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Ahranaian Presidium Elections, Office of Secretary General

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In the light of recent Events, the Election for the Office of Secretary General in the Presidium of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana is now being pushed to an early election. The Congressional Houses have called for an early election and the Presidium except the Secretary-General have agreed to them. The Judiciary has overridden the Secretary-General and has declared that an Election must be held. On 4 June 2018 the populace will be allowed to go to the Voting Stations and cast their Votes, currently, the Political Affiliations that have been registered at the Ahranaian Electoral Commission are as follows:

  1. Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana
  2. Democratic Party of Ahrana
  3. Liberal Socialist United
  4. National Front
  5. Workers' Party of Ahrana
  6. Liberation Party of Ahrana
  7. Monarchist of Ahrana
  8. Socialist United Front
  9. Populist Front of Ahrana
  10. Republican Party of Ahrana

All Political Affiliations registered by 1 June 2018 will be allowed to run for the Office of General Secretary, may the best Affiliation win and lead Ahrana and her People into a better future than before.


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Current Political Affiliations Platforms

CPSFA- Recapture the hope of the Revolution for a better tomorrow!

Democratic Party of Ahrana- Tomorrow a better Future Yes, but Today a Better Present.

Liberal Socialist United- Look Forward for the Present and Future, Ahrana will be great once more!

National Front- We are Ahranaians, lets work as one!

Workers' Party of Ahrana- We Work, Eat, Sleep and Celebrate as one, lets continue to do so.

Liberation Party of Ahrana- Lets Liberate ourselves of the Past for a better tomorrow!

Monarchist of Ahrana- Re-establish the Imperial Throne for a Unified Ahrana.

Socialist United Front- We Unite as one!

Republican Party of Ahrana- We shall never fail again.

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The prediction of the Election

It is Custom that the Electoral Commination looks at the current polls that are taken at random around the country to see who might be the winner in all elections. This election is no stranger to the rest it just holds a bigger interest in not just Ahrana but the rest of the World. 

The current polls done at random currently show that a coalition may be formed, majority of the Affiliations are already a coalition of other Affiliation. As it stands currently the Democratic party, Liberal Socialist United, Liberation Party of Ahrana and the Socialist United Front all hold the lead on the polls. It is still unclear at the moment if these numbers will result in the actual outcome of the Election. 

The Electoral Commission states that a Coalition Government of those like minded Parties may be formed if their is no majority votes for either Affiliation.

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The Nominees for Secretary General

Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana- Mikahl Larsn

Democratic Party of Ahrana- Michael Conrade

Liberal Socialist United- Greggor Lucus

National Front- Natashia Lumonv

Workers' Party of Ahrana- Natalie Umre

Liberation Party of Ahrana- Alexsandra Misha Lars Core

Monarchist of Ahrana- Lucus Lufin

Socialist United Front- Lars Conner

Populist Front of Ahrana- Vladimir Corpe'

Republican Party of Ahrana- George Collins

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The Results 

On the 4th of June 2018 the people of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana went to the polls to elect a new Secretary General of the Socialist Federation. The last and first person to hold the position as Secretary General was stripped of all authority and power for his crimes he committed in his past. Now today we announce the new Secretary General. Today a new page in the History Books is created today, we make our Country and its Socialism ours.

The Democratic Party and Liberation Party of Ahrana have made a merge on the 3rd of June 2018 creating the Liberalist Front.

Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana-12%

Democratic Party of Ahrana-25%

Liberal Socialist United-15%

National Front-5%

Workers' Party of Ahrana-1%

Liberation Party of Ahrana-27%

Monarchist of Ahrana-0%

Socialist United Front-0%

Populist Front of Ahrana-10%

Republican Party of Ahrana-5%

The Election results have shown that no Party had gotten majority percent of the vote, therefore a bitterly divided election result has shown that the more Liberal have gained the upper hand. The Democratic Party has gained the support of the Liberal Socialist United and the Populist Front of Ahrana therefore giving the Democratic Party a 50% majority but given the fact that the Liberation Party and Democratic Party are closely affiliated a decision to merge the Democratic Party into the Liberation Party was made before the Election started. 

Therefore, Alexsandra Misha Lars Core of the Liberalist Front Party of Ahrana is the newly elected Secretary General of Ahrana and the Socialist Government


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