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We just want to get along

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Hello, welcome to the region!

My nation is Tagmatium, the only truly civilised nation in the region. Everyone else are just barbarians.

2 hours ago, Imperial States of Europe said:

Hello! I'm a psychopathic dictatorship that eats its dead and old people! I hope we can get along.


I hope you enjoy your prion disease!

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20 hours ago, Frosport said:

Hello, my name is Summer. My country is Frosport, a traditional duchy with religious values.

Hello, @Frosport! Sounds very interesting. I'm looking for someone to retrospectively send Christian/Catholic missionaries to Andalla in the ~1700s to Christianize us, so if Frosport happens to be a Christian/Catholic nation, I'd be more than welcome for your missionaries 😅

By the way, is Summer your real name? You share the same name with someone in our batch haha

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