps it would be more useful to simply start expanding elsewhere.


Valacians share an olive skin tone and commonly have dark hair color. While most of the nation belongs to the loyalist camp, there are those who wish for the return of a strong autocrat, be they a monarch or a dictator. Many wish for the days when the decisions of leadership were not in their hands, and would see the return of an autocrat as a blessing. These beliefs have not managed to gain much traction, but occasionally a group will get a little big for it’s britches and start something.


On the whole, the nation is a mix of Greco/Italian ideals. Sailing is a common pastime in Valacia, as is a soccer analogue (which can just be soccer if soccer exists in this world). The arts focus on a variety of themes, but the most common tends to be national identity, reflecting the artist's ideas of whether the current government is one to be lauded or to be replaced.

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