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A Red Meeting


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6 May 2018 | Peoples Palace

Ivanoff had set a date aside for a meeting between the leader of the Socialist Country of @Fulgistan and Ivanoff himself. He wasn't sure what the General Secretary would want to discuss but whatever it was going to be it would be heavily watched by the other members of the Congressional Houses and the Presidium of the Federation. Ivanoff would once again roll out the "red carpet" again for a special occasion. 

Ivanoff would begin the preparations for the visit even as the City is still recovering from the Confederation ceremony, and the Celebrations. Ivanoff would be sure that Alams would have a pleasant stay.


"Aye Sir?"

"Should we use the Peterburi Palace for the visit by Alams since Moskovo is still recovering from the Ceremony?"

"I would sir and plus it would get you away from the eyes that are watching you currently."

"Alright, prep the car and tell the Peterburi Honor Guard to prep their Red Star Uniform and so on please. Also please inform Alams people on where the meeting will happen, we will be providing them a State Car and Plane if they wish it."

"At Sir"


Ivanoff loaded his brief case with important stuff including his campaign stuff, he walked over to the sink in his office splashed some water on his face and dried his face. He grabbed his Cover and walked out of the office to the front door, he walked out and proceeded to the car and got in and Ace was waiting for him. They talked for a bit and soon Ivanoff would take a nap which was much needed as he hadn't slept in days really.



They arrived at Peterburi Palace and Ivanoff was awake by this time and would get out of the car and just stood there. It had been some 20 years since he had seen this place, Gustov never let anyone see the place where he was born as it was seen as a private residence. Alexansdra let Ivanoff the sole land lord of the residence under her reign but when the Communist took-over Ivanoff paid to keep the residence a national secret and off the taxes. He pays a yearly tax through his pocket and everything on the grounds are paid by Ivanoff. He has made sure that the Residence stays away from the Governments hands, since the property has been associated with the Ancient Ahranaian Bloodlines.

He finally stopped gazing at the beauty of the Residence and walked inside, he would go to his office on the second floor which was aligned with the front entrance of the property and would work till the arrival of Alams.

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General Secretary Almas and Kais, his interpreter, arrived at the Peterburi Palace via the provided state car. @Ahrana's climate was finally warming up, but Almas and his companion still wore winter coats, unused to the northerly climate. After being waved onto the grounds by security, the General Secretary and Kais made their way up the stairs to Ivanoff's office.

Both men took a seat when offered; Almas procured a pair of Fulgistani cigars and offered one to his Ahranian counterpart, cutting and lighting his own with a practiced hand. Leaning back in his chair, the General Secretary began to speak in rapid Fulgi as Kais ably translated into Ivanoff's tongue.

"Comrade Ivanoff, our delegation is very grateful for the warm reception we have recieved from your government, and we salute your commitment to the ideals of socialism in an unfriendly world."

Almas tapped the ash from his cigar and frowned slightly before speaking again.

"That said, however, Ahrana's actions both domestically and abroad are very concerning to us. Agitation of TRIDENT, unprovoked expansion into Xara, close association with the slave states of @Derthalen and @Greater Serbia, and, as I have read in the paper only this morning, you plan to allow foreign businesses into Ahrana. Sir, forgive me for my impertinence, but what exactly is your government doing?"

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As Almas arrived Ivanoff went to greet him and to walk with him to the office,

Mr. Almas welcome my friend welcome to my personal residence.

As they walked to the Office Ivanoff could smell the cigar that Almas had and soon they arrived to the office. Almas asked the questions he was wanting to ask and Ivanoff and he thought and gave an answer.

Well Almas, the agitation of TRIDENT was done by themselves not by me. The Socialist Federation has a right as a sovereign nation to access the open waters and to be able to defend its ports. TRIDENT is only trying to prevent Ahrana these rights. 

Xara is the ancient homeland of the Ahranaian People as a whole and we sought to reconnect with the ancient homeland. They are having issues with Religious Radicals that are plaguing their Government System and their society as a whole.

Under the Current Constitution of the Socialist Federation Minorities have a greater say in the Republican Government than compared to current Governments around me. Now the relation with Greater Serbia is a very strange one and it does surprise me as well. There is actually very little that I could say about that.

Now with the recent actions by the Government it is a surprise on how and what they are doing, I have been left out in the dark and was not informed on what was happening. I do not know what is happening but what I do know is that my Position is under scrutiny and I may not be in this position much longer.

What else can I answer you Almas?

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The General Secretary's face did not soften.

"Comrade Ivanoff, if Ahrana is to call itself a communist state then it is absolutely imperative that you, at a minimum, adhere to the principles of socialism. Among them: not to fight expansionist wars against defenseless peoples, not to promote the means and practices of capitalists and to attack the institution of slavery, the ultimate offense of a capitalist society."

Almas took another drag from his cigar, adjusting his glasses before speaking again.

"If Ahrana is to be the leading figure in the Confederation of Independent Socialists, and regardless of statements about a 'forum of equality', sir, it seems that your government intends to take a leading role, then Ahrana must represent, in some form, the values and practices of a socialist state. I fear that Fulgistan cannot closely associate with Ahrana or her institutions if the current state of affairs is to be a model for the future. This is not only due to your rather, we feel, lax interpretation of socialism, but also due to your poor relations with TRIDENT and others and good relations with our political enemies."

Almas allowed Kais a breath before continuing

"Do you know the price of cooperation with Derthalen? The Bosniaks in Greater Serbia know it. They are now sent to the Empire as slaves. My people, Mister Ivanoff, know the price; there would be no state of Fulgistan were it not for the cruelties my people suffered under the decadent sultans and their imperialist cronies. Derthalen and Greater Serbia are not your friends, sir. They are at best fascist snakes waiting to strike you where you are weakest. Until Ahrana realizes the impracticality of such associations, Fulgistan cannot be party to them."

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Mr. Almas, I assure you that every nation in this World has its own interpretation of Socialism that may not align with other Socialist Followers. I for one have not sent ridicule to your Countries form of Socialism and I never will. As Socialists in a World where Socialism is frowned on no matter each others Associations with other nations should we judge. 

My Country does what it sees best and we have to make the best of what we can here in Ahrana. I am not going to lie, since we took over Ahrana has taken a huge hit and we just cannot rely on solely Socialist Countries to bring income into Ahrana. We have to open outwards back into the World and create new Partnerships with old friends now enemies. This Socialist Government will fail if we do not look to create ties with what is questionable Countries and their Governments. 

Ivanoff took a sip of water and looked at Almas and begun again

My Country has been in decline and now my position as Leader of this Country and of the Socialist World is coming to an end whether I want it to or not, which means our Comrades to the South will be filling the shoes with help from yours and my Government. We have to be able to set aside all differences for the sake of our ideals as a unit to be able to survive this world.

TIRDENT was provoked not intentionally but only out of measures of Accidental. My Country and the rest of the World should be able to access the main seas. How else are we to show the World exactly what we are trying to do! We should be sending ships out to the Seas to help other Nations and Peoples that cannot help themselves or who just need the extra help.

Your Countries past is a tragic one yes but through those ashes was established your nation! it rose from the ground and created a Socialist Paradise yes. Yet we cannot dwell on the past when its been hundred or so years or whatever the number may be. I know me saying that will not be the best thing but it has to be said. If we dwell on the past we fail as a country and as a Government for the People.

Ivanoff leaned back into his chair and waited to see what Almas would say, deep down he hoped he didn't piss him off though.

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Almas considered his foreign counterpart's words. The man was clearly unsettled by their meeting.

"Consider, if you will, the falcon. We have many in my country. When the falcon flies with the wind, none touch him. He is king of the skies, and he need not fear anything. But, his flight is not all of his own power. To keep his height, the falcon requires the wind under his wings. If there is no wind, he cannot fly for long, and becomes tired. When the falcon is tired, he must settle on the earth. No more is he safe or powerful. No; on the ground, a falcon is only prey for jackals."

The General Secretary looked Ivanoff squarely in the eye.

"The wind does not blow towards Ahrana at present, Mr. Ivanoff, whether for Fulgistan or for your own self. This is not a threat; merely a warning. The most powerful millitary alliance in the world's history is against you; should TRIDENT choose to attack you, neither my country nor any in the CIS could hope to stop them. Ahrana's future, Mr. Ivanoff, will be decided soon, very soon. Make your decisions carefully, sir."

Almas rose from his chair, extinguished his cigar, and bowed to the Ahranian head of state.

"We are very grateful for your good hospitality, and for your time in meeting with us. Good day, Comrade Ivanoff."

With that, Kais and Almas exited the office.

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