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The Dordnadian government is run by a Peoples Council called the United People's Council(UPD) a Marxist, totalitarian dictatorship. The Premier, Josef J. Orowitz, runs the nation with a tight grip, quelling rebellions and insurrection at any cost.

The capital city of Orbenburg is a large, bustling metropolis. And at the center of the city, lies the Red-White Concordance building, the home of the UPD. There is only one political party in the government, the UPD, and any attempts at a change of power, end in death, or political humiliation.


The geography of New Dordnado is rough and mountainous, with many streams flowing through it's valleys. The Nation is split into three autonomous provinces, each ruled by a provincial governor.

The first region is Orbengard. It lies in the center of the nation, with the capital, Orbenburg, at it's center. The province is ruled directly by the UPD. It's many valleys and mountains make it a great strategic position.

The second province is New Valhalla. The province is ruled by General Augustus Michels and the UPD National Army. New Valhalla provides over 45% of the nations logging and timber industry. The capital of the province, Tyrsalla, is located on the peak of the nations tallest mountain, Mt. Thursdar.

The third province is Chateau De La Mort. The province is ruled by Seer Martin Aleymayne, the head of the UPD's religious militant division. This province lies upon the coast. Their main export is wine and fresh bread, with most of the grain and harvest going to Orbenburg. The capital city of this province is Argines.


The religion of New Dordnado is a reformed Germanic religion. With it's gods being Odin, Thor, and Tyr. The UPD religious militant division operates out of Chateau De La Mort, rooting out all religious dissidents


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