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Request: Ratopia

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Nation in Europa: The Holy inquisition of Ratopia

Flag:(see profile pic)

Capital name: Lincoln

Capital location: Centre of country (blue dot on map)

Factbook link:

Newsroom link:

Culture: Western European based (edit:)  Partially considering having a eastern European based minority

Climate:  Temperate

Location: 169a87582e9f10b7c0ecc7c1c11d9cf2.png

Please give me a little bit more of the mountain range to the south west.


History: See factbook.


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Hello @Ratopia. Thank you very much for your patience. You were supposed to be part of last update, but needed to add more RP stories. Some first feedback now.

  • Factbook. Nicely done. I like how you re-used the questionnaires for inspiration. The military numbers will need some reworking. We'll do that via the spreadsheet.
  • News agency. This starts out with dummy text. Do you have time to expand this?
  • Map location. Climate would place you more inland, away for the warmer shores (location A). Culturally, the mention of Slavic culture would move you more to East-Argis, in the area near Eurofuhrer and Greater Serbia (location B). This could also be near the inland sea (location C).

My main concern is that you won't actually participate in an RP activity. Do you have any concrete plans for this in the near future?


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