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Request: Seylos

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Nation in Europa: Kingdom of Seylos

Flag: 8HxgGeF.png

Capital name: Selbourne

Capital location: Somewhere on the coast

Factbook link:

Newsroom link:

Culture: Mix of the major cultures on the British Isles

Climate: Mainly temperate but can be a bit warm.

Location History: A large amount of refugees from the old world flee to their new island home complete with their new royal family who were pretenders to the throne in their old land.

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I think it would make sense to place you close to @Gallambria, who's our monarchist Australia. You could have a similar lore with several royals of Burlingtonian descent migrating to other islands/former colonies to establish their own kingdoms. Furthermore, you have stated to have naval capacities, which would help to keep ISE in check.


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Hello @Seylos . Thanks for this clear and precise application.

  • Factbook. A good start. I already look forward to learning more about your nation.
  • News agency. Quality length and finish. Some non-government items will add more depth.
  • Map location. Temperate climate with British heritage is all over the Adlantic Ocean. The southern tip of that island east of @Gallambria is more temperate and less tropical (location A). As our good friend SSI mentions, there are some more island nearby as well (location B). More isolated by still relevant and close to @Great Burlington is the island almost halfway in the Adlantic Ocean (location C).


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Hey @Orioni I'm partial to C on the map but is there anyway I can petition for either on of these places? D feels closer to Argis and is still in the same relative zone as C as well as being basically the same distance from Gallambria (And tbh a little more britain shaped which I like). E is another alternative of the same relative size and the tiny island to its west could even serve a future RP purpose akin to  the UK occupying Ireland.



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1 hour ago, Sunset Sea Islands said:

Although I am still awaiting the day a great Derthaler Empire conquers most of Eastern Argis, I must say that it makes a hell of a lot of sense to have the prime meridian pass through a British nation.

Imho it's more something like the RL Treaty of Tordesillas which divided the world into two halves belonging to either Spain or Portugal. Some Occidental nation stumbling upon Argis and claiming everything west of the line, not knowing there's actually more land to the north as well.

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