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Yes, welcome brother (brother as long as you aren't a commie)!

To give you a short summary, here is how the Iberic Ethnosphere works here:

  • A long long time ago in a continent far away... (Europa) there lived the Iberic Empire, a monarchial union of states including Tacalonia (Catalonia), Stille (Castille), Léonia (Léon), and Araggon (10 pts for guessing).
  • After some time of relative peace, there was a violent uprising against the monarch and the Tacolic Church. This period "Malcisma", around the late 1500's was the schism responsible for the great diaspora of Iberic peoples across the map.
  • Imperial supporters and faithful Tacolics were cast to the four winds in an "exodus" like period is known as the "Gran Viatge" and took place between the late 1500's to the early-mid 1600's. During this time, one of the largest and most prominent fleets lead by Diaspora hero, Almirante Estaban De Arggon (Iverican: Estevan Deiargon) would later father the collection of states around the Western Argic and Western Alharun (see map).
  • From Deiargon's fleet, Iverica was initially the centre of population for the exodites. Later, explorers and other colonial ventures would father @Mauridiviah and my NPC puppets who arent on the map yet (shout out to my bois Ultramares, Verde, Vasqqa, and Greater Galicia).

Now where you come in is your choice :) feel free to experiment and try out some theories on how Beleareas fits in here!

Though these are WIP, they may be helpful for reference:

Link to my timeline: https://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/1026445/Pre-Peninsular-Iverican-History/

Link to the History Factbook: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=iverica/detail=factbook/id=902481


Once again, welcome! Looking forward to worldbuilding with you!


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