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Trial of the Man called Death


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On 31 May 2018, Greggor Ivanoff was arrested and charged with Genocide, Murder, Embezzlement, Corruption, Mishandling State Secrets on many counts. The Trial of the "Century" has begun in Ahrana. The Trial has started in the Congressional Houses and will move to the Court Room of the People's Supreme Court and the Constitutional Supreme Court and what most believe will be exile to the Country of @Variota to be trialled there for the charges placed on him by the Government there.

Congressional Houses

As the House was filled with members of the Congressional Houses of the Federation the Guards littered the entire room you could tell this was a big thing, the guards were under orders to not kill him if he tried to leave but to simply knock him unconscious only. Soon the room was full and the Panel of Congressional Judges was inside:

Please bring the charged and accused of the following charges handed out by the Government for Indictment and Impeachment from the Government; Embezzlement on 12 Charges, Fraud of Government Documentation on 16 Charges and the Miss-handling of the Office of Secretary General of the Socialist Federation. Please bring Greggor Ivanoff forward.

The big wooden doors opened and Ivanoff was flanked by two guards to his left and right, all four guards were carrying fully loaded Guns that would only be used in an extreme Case. They soon reached the podium and the guards stayed with Ivanoff on the left and right.

Greggor Ivanoff you have been present Charges that this Congressional Panel of Congressmen Judges that will carry out the Indictment and Impeachment that has been announced to you and laid before you. How do you plead on those counts being judged by this panel excluding the Judicial Charges?

I, Greggor Ivanoff plead a not guilty stance for the reasoning of that this Government has no right to charge me with these charges both Congressionally and Judicially.

Very well Mr. Ivanoff. This Court has investigated the Congressional Charges placed against you and the Constitutional Court has found that this Congressional Hearing is legal in the full eyes of the Law of the Constitution of the Socialist Federation. Therefore the charges of Embezzlement on 12 Charges mainly for Tax fraud and paying off Government Employees, Fraud of Government Documentation on 16 Charges and the Miss-handling your position of Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana are all legal and have lead to you being Indicted this morning by the Supreme People's Assembly and the Assembly of Nationalities. Therefore you have been stripped of all Official Powers, have you anything to say on the Indictment?

Other than the fact that you have no legal right no I do not.

Very well, the Impeachment was voted this morning by the People's of the Union and all voted in a unanimous yes for impeachment. Therefore Mr. Ivanoff you have been removed Officially from the Office and the entire Government including being stripped of the Rank of Field Marshall of the Armed Forces of Ahrana as well being stripped of Rank in the Intelligence Agencies as well. Therefore you are now ranked as a Civilian plus the Government has also revoked your Passport and your Identification Papers that relate to the Government. Therefore you will now be trialled at the Court House of the People's Supreme Court and the Constitutional Supreme Court which will judge you for the Judicial Charges of Genocide, Murder of the 1st, Embezzlement of Tax Dollars, Government Documentation Fraud. Mr. Ivanoff, you are guilty in the Eyes of this Government and will face a harsh sentence from these courts.

Please escort this man back to his cell till the Judicial Courts summons him, please.

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Chambers of the People's Supreme Court and Constitutional Supreme Court

With the Indictment and Impeachment Trial complete all that was left is the Criminal Charges to be applied and a Sentence handed out, that was the job not just for the People's Court but the Constitutional Court as well since the person facing trial was Government Official at the time of the charges committed that are now placed against him. The 12 Judge Panel was a stiff one, one that Ivanoff was not going to push around. The little display he put on in the Congressional Chamber would not happen here or he would be sentenced to death since the charges against him were heavy enough.

We the twelve Judge Panel for Case number 0045-691 involving the former Secretary General, Greggor Ivanoff former Field Marshal of the Armed Forces, former President of the Confederation of Independent Socialists will now face this panel and be prosecuted for the following; twelve counts of Embezzlement, sixteen counts of Government Documentation Fraud, two counts of miss-handling and abusing the Authority of the Office of Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, three known and found counts of Genocide, and two counts of Murder in the first are the charges handed out by this Judicial Court. Mr. Ivanoff, how do you plead and remember any insult thrown at this Panel will result in an immediate death sentence by law as stated by the Constitution for cases that are this extreme.

In front of this panel of judges, I plead not guilty of all charges and all counts.

Very well Mr. Ivanoff as is your right to plead a not guilty stance by law. However, this Court does find you guilty on all Charges and counts within these Charges. You are aware of why these Charges have been placed on you yes?

Your Honors yes I am aware yes, yet they are not factual charges that have been placed on me. I ask for the proof to be provided.

Very well would Witness number 0098 come forth to present their testimony to this Court.

As Witness number 0098 came forth it was none other than Ace herself. The rage in Ivanoffs eyes as she walked and glared into his eyes did not seem to phase this woman of steel. She walked up and begun her testimony.

Greggor Ivanoff is not as he seems, he has tendencies to reconnect to his past. Many times as his trusted Assistant, not willingly at the least, I had and was able to read on the files he had asked me to safeguard with my life. In these files, they were of his past atrocities ones that I remember myself as I was there for the last one. The last one was the worst one, I remember the night before the Revolutionary Army entered the city that the orders he gave were said to a point of doing whatever you want just kill people and I will partake in the activities. That night he did, he killed over ninety people and took utter joy from the killings. Just looking at him now it makes no sense on how he is able to do such things but make no mistake, he is a monster that deserves to die. If that is all I will leave the stand.

Very well you may leave. Now Mr. Ivanoff do you have any more questions to ask this court to prove of you charges that are against you?

Aye, I do. How are the Embezzlement charges legal. I have done no wrong on taxes and such?

Mr. Ivanoff you sir know exactly why they are placed on you. The Residence that is paid monthly to keep off of all Government Records is one. That building is the property of the State as it was under the pervious government! You have bribed Officials and paid them off to keep the records clean of such property. It may be part of your estate now but as of today, it is now part of the Government Properties that will be used as Government Offices. You have also avoided the payments of your other property taxes in Tatani SFR and the properties in the Lockiee SFR. So, therefore, you are charged with Embezzlement. While we are on money you also used your authority as Secretary General of Ahrana to force people off of their property that is 'owned' by the state currently and is used for your leisure time such as hunting and fishing. So Mr. Ivanoff these charges are perfectly legal as with such legality it is the decision of this court to hand you the following sentence.

Greggor Ivanoff Illyvic Mishia Lars, this court finds you guilty of all charges handed to you at the Congressional Trial and at this Judiciary Trial. Therefore the sentence to be handed out to you is the following, as asked by the Government of @Variota you will be sent to them for a trial for the reparations caused by your actions on the night of the Revolution. Therefore you are banished and exiled from all Lands claimed by or owned by the Ahranaian Government. Your Citizenship, Passport, Identification Papers and all have been revoked, as stated by the Congressional Court you are stripped of all rank in the Military, Internal and External Intelligence Agencies and may never hold rank again in the Government of Ahrana. As of today, you are a man without a nation to call home. Please escort this many to his cell to await transportation to Variota for the trial given by their Government. Thank you this Court Case is closed.

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Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant - Floor 23 - The Office of the Honorable Hilly Geeferskost


One of the many floors of Het Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant

Hilly Geeferskost was a small, portly woman with eyes that had an eternal declaration of dedication etched in them. One of those women that seemed slow on her legs but could run like a cheetah if needed, like when one of her children wanted to see if you could instantly curl your hair by putting a fork in the outlet like one of her friends had told her it would. A self-made woman that had turned a second-hand food truck into a small chain of pancake houses and then had grown into the mayor of her town and a national political figure. Unlike many of the previous ministers, Geeferskost did not have a college degree on her wall, no fancy title before her name.

She wasn't so stupid to think she could handle all information herself, though. While she had grown an intuition rivaling that of any business analyst in the trade and had firm grasps on things such as small businesses, she ensured that she had a few resident experts that she could brainstorm with when needed. These were some of the smartest minds around. However, sometimes you just need a regular person's vision, dumb luck, an idea so stupid that it becomes genius. In Geeferskost's case, it had come from her best and childhood friend Annie while they were doing 6 Waarttemun for 2 Happy Hour cocktails in a nearby sailor-themed gay bar, The Drunken Gaylor.

While the bar had a name that would never win an originality price, the place was clean, the drinks loaded and the people were generally friendly. Of course, there was that one awful wannabe drag queen Bob that  remained awful but you always get one customer per bar that is that customer, you know the one. Bitter, old, drunk all the time and his motto is 'It's 9 in the morning somewhere on the world!'. But even Bob had been okay that night, as he had found a young Fulgistani man-boy that still remained more attached to the ATM-like function Bob provided than his own dignity and self-worth. 

Between the third Sex on the Beach and the fifth Tequila Sunrise, Annie and Hilly came to talking about their work and how disappointing their jobs were. Hilly had more stress overall but Annie's stories were often far more gross and interesting as she owned and operated a discount nail salon, dog trimmer, masseuse and psychic business, located in a trailer on the parking lot of a Vooters, that primarily found clients through social media and discount coupons her nephew gave to customers at his ice cream truck.

''So I'm on the phone giving this woman a phone reading because she wanted to know what the stars were saying about her son going out with some old guy that reeked of... Wait, do you think that was Bob?''
''Bob? You just said it was a woman calling you.''
''Nooooo, you dense box. The son.''
''I mean, I guess it could be? What did you tell her?''
''I told her, the stars tell me that you should get your son to actively try to get himself into the will. That way if he keels, you'll end up with a bit of spending money.''
''Hahaha, oh no you didn't! That's terrible!''
''I know honey, I know!''
''So, the parliament is still being a b*tch. You remember that revolution in Ahrana, right?''
''What? I think so, I think I remember some of my Ahranian clients like posting pictures with RIP King something on it.''
''Yeah, so now they're pressing on me to look into getting some kind of repayment. Repayment. From communists. I might as well try to get laid by Bob, two things that are impossible. Even if they wanted to pay us something, do you really think it's worth taking in a couple hundred million pickles? sh*tty propaganda posters telling everyone to conserve energy so that they might finally be able to keep the lights on 24/7 in the leader's residence?''
''Wait, aren't like, the Fulgi's commies too?''
''Yeah sure but they are like a whole different kind of communist. It's like how a toilet and a bidet look similar but work totally different.''
''Ooooh, yeah. But hey, can't you just write them a letter and then shame their leader? I mean, it works on supermarket managers and a nation and a supermarket are basically the same any way.''
''Annie, no. That's like saying that you run a luxury resort and spa.''
''Yeah but like, but, think about it. They're somewhat similar.''
''No, they're not."'
''Fine, fine. Who is buying the next round?''
''Let's do some Daiquiri's, I'll take this one.''

A bunch of cocktails, a night's rest and a massive headache later, the idea had stuck. Why not write a letter? What's the worse they could do? Say no? Nothing would change and she'd still have the letter that showed her doing something towards resolving the matter. Besides, what could she really do? She was the head of a ministry primarily focused on giving advice, on providing course of action, not actually doing said actions. Months later, having almost forgotten about said letter, she finally received a reply from the Ahranaian government. Not the proper one led by Lady Madeleine but one could not be a beggar and a chooser at the same time. With a healthy dose of surprise in her eyes, she read that they were actually planning on handing over Greggor Ivanoff.

She would have been happy with some mid-level pencil pusher with a name that sounded Ahranaian enough to be used as a scapegoat. A 'Look at Mr [unintelligible sounds and throat scrapes], he's the one that cost us all that money during the revolution! Yes I know, his name is soooooo Ahranaian!'.The leader of the entire nation was much, much better. And sure, there was probably some reason why they were sending him here but in the end, the most important thing was that she was actually able to show results from this.

After she had sent the letter, she had went and looked for people willing to raise a case against the Ahranaian government. While there were some Ahranaians, both expats and those in self-exile after the revolution, that were willing to raise a case, the big whale she was searching for came in the form of J.D. Karrewasser, the Chairman of Varinco. Varinco enjoyed the status of a business deemed important for the Variotan independence, something that both ensured that they received a privileged status within the law but also ensured that they were kept on a leash and checked by the Ministry of Defence. Karrewasser, however, had come from a wealthy family of tank and heavy weapon manufacturers and remained extremely connected throughout the nation. While his tan and the whiteness of his smile were, quite obviously, as fake as caviar from Lukinagrad, this had allowed him some leeway. In this case, that leeway meant that he jumped on a chance to get some of the funds back that he lost during the revolution. Having just opened a branch there, Varinco had invested millions in ensuring proper sales locations, pictures of the King with Dina Diva and a small production facility. When they had to pull back, they managed to take all critical information and production pieces along but still lost out on a market and the millions they had put in.

And as such, Karrewasser had asked some of his law connections to see if there was any way he could raise a case. Though no recent laws were found, a friend of his that held the position of lawyer in one of the regional courts mentioned an old law from 1649. After a series of thefts from the horseback-based mail delivery service in one of the many frontier areas of Variota, the local authorities made a law that stated that deliberate theft from any business deemed vital to the community they were located in would be subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law. While it had not been accepted or presented to the parliament to make it a national law, judges on the national level could decide to allow the regional laws to count and, when asked by Karrewasser, quickly accepted. With himself giving the explanation that the forced removal of Varinco from the nation by the new government had ensured that its citizens were worse off and that Varinco's status ensured it was a business deemed vital to the community.

While the reason was a very thin one, it was accepted by the three judges that had been assigned to decide on it. Between Karrewasser's personal influence and influence by the government, the judges were already quite willing to agree to use the law but with the reason actually making sense, it made the decision easier. Everything was set and as such, there was an open summons for an unnamed person for 'Deliberate Sabotage of a Business Deemed Vital' and a slew of smaller cases. With Ivanoff now being sent to Het Huisselant and thus being indicted for the charges, the stage was set.

Foorste Regtbank Ohsterend - Floor B1/High Security Courtroom

Foorste Regtbank Ohsterend was one of three 'Foorste Regtbanken' within Het Huisseland, the highest courts of the nation. On the outside, the building looked like any nondescript office building. Boring bricks, a square building where you could imagine anything from an insurance agency to a real estate firm being housed. And for the most part, people would be right in thinking that this building was any regular old boring office as it was rarely used for cases, primarily holding most of the few remaining paper archives of the Variotan court system. One could easily walk inside and take a look around, as it contained a small museum showing off all large cases Ohsterend had seen throughout the years.

With it seemingly lacking the security features one would expect from a high security courtroom, it was mostly a shock to foreigners and many Variotans as well that this was the location that featured almost all high-profile defendants. Those that had visited the basement floors would quickly change their opinion of the court, however, as the unusually large three-floor basement section of the building had been converted into two courtrooms and a high-security holding area. Before one would even be able to leave the elevator, it had to be okay'ed by the military personnel guarding the reception. Don't have an appointment but decided to pop by? Pressed the wrong button? Sucks to be you as you're now being rerouted to the holding area to get questioned on your intentions.

Three secure doors and a security search further, you finally reached the waiting area for the courtroom. Of course, this wasn't high security without some, probably completely useless, additional visible security in this case in the form of yet another security search before you were able to enter the courtroom. Fun! Still, Ohsterend remained one of the few incident free courts, one that had remained secure against all odds. And this secure piece of judicial heaven was where Mr. Ivanoff found himself. 

While for some Variotans, the experience of being locked in a small room with two masked men that would forcefully return you into your seat if you moved was one that they'd not be opposed to, this was not the case for Greggor. It had been a rough ride for him, the couple of days he stayed in a Variotan prison. One thing one had to respect in regards to many of the Variotan prisons was that, for the most part, they had a very hands-off approach. Prisoners generally had to attend roll call twice a day but were, beyond that, mostly free to do as they wanted to. Want to brew pruno? The prison probably has a club for that. You make a tremendously good burger and want to earn your keep inside prison by selling them? So long as you arrange the proper papers through the warden, enjoy. Saves the penitentiary the hassle of making or finding you a job. Want to beat or arrange a beating of a former leader whose reign saw the death of some of your family members back in Ahrana? Smack him or have him smacked with a couple of pool balls in a sock or pantyhose and no one will be any the wiser.

His lawyer had been appointed to him through the court system and had not been happy about having to take the case. As in some other nations that provided aid towards those without the means needed to hire a lawyer, Het Huisselant maintained a minimum of pro bono hours each lawyer had to fulfill in order to remain able to practice law. With Ivanoff being an important person, the courts had looked for a high-value lawyer to fit his persona and appease anyone that might claim that the courts had not done everything to give him fair representation. While many of these lawyers had done their hours and could not be persuaded to represent Ivanoff, there had been one lawyer lower on the list that hadn't reached his hours and thus could be forced to represent him.

In many ways, Ben Hollenthart could be seen as the stereotypical amoral attorney. His clients were generally the type of people that would require someone to kiss their ring without being part of the clergy, the type that would make the kind of offer that should not be refused. Of course, at some point, their offer would be refused and the aftermath of such a happening often required Hollenthart to smooth things over. If the man chose his clients a bit better, he would have been one of the top lawyers in Het Huisselant, hailed in the newspapers. Now? Now he was primarily named as the person to help Moppie, Schatje, Snoepje and other gangsters with strange but endearing nicknames get out of prison and continue their reign of crime. Sure, the papers did not praise him but the cold hard Waarttemun that he found on his bank accounts and in plastic bags left in his house made it all better. Who needed his name in the newspaper as a good guy when, instead, you could have multiple golden statues of yourself in and around your house? Hollenthart knew his choice and his choice was simple, buff and made from gold.

Hollenthart had given Ivanoff one advice: Shut the f*ck up and let me do the talking. In reality, this was his advice to most of his clients. For people that were extremely able to form criminal enterprises and make millions, his clients were often idiots when opening their mouths. In this case, he didn't expect Ivanoff to be any different. Could the man win his case? Of course not. Even if the state did not have various pieces of evidence, the case would have still been extremely difficult to win due to public opinion. But, Hollenthart figured, he could probably arrange for life in prison in a medium security prison. From his position as a lawyer, that seemed like a fair end to this all.

Ivanoff was carted in by the two men that had previously guarded him and placed next to his attorney. While chains were available, Ivanoff was not deemed capable of fleeing in any way and was kept free of restraints. It was not like the cold, steel tables that stood in the courtroom gave him any leeway in regards to attempting a break-out. Soon, the attorney representing Varinco and the district attorney representing the government walked in and took their seats quickly followed by the single judge that would preside over this case. Niceties were done in Variot until, at one point, the judge called for Ivanoff.

''Mister Ivanoff, these records state that you are capable of understanding and speaking the language known as Common Talk or Common Speech. They are, in fact, your mother tongue. Is this correct?''
''Yes, Your Honor.''
''Good, then we can and will proceed with the lawsuit in Common Speech. You are being charged with various crimes, has your attorney explained these charges to you?''
''He has."
''How do you plead?''
''Not guilty, Your Honor.''
''I would like to interject, Your Honor, and take a moment to speak with my client.''
''Request granted.''

''Listen, Ivanoff, we talked about this. Shut your mouth and let me do the work.''

''Your Honor, my client would like to change his plea into guilty on all charges. Mister Ivanoff would additionally like to state on the record that he is deeply ashamed and sorry for his actions, he regrets them and wishes to ask forgiveness to the court in regards to his verdict. Please show him the mercy that he himself did not show his victims.''
''But I...''

''Shut your mouth, you fool!''

And thus one of the biggest cases of the year began, with Ivanoff's attorney telling him to shut up.

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''Mr. Ivanoff, this court declares you guilty on all counts brought against you. You are hereby sentenced to ninety years imprisonment without the chance of parole. You will be transported to the Piet Reierfer Werklaagher, where you will be assigned a labor task so that you may, for once, serve the community.''


It had not been random chance that Ivanoff had been assigned to the Piet Reierfer Werklaagher. Situated in some of the highest areas of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet, the Piet Reierfer Werklaagher maintained two mines in which convicts toiled and earned a living. For any prisoner outside of the Klan Reierfer Gebiet, the PRW was the worst work camp to get assigned to. Harsh work, high prices and the least amount of facilities had ensured the Werklaagher had gotten a reputation. Of course, high prices was something they could not alter much. The Werklaagher was in an isolated area and with the nearest village being an one-hour drive, one way, generally only one supply truck came each day. If they had leftover capacity, you could buy something. If they didn't, they didn't and you couldn't. Most of the employees were dropped off and picked up with a shuttle, so there wasn't even a large chance of getting a guard to take something along.

And now, old Ivanoff could enjoy a life in the mines, earning extra money and the chance of a semi-decent stay in prison only when he mined something worthwhile. He wouldn't starve, he wouldn't be without a bed or without clothes but he also wouldn't be comfortable for the rest of his life. After a while, he would join a group or he'd form a group and perhaps, just perhaps, he would have turned into something like a half-decent pruno maker or a tailor. That is, if he had made it.

The drive towards the Piet Reierfer Werklaagher was an easy one for the two correctional officers that had to do it. Sure, the drive took three hours from Reierferplattoterp but due to the long drive, they were free for the rest of the day once they were back. And in reality, the route was pretty scenic so long as one did not have to do it every day. The jagged hills and mountains, the curvy roads, the splattering of a wild goat here and there. Scenic, peaceful, clean air and tranquility. A place where life went by just a bit slower, where the people would leave their doors open so the neighbor could come and take a look at your freshly baked pies while shouting at her kid to come home for dinner. A place where Ivanoff would be horribly maimed and burned barely alive in the vehicle where he found himself in with the two correctional officers.

Het Apparath had been notified that the Ahranaian government wouldn't be opposed towards Ivanoff simply vanishing, a relic of the past taken care of. Of course, Het Huisselant was not one of those underdeveloped nations where one could just simply lose a prisoner, where one could shrug one's shoulder and go on with the day without a care. And in reality, there were factions within Het Huisselant itself that would not be opposed to Ivanoff vanishing. Het Apparath itself preferred Ivanoff gone, no longer a threat, no longer a figurehead for extremist Ahranaians to flock to. Karrewasser was fine either way, if Ivanoff stayed in the mines, he would be indirectly fueling the industry and business he hurt through his actions, if he died, justice was still served. And of course, there were Ahranaians living within Het Huisselant that were more than happy to pay or otherwise pledge their support in exchange for knowing that Ivanoff died a violent death.

And thus, hands were shaken, deals were made and the plan was set in place. Between the last village and the PRW was one single long stretch of straight road. The correctional officers would watch for a yellow cross on the sign that told them that the PRW was still so-and-so minutes off and park the vehicle. Park the vehicle, get out and just walk away for half an hour. Walk away, you'll get a nice bonus and you will be serving your country to boot. An offer they could have refused but would have just led to them being replaced for route with someone else who would agree. And who would not agree with a nice break, a nice bonus and true-blooded patriotism?

Ivanoff had dozed off in the mean time as this was one of the few times he had felt truly safe from some thug coming left or right to beat him up, another person paid to get revenge for someone else. The only thing that woke him up was the sudden brake of the vehicle, his head hitting the iron bars in place in front of him. While he first thought that they might have arrived, the fact that they were on an empty piece of land meant that this was not the case. Not that he had much time to look, however, as a baseball bat smashed through the window next to him and smacked him on his temple, dazing him.

When he finally snapped out of it, he found himself on his knees, two men in front of him and one man behind him to ensure he stayed on his knees. One of the men held a laptop with the screen facing Ivanoff, on the screen was the face of death, smiling. The perfectly aligned, whiter than white teeth smiled in a way that could be called wicked yet cheeky. The plump yet not overly so lips on a face that could only be called the perfect mix between orange and bronze. His just-large enough nose that rounded out a pair of perfectly pure chocolate brown eyes that seemed to exude happiness whenever they looked at you. Eyebrows that were as sharp and on point as the bayonets he made without looking overly worked on and silky smooth, classically combed hair situated in a hair style that accentuated his face in a way that made him look much younger than he was. J.D. Karrewasser.

Now, Karrewasser wasn't a spiteful man, he really was not. Justice had been served and in reality, Ivanoff on his own would have made Karrewasser more while toiling in the mines than getting killed now. But when the stars align and your Variota-based Ahranaian contacts want to pay you heavily to clean up some loose ends, who would he have been to decline? Especially when Het Apparath is already planning to do the same. And as such, Karrewasser paid Het Apparath for the professionals to do it and get rid of the evidence and acted as the middle man. Acting as the middle man had meant in this case that he was to identify Ivanoff as being Ivanoff so that his Ahranaian contacts were sure the man was done for.

''Het is 'm, ga ji gang.''
It's him, go for it.

The laptop was closed and put away in a suitcase as the second man in front of him opened his suitcase. An extendable cattle prod came out of it as the men discussed if it would be enough to make it seem as if Ivanoff had had cardiac arrest. While they could not come to a single conclusion, they all agreed that stabbing it at his heart a couple of times would be enough to do it if it was possible. And if it didn't, Ivanoff would still die from the fire and crash they were planning on either way. If Ivanoff had had any knowledge of Variot, he probably would have been scared. That being said, it was not as if his current predicament wasn't scary without knowing Variot.

The last thing Ivanoff heard, before passing out from the cattle prod, was 'soete nagt, prins fan'es ratten' or 'sweet night, prince of the rats'. The cattle prod had not given him cardiac arrest but by the time he woke up again, the flames in the vehicle had burned away his ability to hear anything as it slowly rolled towards the side of the road. His last view, as the heat of the flames licked at his eyes and the limited vision he had disappeared, were the jagged hills and mountains he plunged into. Serene, peaceful, tranquility.

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