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Mira power-plant completed

Today marks the completion of the Mira Uranium power-plant in Zenerra supplying more energy to our country and its ever increasing demand for electricity in this modern technologically driven world of ours.

The construction of the Uranium reactor began a few years back along with other projects to prevent future disasters in our country. It was made due to the projected increase in demand for electricity form Zenerrans as well as the need for more effective and environmentally friendly power-sources, although wind and solar energy are great they take up much space and produce smaller quantities of power as well as taking up space that could be used for future living areas for Zenerran's or simply left alone for nature to reclaim the land. 

With the completion of the reactor solar power plants in the area have been shut down and are being dismantled and recycled with the new open space being considered for habitation by the government. While there seems to be a shift in energy production the government has as of yet removed any other forms of power production besides solar most likely due to its unreliability. 

This has been  Xiera Rovocanin from ZNN.

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