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Request: Swedserland

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Nation in Europa: Terra Leviticus of swedserland 

Flag:sorry cant get damn flag to load but its my profile picture

Capital name:swedserland city

Capital location: coast

Factbook link:

Newsroom link:


Climate:Temperate almost everywhere except mountains

Location History:Coastal to the west giving us a major port with lush farmland in the center regions and to our eastern borders mountains

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Hello there @Swedserland . Thank you for your patience. I've reviewed your application. Here are my comments.

  • Your factbook is rather brief. What are your plans for updating and expanding this?
  • The news agency has a couple of messages, mostly the length of a tweet. One reference the death of your king, but elsewhere he is still mentioned as the ruling monarch.
  • For a culture, you mention "European". Could you perhaps be a little bit more specific? Referencing a RL nation might help as well.
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