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Application: Shffahkia

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@Asgeirria @Mauridiviah @Andalla @Little Flau @Selayar @Synturia this is where we're building the Manamana Canal. It would be very harmful in my mind if a collectivist/communist nation popped up around our canal, so I seriously can't see this working out at the moment. Pinging @Orioni as well, since I think it would really be time to put the canal on the map and mark an inch around it as "Manamana authority" or something. We've had a bunch of claims in that area and I don't really want claims like this endangering the integrity of the Manamana Roleplay. I'm sure we can work something out.

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@Sunset Sea Islands,

I do agree that Shffahkia popping up around the canal is undesirable, and I would further argue that it's unrealistic (Why would they let us build a canal in their territory? We're evil capitalists seeking to expand our evil capitalist infrastructure), and I also agree that the canal and its zone of control should be placed on the map. However, I don't think that it'd be so bad if @Sffahkia was placed somewhere near the canal. I think that in this case that would be a good compromise.

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Mauridiviah's suggestion is good, but that won't stop them. The Manamana Bay is essentially a bottleneck full of lumps and peninsulas, so as long as Shffakia is located there he's going to be holding naval superiority over the whole thing. It really depends on his actual stance, really. If he's friendly or neutral towards us, he can stay, but if not he should move away.

A second choice is to retrospectively insert Shffakia's concerns and opposition against the canal (Assuming he's placed near it), then to create all these military tensions and all. You know, for the action. 😈

But whatever the decision is, the Manamana Canal should be regarded as an actual entity in the area which must not be within the jurisdiction of any other country.

On a similar note, who really governs the thing? In the case of Manamana (terra nullis), it would be jointly administered by all the member nations. However, we have never officially held a summit or meeting. It was more like nations just announcing their membership. So should we? Or at least retrospectively?

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In light of these concerns coupled with the fact that I had no previous knowledge of the canal and after a while of reflection, I have decided to withdraw my claim for that land and will be looking for a freer location elsewhere to stake my claim.


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@Andalla In my newsposts I have been talking about a joint administration by me and @Synturia, but I want to change it in the future so there's a council with seats proportionate to the work individual nations have put into the project. Still, I want it to be a hub for technocratic ideas, as it was originally intended to be. You should expect slight tendencies/influences in your nations. Nothing serious, but prolonged exposure to Synturian and SSI culture at the site would lead to influences, I'd assume.

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Nation in Europa: Shffahkiaz4vKD48.png

Flag: -> 

Capitals' names: Port-Réel and (Ville de) Sfakia

Capital locations: Port-Réel coastal & (Ville de) Sfakia inland.

Factbook link:

Newsroom link:

Culture: Primarily French also includes: Indigenous cultures such as Carajà (and Swedish, German among other small migrant communities.) 4QO7w3h.jpg

Climate: Tropical/Temperate


Location History: Originally inhabited by indigenous people but then they were colonized by Lysian colonizers from @Fleur de Lys. After independence, immigration from all around brought several minorities to Shffahkia since it granted citizenship to everyone born within its borders. 

Requested area that I want my nation to have/be located in is circled in blue.

The island circled in blue, if i get it, would be a relic of colonial rule which was seeded to me after the Fleur de Lys lost interest in colonization and it was more trouble than its worth.


Edited by Sffahkia
Fixed some suff and added island claim. (see edit history)
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Good afternoon @Sffahkia. As you know, we've already had a lengthy discussion on Discord about what options are available to you. I also see, from reading the above discussion, that your future neighbours are quite engaged with your claim.

First: both your factbook topic and newsroom topic are detailed enough to merit a map claim.

Second: based on the above description you give of both culture and climate, I present you with these three options.

  1. East-Aurelia as you highlighted above. This area borders both the tropical climate zone (closer to the equator) with some more mixed climate towards the south. Right now Aurelia is the most isolated continent.
  2. Southeast-Alharu has a very large river delta, which could similar to the RL Amazon river. There are plenty of smaller islands off the coast as well, to match your last RP idea for a "relic of colonial rule". This is also quite an isolated area, wedged between mountains and rain forest.
  3. Southwest-Alharu contains another rainforest area. This is also close to @Andalla who RP's a mixture of Scandinavian culture. This would match your of Swedish migrants. This would also make you a neighbour of @Mauridiviah


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