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Request: United Salian States (Saale)

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Nation in Europa: Saale


Capital name: Herenthem
Capital location: Quite central, please see map below.
Factbook link: IIWiki and the forum topic, though both are works in progress. Will probably further develop a Europa NS Wiki page (cannot register however?).
Newsroom link: Salian News Services

Basically Netherlandic (read Low Countries) with hints of Switzerland or even the United States: the United Salian States have Salian has its official language - basically Flemish (thus Dutch). Society and the population are rather timid of nature (quite Belgian); and are strongly influenced by ideas and thoughts brought forth by Protestantism, republicanism, mercantilism, direct democracy and liberty. Though the latter in a more European sense, not as straight-forward as in the United States. Not a multilingual society as the modern Benelux (Low Countries) is.

The historical short-lived United Belgian States (1790), Switzerland, the early days of the USA and the Dutch Republic are the political inspirations of the nation. Salia comprises five States and one (con)federal capital city, the Generality District of Herenthem.

Culturally (arts, habits, architecture and religiousness) rather comparable to a mixture of Benelux and Switzerland: coastal areas and lowlands are quite urban-orientated, with a strong notion and awareness (pride perhaps) of the citizenry and the local State or city. This is really Holland, Flanders and Brabant in essence. Thus next to ecclesiastical monuments the towns and cities have Gothic town halls, belfries etc. More brick infrastructure than the sandstone and limestone constructions in the valleys and mountainous areas. Upper areas and vales are rather rural of course, give a hint of Luxembourg or Switzerland or Wallonia.

In between the 45th and 60th parallels north I assumed to be in a more temperate climate zone, however designated to be Mediterranean. More than willing to adapt to climate zones, though envision it to be rather Mediterranean in the lower parts and coastal areas of the country, while enjoying milder and perhaps even mountainous (micro) climate zones in the upper parts of Salia. Overall feel would be rather western (to southern) European or North-American in terms of fauna and flora. To support my case I would like to mention areas like Slovenia, the Pyrenees or even to a lesser extent Switzerland's Alpine situation where the overall Mediterranean climate knows milder areas due to geography.

Due to geography I envision the Salian States to be less populated; and even less densely-populated. Upper valleys contain many woodlands, mountainous areas are of course also inhospitable. Hence some vales and moreover the coastal lowlands form the social-economic and demographic nucleus of Salia.

Location: as shown on the map, including major cities.


I have not yet decided whether Salia developed as a matured colony breaking away from its motherland, or rather have it be an elder region slowly cutting loose from a local neighboring power. Momentarily - with its Netherlandic character - I am adapting my history to fit Variota's history, as there is no Dutch homeland to be found in Europa. In a nutshell: ethnically speaking Salia is a Variotan nation. Whereas Variota came to be during the 1300s, explorers and settlers from Variota formed the Dominions of the Saal few centuries later as a result of the Second Colonisation Wave. Gradually these domains grew differently in terms of character, language (cf. Afrikaans, Flemish and Dutch) and religion which resulted in multiple (armed) uprisings during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. First gradually granted more autonomy in 1790 with the Great Privilege, the Dominions became independent in 1818. Throughout its history the Salian States have been (maritime) merchant republics and thus were quite pragmatic in upholding diplomatic relations and conducting war.

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Hello @Saale. Thank you for your comments on the climate zones. There's indeed a large zone designated as Mediterranean climate type. Perhaps this area is too large. A review is in the works. And, of course, the climate it different in higher regions.

Here are three potential choices, all of them in Argis.

  1. The area you proposed in South-Argis. Culturally it could be related to @Variota . Politically it is closer to @Girkmand. To the east you have Slavic and Germanic cultures. To the west the more Latin languages.
  2. An alternative could be just to the north, on the other side of the Sakspati Sea. The would be a bit colder.
  3. Another cultural match could be in West-Argis near the Germanic nations of @Morheim and @Derthalen .

So who discovered Argis, Alharu and Aurelia?

To answer your reference about a mother nation. Behind the scenes, we're fleshing out our canon. There are several going theories on who might have (re)discovered these continents, and when.

  • Roman/Latin. Coming from the east, it would be easy for @Suverina or @Adaptus to reach these shores. But that's a lot of open water to cross.
  • Germanic/Nordic. It could also be possible for Nordic nations like @Vocenae or Deltannia to follow the winter pack ice and land in the north. Seal hunters or whalers visiting these areas may have had the right knowledge to survive. Too bad the ocean current is going the other way.
  • Asian. From the West, perhaps @Ide Jima or @Orioni set out to explore the open ocean. A couple of those explorers might have made it there, but not back again.
  • African/Arabian. There's a rather quick ocean highway of island-hopping if you start heading south from @Jilderen@Afropa and @Sa Hara. Ocean currents and prevailing winds help you get there.


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@Orioni, if I recall correctly Saale desires to be a colony of Variota. Being positioned geographically nearby would likely make the most sense as I think they were established a few hundred years ago.

Edit: I just read Saale's post, and my recollection was correct.  @Saale, if you do go with the elder nation thing, you might want to settle on that bit of land between Morheim and Eurofuhrer. It would give you plenty of neighbours, and you could write up your histories with them.

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Thank you @Orioni and @Derthalen, based on your additions and suggestions I might go with the current plot if the community will allow it. Especially considering the fact there might be some alterations to the climate (and the acceptance of colder zones at a higher level). 

Also, the idea of @Variota being the former motherland or having a shared ancestry has become appealing to me. Especially as the alternatives would seem rather less authentic in comparison. Also, I'd rather have Salia remain in between the 45th and 60th parallel - considering climate and environment - and the current position would support the more mercantile or maritime republican character (i.e. Dutch commercialism?) of the States. Counter-arguments also welcome of course! 😃

Would like to emphasise I don't wish to expand in the near future or anything... If size might bother people. I rather maintain a 'moderate' nation instead.

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