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Ahranaian Foreign Ministry


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Ahranaian Foreign Ministry

Here is the Official Foreign Ministry Station where all Official Government Letters, Press Releases, De-classified Documents and more things the Foreign Ministry will release to the Public. The Official State Letters will be released here and so forth all replies from Foreign Governments will be sent here.

The Declassification process of documents start with the Signature from the Federal Chancellor then from the Presidium followed by the Constitutional Supreme Court, every five years new Documents will be made assessable to the Public through a Government Domain.

Official State Letters will be released in the Public and Government Domain for anyone to access these records of State Letters that are associated with Ahrana, they will follow a five year Declassification process if the Clearance level is higher than that of Level 2.

Governmental Forms will be redrafted for the New Ahranaian Government, however, the forms from the Kingdom and the beginning of the Socialist Federation are now considered legal by all means. Therefore any nations Government that has applied for Embassies Permit and such are still valid till their expiration.

All Declassified Documents, Letters and such will start with the Declassification Header:

Declassification Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Document Type: Official Letter/Government Document


Date of Creation: dd/mm/yyyy

Domain Available: Public/Government

We hope to keep the Governmental Forms more of a simple process than before we hope and only wish o make things simpler.


Embassy and Consulate Form- Form 101A (Updated 11/18/2021)


-Directory of the Foreign and Internal Ministry of the Kingdom of Ahrana-

Citizenship Act of the Federation of Ahrana

Diplomatic Protocol of the Federation of Ahrana

Travel Bans and Restrictions


-Office of the Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana-

Letters from the Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

Operation Clean UP

-Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom of Ahrana-

Anglia Crisis Response

-Ahranaian Ministry of Justice

Declassification of Trial 0045-691


-Ahranaian Ministry of Law-

Laws of the Federation of Ahrana

Clarification on Status, Rank, and Titles of the Imperial, Royal and Noble Families inside the Federation of Ahrana

Official Declaration of Civil Merit, Military Merit and Royal Orders of the Imperial Government and Imperial Throne

Act of Pardon and Nullification on Gross Indecency Under Law SC. 6918 In effect from 1805-1996

Constitution of the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana


-Ahranaian Ministry for Drug Enforcement-

Ministry for Drug Enforcement Mission Statement


-Office of the Ahranaian Monarchs Official Letters-

Letter to the Head of State of the Commonwealth of @Delamaria

Letter to the Head of State/Government of the Republic of  @Iverica

Edict No. 0064 of the Ahranaian Högsta Guvernören

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: Whom ever it might concern.
RE: The previous letter to the Emperor.

In my left hand I hold peace, in my right hand I hold war. If you you follow through with this, we will not act in the sinister way.

Thought for the day:

It is through the Destruction of our Enemies, that we Earn our Salvation.

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The Ministry of Diplomatic Affairs

To: A.M.L. Core, Secretary General of the SF of Ahrana


At the moment of writing Foorste Frauwe Dina Diva is having some cosmetic procedures done on her lips and is, as such, unable to respond to your letter. Additionally, at some point, the letter would have ended up with me so in some ways, we're cutting away the middle man. We have read the kind words written by yourself in regards to the previous relations that our two nations have had. With the extradition of Mr. Ivanoff, an important step has been made by the Socialist Federation to normalize the relationship between our two nations. 

With the removal of the previous monarchist government of the nation, the embassy building previously used by the Ahranaian ambassador and his staff has stood empty but otherwise ready to use. So long as the Socialist Federation is willing to take over the contracts for local hires and pays the same amount of compensation as the Kingdom did, Het Huisselant is willing to receive and acknowledge an ambassador from the Socialist Federation of Ahrana. In our eyes, this would be a good first step towards re-establishing easy communication between our two nations.

Acceptation of our offer and reciprocation in regards to the reopening of embassies would be appreciated but, of course, remains up to the discretion of your own government.

Looking towards the future,

Reemy Lopentlant
Minister of Diplomatic Affairs of Het Huisselant

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: The Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana
RE: The previous letter to the Imperial Government


All terms are in order; we will begin our withdrawal process immediately. Any acts by your government or your military to hinder our activities under this agreement shall be considered both a breach of treaty along with an act of war. Be aware, the company being charge with the management of the economic zones shall be a newly formed subsidiary of the kaiserliche Fulgis Handelsgesellschaft (known as the 'kFH'). Any and all actions taken by this company shall be with the authority of the Imperial Government within the confines of the new treaty and within these economic zones. Their operation is expected to proceed unhindered, and their property and personnel unmolested.

Jan Utikar, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Thought for the day:

Knowledge is power, hide it well.

Just a reminder Ahrana, all the previous messages are not being considered canon anymore. This is a new series of exchanges, as those previous ones would still require me to return your challenge with war.

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To: the General Secretary of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion

General Secretary Alexsandra Misha Lars Core,

It is with surprise that the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion noted the deposing and arrest of the previous General Secretary of Ahrana. If the crimes that have been placed at his door are true, then the Socialist Federation has done the right thing by removing him from office. It was, perhaps, the only thing that your country could do, given the circumstances and nature of his crimes.

It is hoped that, in time, the Socialist Federation normalises its relations with the rest of the world. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion sees that this trial of the previous General Secretary is a step towards this, although it is hoped that any investigation goes deeper than that, if evidence is found that one bad apple has indeed spoiled the whole basket. That they had gone on for quite so long, and were quite so severe in nature, suggests that either Mr Ivanoff was a formidable master-mind or that the issues were endemic in both the previous monarchy and the regime that he ran. That he is now being forced to answer to them, and that his removal was peaceful in nature, means that Ahrana is transitioning to a normal and functioning country after a such a period of turmoil and bloodshed.

It is the first step towards Ahrana once again joining the family of nations of Eurth. The circumstances in which the old monarchy was toppled are still confused and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion suggests that the story surrounding it has become even more dubious and murky, since the clearest account of it came from the previous General Secretary himself. As such, it means that that version of events may not even be the true ones. Despite the fact that this may open wounds that are not yet entirely healed, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion suggests that you would do well to consider an international investigation into the true circumstances surrounding the revolution – if Mr Ivanoff was the sole perpetrator of these crimes, or that there were others involved. That many seemed to be prepared to aid and abet him, even if the former General Secretary murdered them – or had them murdered – suggests that he may not be the only one responsible. Due to this, a full and frank investigation could be the only way that the ghosts of your nation's revolution are laid to rest and peace finally comes to the people of Ahrana.

On that note, it seems that the Socialist Federation has finally seen sense and reduced its support for the pariah nation of Derthalen. That Ahrana had seceded control of its own territory to a nation that could only be considered as barbarian and backwards was foolish in the extreme – that it has taken the Socialist Federation until now to realise this shows how the mismanagement of the previous General Secretary had blinded the people and government of Ahrana to what was right and what was wrong. Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion hopes that any economic ties to those savages will be cut quickly. If not, then the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion may consider enacting sanctions in order to remind the Socialist Federation that entreating with such nations only encourages them to act against the peace and prosperity of the entire world.

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To: Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana, Alexsandra Misha Lars Core
From: President of the United States of Prymont, George Duval


Secretary General,

First and foremost, I would like to apologise for the delay in responding to your earlier message, and to congratulate you on your successful election campaign. It is incredibly refreshing to see a more democratic, open leader take the Ahranaian reigns, and the changes we have observed so far in your nation are promising indeed. 

It is true that relations between our two nations suffered under your predecessor's leadership. I found Greggor Ivanoff to be a frustrating, arrogant, awkward man, and it is pleasing to hear he has come to justice in the Unified Variotan State. Criminals such as him should be eradicated from this world, allowing for more accepting, kind democracy to prevail. It is deeply humbling to receive such a positive letter from you, considering the stances that the United States have taken recently against the Federation. Correcting our issues and fixing what was once a powerful friendship would be a great feat for both of our administrations.

Prymont and Ahrana have enjoyed great times in years gone by, and it was saddening to see that relationship deteriorate in the way it did, under the given circumstances. There was no foreseeable way to avoid that, and I trust that you understand that. Nothing would please me more than to meet with you to discuss the bright future between our countries; hopefully, this is one that holds great trade, firm friendship, strong advice, and solid foundations for future generations.


Yours sincerely,

George Duval
President of the United States of Prymont

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To: President George Duval, United States of @Prymont

From: Secretary General Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring, Federation of Ahrana

Classification: Level 2


President Duval,

As it is known inside the Executive Government of the Federation former Secretary General Core was very fond of you and your Government as well as the United States as a whole. Seeing that I am in succession of her tenure of Office I only seek to better that bond of friendship further under my Time in Office. I see it as the best interests of the Federation for our nation's to be close in any terms.

I have read the Classified details of the last meeting between our Governments and do wish to continue to with the things that were set forth from that meeting. 

Furthermore, it is my understanding of that meeting that the Federation did promise to send relief to the people and your Soldiers inside the Prymontian Rus. The Congressional Houses had been in gridlock over the exact amount of help that would be sent and now by Executive Authority on my half the Aid and relief for those people will be on their way. I do understand it has been months since it was discussed that such things would happen but I am reaffirming our commitment to such thing. Within the next week of today, 8 December 2018, severtloads of Clothing, Food, and other needed things will be on their way to the area for distribution to the people. We will be sending several pounds of fish and other delights that we enjoy here and can do without here for the time being. I will sending some Architects and Engineers to help rebuild they will be under your Government ls direction till you no longer have need of them.

I would also like to request an Audience with you sometime in the future just to meet you in person and to reaffirm my Government and the Federations commitment to helping better Central Argis for a brighter future.


With respect,

Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

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Office of the Secretary General of the Federation

To: Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I di Cabrena of Limonaia, Grand Duchess of the Grand Duchy of @Limonaia

From: Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

Classification: Level 3

Subject: Diplomatic Ties


Your Royal Highness,


As far as I know this is the first Official Communication between the Grand Duchy and the Federation since the Imperial Kingdom had fell, it is in my deepest intrest that are Countries reconnect and form Diplomatic Ties and so much more again under the new Government. I see a brighter future between our two Countries with us working together in the future on many things to not just benefit ourselves but the wurld as well. 

If you are not opposed to the Idea of opening up of Diplomatic Relations and possibly having a Diplomatic Meeting between us the Heads of the Countries and our Diplomatic Team, if you are open to the idea please do let me know and I will see about finding a perfect. I am open to coming to the Grand Duchy for a such meeting unless you wish otherwise. I look forward to hearing from you.


With Respect,


Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring,

Secretary General of the Federation

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To: Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring

From: Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I of Limonaia

It pleases me to hear from your esteemed nation again, we're glad to see that Ahrana has become a stable state following the fall of the Ivanoff government, and are certainly open to reopen diplomatic ties now. I'd like to invite you to Limone, as I'd like to see relations between us flourish, I think we both have a lot to gain from this.

God Bless,


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Office of the Secretary General of the Federation

To: Prime Minister of Tikva, Jacob Lasker

From: Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

Classification: Level 3

Subject: Establishing Diplomatic Ties and Communications



As Secretary General of the Ahranaian Federation and on behalf of the Ahranaian Population it would be an honor to accept your invitation on establishing Diplomatic Ties with our two great nations. I would be humbled to establish such connections with your Country and her People as it would do be beneficial for both our Countries to not just promote friendship among our citizens to one another but also help so the other Countries that no matter the distance between two nations it has no bonds to what Peace and Friendship can do. I look forward to seeing our Countries prosper together in the future.


With Sincerity and Respect,

Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

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Office of the Secretary General of the Federation

To: Grand Duchess Margherita Desiderata I of Limonaia

From: Sigrid Anastasia Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

Classification: Level 3


I would be honored to come to Limonaia to initiate such ties again, our nations can benefit from such a reconnection for the future after we are gone for sure. I will get with my Diplomatic Team and the Presidium to see exactly when an Official meeting can take place whether that be here in Moskovo or in your Country, I leave that decision completely up to you.


With Sincerity and Respect,

Sigrid Anastasia Victoria Florence-Goring, Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

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All Ahranaian Nationals in @PyeMcGowan, Republic of @North Dniester and the Holy Empire of @Derthalen,


The Federal Government has issued a Travel Ban to the Country of PyeMcGowan for the reason of, unstable environment in the Country and inability to reassure the safety of any persons in the country. The travel Ban for the Country of PyeMcGowan starts at Midnight, Saturday,05/04/2019 and issued to all Airports and Travel Agencies. If you do travel to the said Country do use extreme caution and never travel alone.


The Federal Government has issued a Travel Caution to the Holy Empire of Derthalen but not a total Travel Ban, Ahranaian Nationals may continue to travel back and forth freely from and to the Empire until further notice.


The Federal Government has issue a complete Travel Ban and Border Closure with the Republic of Dniester for the reason of, continuation of Civil Unrest and the Possibility of the inability of reassure the safety of those not of Dniester Origin. The Travel Ban and the Border Closings will come into effect at midnight, Monday, 05/06/2019 and will remain in place until further notice. If you do travel to the Republic please use extreme caution and never travel alone.


Thank You,


Eric B. Collins

Minister of Foreign Affairs


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To: Government of the Federation of @Ahrana

From: Dniester State Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Due to recent events surrounding the trials of these so-called "War Criminals" in these fake "Red Trials", the Government of Dniester has been forced to issue an open letter to the Federation of Ahrana, of which decries these set-up and rigged trials of which have committed no crime except for acting in the best interests of Ahrana under the rule of Greggor Ivanoff, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation, President of the Confederate of Independent Socialists and Field Marshal of the Armed Forces. General Ivanoff was a great man who led Ahrana to glory, and these fake trials only serve to further push the agenda of the corrupt and illegitimate Government of Ahrana. The men presented in this kangaroo court deserve nothing less than to be recognized for their heroic actions serving the government of General Ivanoff. 



Vladimir Zieminski, President of Dniester

Enver Hoxha, General Secretary of the Dniesterian Communist Party

Ioseb Jughashvili, Dniester Minister of Foreign Affairs

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To: His Majesty, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence Goring and Aleksandra V. A. Misha Chayak II, Monarchs of the Kingdom of @Ahrana.

From: Her Excellency, President Deborah Van Roose, President of the Commonwealth of Delamaria.

Your Majesties,

I am very grateful for your congratulations and well wishes as I am elected to this most prestigious of elected offices, and I share your concerns over recent unrest in Delamaria. However I can assure you and the international community that we will not become a nation that conducts its elections in a manner which allows for violent upheaval of the democratic process.

Your nation alike my own, is blessed with a free people and fair elections which allow for the Will and intent of the populace to be  translated into real action to improve their lives and the lives of our descendants. Though we must work tirelessly to protect these rights we all hold dear, for our democracy is fragile and subject to influences who wish to act on behalf of interests against those of our people.

I am also delighted to see that you too share the value of helping those in need, no matter their nationality. The Delamarian people, as I am sure the Ahranaian people, have a sense of charity that transcends our differences, as it is our responsibility as a wealthy nation to support those who have less than ourselves. As will be announced soon my government will create a pathway to citizenship for those fleeing from adversity, for what are we but a nation of immigrants, in hope of finding a new home, in which we can attain the inalienable rights to freedom of speechand assembly, as well as security.

Yours Sincerely,

Deborah Van Roose,

President of the Commonwealth of Delamaria.



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TO: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of the Kingdom of @Ahrana

FROM: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Seylos



As the Kingdom of Ahrana is most certainly aware, civil war has broken out in Baltica. It is the hope of the Kingdom of Seylos to to bring stability amongst the chaos of the impending civil war.  Seylos wishes to create a humanitarian and peacekeeping zone in the currently owned territory of the Free Republic of Kauni, in order to ensure that destruction is not spread to the area and that those possibly displaced by the war can be properly cared for. This will involve the deployment of two hundred Seylosian soldiers in order to secure the protection of the people of the city of Kauni and to provide professional humanitarian support. On top of this, Seylos wishes military access to impose a no-fly zone over Kauni in order to ensure that any faction is not able to conduct airstrikes on civilian targets.

We also invite the Kingdom of Ahrana to join Seylos in ensuring that safety of the people of Balitca during this endeavor.

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