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To Teach A Man to Fish

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To: @Fulgistan Department of Foreign Affairs

From: Penny Pinscher, ACE project manager

Re: Avionics and manufacturing contract


To parties concerned,

Enclosed are two contracts; one response to the closed contract from The Fulgistani Department of Defense regarding the upgrade of their fleet of UH-1 light transport helicopters, the other a closed contract for the export of production lines of the Hippo Mk I AIFV for the target company Jochi Heavy Industry.

We request that, once reviewed, the second contract be pushed to the appropriate department in JHI with government signatures.


Integrated glass cockpit with synthetic-vision primary flight display,

Solid-state attitude and heading reference system,

Air-data computer,

Built-in terrain alerting, color moving map

20,000cpp (cost per package, Credits)

Small Air Radar,

Weather and radio interface,

Khai (air navigational) charts,

Control and display of airborne radar


Installation, quality assurance, manpower


Subtotal per AUH-1A package: 50,000c


Specialization packages:

Multi-Dimensional Active Radar node x3


MDAR-integrated display


Structural Alterations


Subtotal Per AUH-1Y: 100,000c



Integrated Targeting Display


Structural Alterations


AsTech 37mm GLAC


Subtotal per AUH-1G: 75,000c


Additional Upgrades:

Consolidated Ammunition Bank


Augmented Reality Kit for both door gunners


Engine Upgrades:


Engine Replacement and Modernization:


Chassis Maximization for MEDEVAC/CASEVAC:



Initial production order for 4 Hippo Mk I AIFVs in two (2) months for initial viability testing, produced for at or below 750,000c, with margin of profit dictated by reduction of production costs due to high wages required by Asgeirrian workers and costs of materials in Asgeirria.

ValenCorp will fund and supervise the initial venture production base, and after testing quality of initial production line, will further fund and develop production sites.

Transport for initial testing models and required electronics will be tariff-free, and further mass shipments of production-related will be reduced in customs fees as deemed appropriate by the proper government officials.

Unit cost will not exceed 850,000c in the initial phases, and 750,000c in final production stage, including shipping and handling. Any cost overflows are the sole responsibility of Jochi Heavy Industry and its subsidiaries.


Penny Pinscher,

With authority from Asgeirrian High Command and ValenCorp



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