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Etymology: of Swedserland our name came about in 1618 when the nation of swedernia and there close ally and neighbor serlandia united to form swedserland taking pieces of there nations name and combining them to make swedserland

Geography  Our nations comprises of a large mountain range to the east and sandy beaches to the west with  flat interior plains and a river heading south coming from the north

History our nation was formed from a political union between swedernia and serlandia creating swedserland

Government the head of the nation is  king Harold the 46th of the house of karelia while the government is run by a Parliament with the head of parliament being the prime minister

Military the military is split into 3 sections his royal majesty's ground forces his royal majesty's air force and his royal majesty's navy 

Economy the economic sector is dominated by tech based industry's and tourism 

Demographics a good 70% of the nation is ethnically swedserland followed by 10 percent variotian and the rest comprised of  sunsetians

Culture swedserlandians are world class musicians in classical music also swedserlandians love to spend long hours in saunas and pools

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