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The Theodorian Passel, and the Committee of Experts congressional building, as shown mere weeks after its completion. It stands less than a mile from the Capital building.

TheodoriaThe nation of  Theodoria  was founded after its leader, Sheev Tarkin proclaimed the Republic of Theodoria after the Theodorian revolution. Out of the ashes, this great nation, a benchmark of prosperity was founded. Though, still, a miniscule shallow of its former title, the nation is recovering from the economic constraints. The Committee of Experts, the congressional organization of the nation, aims at recuperating the nation through a series of reforms. More on this as it develops.


The Theodorian Passel was established nearly 7 months ago and has seen exponential progress, its assembly, elected by the people in  "uncontested" circumstances, has worked closely with Head of State, Sheev Tarkin, to establish foreign dignitaries and relations. Many leaders from the previous government were reinstated in their seats, this questionable act has been deemed, as said by Sheev Tarkin, "Honorable, and further legitimizes this great nation's government."

Supreme Leader Sheev Tarkin has yet to make a statement about the Judicial Branch, said to be named the "Theodorian Assembly." Its creation was only ratified in the wake of further re-instating the justices of any man. Thus, this great congregation to be formed will be the stepping-stone of founding a new nation. It is to be established by the Committee of Experts and formally inaugurated as a Government foundation in the coming weeks.



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Chancellor Sheev Tarkin (Center) stands behind Eobard Mercie (Front) on a visit to the Congressional Chamber to commemorate the forming of the Theodorian Assembly.


Sheev Tarkin visited the home of Alexie Tarkov, former ruler of the Republic after hearing of the death of the Grand Imperator, his son, Aeurilius Tarkov. The nation mourns after the death of the man, who may have saved the Republic from the tyrannic rule before the revolution. Sheev, made remarks saying that "Aeurilius, though a great leader - his time had come." Head of Government, Eobard Mercie did not attend, rather, he was still working on establishing other functions of the nation.


Tarkin made his goals clear, that the full re-armament of this nation is a priority, according to him, "The function of the military is a necessary establishment in the likes of freedom." Although the funding of the military has not seen drastic changes, many are concerned about its possible overextension.  Hopefully, this re-armament plan will benefit the people of this country.


In more civil news, the state has founded MercieAir, the nations first Airliner has just been put into service, carrying a fleet of only 45, the industry is rapidly expanding. The Airliner has stated, "It will purchase from domestic aircraft producers, in order to strengthen this economy."  CEO David Broyles - only 26, aims to dominate the worldwide industry, and even, "Compete with Boeing and Lockheed." 


Chancellor Tarkin has formally announced the establishment of the Theodorian Assembly, he presented a speech that afternoon, it reads,


Fellow Brothers! We stand here today because of the sacrifices of our mothers - and fathers. Many have lost during the revolution. Now, we shall prosecute those who stand in the way of liberty and justice. Against those who seek to harm our institutions, eradicate our way of life, we say, 'United, could you dare stand against?' People of Theodoria, this is a great day. Shall this nation reign a thousand years!"


We stand united against his great words. His chants shall be heard around the world. 




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shipyard1.jpg Contatus Shipyards, the largest in the nation, accounts for most of the nations exporting routes.




The Assembly has recently voted to expand the shipyards to accommodate military construction. The shipyards will also be the location for a new national oil extracting company, "SABRE." Tarkin has also approved funding of freighters to use for overseas trade. This is part of his initiative to boost the Theodorian economy via overseas trade. Infact, this expansion of the dock has created nearly 17,000 jobs for the residents of Constatus. It is estimated to bring the value of the docks up nearly 13%, at 367,392,049cr (Credits). The Constatus port authority has also authorized the use of the port as a military staging ground for seabound patrols by the Imperial Navy.


Constatus shipyard is worth 4,776,096,637cr. This is estimated to increase by a value of 4% over the coming years. The Port authority also encourages investment in the ports as Tarkin quote,

"Will expand Theodorias influence overseas, and through our neighbors. Via trade, we shall ensure the growth of this nation."

This announcement will dictate the course of the economy for decades to come. Hopefully, Tarkins foreign policy will cause prosperity and not a deterioration in foreign relations. Furthermore, Tarkin has also called for the convening of the 4 government institutions for a "State of the Empire." This will be covered as soon as we receive word on the event.


Peace and prosperity!




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Theodarian Air's latest promotional advertisement to the market.


As of this morning, Chancellor Tarkin has confirmed in a press release that, 

"Theodoria cannot withhold itself from the world, we must endorse and enlighten those abroad, therefore, we must open our borders to the world"

 Soon after, he announced that "Theodorian Air" has been formed by the Assembly. What does this mean for our great country? Not only shall we be able to utilize our position and resources within domestic territory, we will be able to become a prominent player in world trade, and reap its benefits. As a people, this is a monumental day. With the new and progressive international policy, we look to Chancellor Tarkin to promote the prosperity of this nation and the common person desire.




Arial view of the newly completed Constatus International Airport (CNTL)


Following the announcement, Government construction near Constatus has been completed, as Constatus International Airport (CNTL) received its grand opening earlier this evening. This great airport is the tax dollar at work. Sheev Tarkin has formally leased multiple gates to Theodorian Air and aims to lease more to international airliners. Theodorian Air's fleet consists of 107 total operational aircraft. Including many medium-size aircraft, is primary carriers though, are the Boeing 737, and Boeing 777's. The tourism industry is estimated to grow exponentially following this development. Further, the airport wil be receiving new renovations within the next year, to accommodate the City's large populous. Tarkin will also be constructing a military wing of the airport, which will also be the basis of Cargo transports to the city. Thank you, citizens, of Theodoria.


Acaralex News tonight.


Peace and Prosperity!




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