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Official Name: Kingdom of Seylos

Capital City: Selbourne (Officially Selbourne-On-Sea)

Official Language: English

Demonym: Seylosian

Government: Absolute Monarchy

Population: 27,354,000

Currency: Seylos Pound (Known simply as Pound)

Seylos in an Absolute Monarchy located mainly on the island of Greater Seylos. The nation is currently in an interregnum after the previous king, King Stuart III of House Redmond who had ruled over the monarchy for the past decade, died suddenly leaving his two sons and daughter in a succession crisis. While the succession crisis has yet to cause any major issues in the country, tensions are boiling between the two princes, Aidan and Henry, on who is to rule after their father.

The capital of Seylos, and it's largest city, Selbourne is the heart of the country's financial and political power, with almost 9 million people calling it home. Economically the country fields a mix of service and industrial output. The city of Norfolk on the country's southwestern coast has a large shipyard infrastructure in place capable of producing boats as small as personal yachts to enormous aircraft carriers. On top of this aerospace, automotive, and chemical production form the general backbone of Selosian industry beyond consumer goods

jason-hawkes-aerial-london.jpg                                   wales-countryside.jpg

                                   An aerial view of Selbourne                                                                                                                                                      An image of the Seylosian countryside




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