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The Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association would like to formally commence the registration process for the First General Assembly (Tentative opening on the 21st of May, 2018). Please respond accordingly. Registration closes on the 20th of May, 2018.

Thank you for your notice.

Any questions regarding the Association should either be sent via personal message to @Iverica or posted on the #atara Discord.

All posts on this thread before the opening date shall be hidden and deleted.

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WHEN: ATARA's 1st GA will officially launch on June 12, 2018.

 WHERE:  Two threads will be created under this forum (ATARA Subforum) under the names:

  • ASSEMBLY CHAMBER (Where votes and discussions for Resolutions and other important changes are held)
  • HEARING CHAMBER (Where appeals or other hearings are held)


  1. This thread shall be used for general announcements IC and OOC regarding the 1st GA, introductions, results, and epilogues will also be posted here. When making introductions/arrival posts to the GA, POST ON THIS THREAD.
  2. Members/observers will then be shown a schedule and chamber allocation for each appeal or proposal the Association will pursue in this assembly. SCHEDULES AND VENUES POSTED ON THIS THREAD.
  3. After assignment, both rooms may be used at once with players making necessary votes or replies to either. Simply: BOTH ROOMS CAN BE RP'D AT THE SAME TIME. (keeps the momentum going and shortens overall RP duration)
  4. Lastly: DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE!  All members in attendance will be tagged by the Chair when it comes time for voting.


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1st General Assembly: Prologue

0730h IST | June 12, 2018
ATARA Headquarters
Porto Altaria, Iverica


Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Interim Chair and Delegate of Iverica to ATARA, begun the day by resisting the urge to verily abuse the troglodyte who had made her late morning tea. 


Rinsing her palate with an on-hand glass of water, she dabbed her lips lightly with her kerchief.

Around her, the appointed ATARA staff and hired handymen had just finished dressing the three chambers of the former Hotel Tricontinentalé (now the ATARA HQ). It was all ready for the delegates.


The Hearing Chamber, Assembly Chamber, and Reception Chamber were all furnished and fitted appropriately. Both Hearing and Assembly rooms had been fitted with long semi-circular desks arranged in the amphitheatre style. A raised dais with a podium and a higher desk for three were situated at the centres of both rooms. The high desk for three was reserved for the Chairperson and allowed for the seating of two Founder members functioning as Panel. The Founder states were to be seated on the first row of long desks in front of the dais, the Member States were given the second, the third was reserved for Observer states and the last row was reserved for transcribers, legal aides, and any invited states representatives.

The Reception Chamber was simply a ballroom fitted with circular dining tables and a stage with podium (similar to the layout of the dining area in the Founding Ceremony).



Checking with her aide, Morra was reassured that indeed, many members had confirmed their attendance, that Altaria International had set aside it's Terminal One, that the transportation arrangements (KAP K6's provided by the organisation), living arrangements, top-level Home Security Office response detail, and quartering arrangements had all been scheduled for each delegate.

All that was left to do was receive the arrivals at the airport (a polite formality), and host the introduction--where schedules and procedural reminders would be announced. The rest, she hoped, would be assisted and carried by with assistance from the ATARA Panel.






This is the PROLOGUE PHASE. Simply Announce a quick (or detailed, your call) arrival here on THIS thread.

During this, I will initiate an exposition post directing the participant delegates room assignment and/or duties for this Assembly.

PROLOGUE CLOSES on JUNE 15. If you have already signed in to the poll above, but do not RP your arrival, your delegate will be considered PASSIVE--meaning that he/she will abstain in all votes and simply be present for the quorum calls. If you have not signed in to the poll and have not RP'd your arrival, your delegate will be considered an ABSENTEE. 

Be. Aware. Rolling hand gestures.

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0800h IST, June 12th, 2018

Altaria International Airport, Terminal One, Arrivals

Porto Altaria, Iverica


Manuel Caballeros had cleared his shedule. He knew that he needed to talk urgently with the new democratic government of @Ahrana and of course, he needed to set up a meeting between the President and General Secretary Almas of @Fulgistan. However, those were all problems for tommorrow, today, he was here to shake hands and practice his Iverican.

He was arriving really bright and early. Too early, really, and sleeping on the plane was uncomfortable. Good thing is, being the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he got to take two personal assistants instead of one. One personal assistant to carry all the papers, and another one to carry as many coffee mugs as possible. Oh, and the help the first one, of course.

Unlike Luti at the Confederation of Independent Socialists Founding Ceremony, it was easy to find the Iverican representative (a woman, no less!), who shook hands with Caballeros before leading him and his assistants to a fancy car. It was time to get into work mode.

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Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaier being interviewed before his departure to Altaria

Sjaak was shuffling around with various files, checking his papers and making sure he had the papers he needed. While his midget personal assistant Lowie was general impeccable in regards to file storage, it was still important to Sjaak to check for himself. After all, he wouldn't want to be in Altaria and only then figure out that the papers he required were located back home on his office desk, in his office at the Hart fan'es Folke fan'es Huisselant or on his regular table at the cafe near the Hart.

Luckily for Sjaak, Het Huisselant knew various charter jet companies and the government had arranged for one that had been converted to feature beds and a small bathroom. Where other, lesser, nations would send their representatives on lesser jets where sleeping would be uncomfortable, Sjaak would be able to arrive refreshed and rested in Altaria, ready to tackle the general assembly with far more energy than others. For Lowie, though, it had been a bit less enjoyable. While the jet was still of a reasonable size, there had only been enough room for two beds and with Lowie lacking a concealed weapon license, Het Apparath had sent along yet another 'personal assistant'. Not a nice, voluptuous woman with a thing for height-challenged men, of course not. Instead, it was some tall, lanky boy that looked barely twenty and had a problem with him sleeping in the buff in the bed that they shared. As if Lowie could help the fact that his shortened legs made certain things look longer.

The greetings with Tomas-Morra went well, as it always does when two seasoned politicians from friendly nations meet. Sjaak had previously enjoyed Tomas-Morra's personality during the ATARA opening, a person who was all business on the surface but you could just tell that there was a party animal, a cougar on the hunt, below the surface waiting to come out when the time was ripe. Sjaak was a bit the same, although he'd vehemently deny it unless you caught him in the act. While he wasn't the type to snort cocaine off of the buttocks of a wannabe social media model like regular Variotan politicians, his daughter, grandchildren and Lowie had introduced him to new music over the years and there were times when he dropped his usual image of the typical old man playing the piano and rocked his brains out on good scotch and CD's of Dina Diva and Auwe Rukker. One time, after an invite by Dina Diva, he had even gone to one of her concerts, semi-incognito of course.

After the greetings, they were quickly ushered into a KAP vehicle. Of course, Sjaak would have preferred Altvarna vehicles but he was not insane enough to think politicians would want to ride in them. ATARA's first general assembly had now officially begun for Het Huisselant. How this general assembly would go was still a mystery, although Sjaak hoped to have some time to speak to politicians from other nations. With the world being as it is, both Sjaak and Het Huisselant knew that keeping in touch with friendly politicians was a good way to see what was happening in their home nations. 

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Julian Nordeng and his entourage, heading to Rettenmyr International to depart for Altaria.


At long last, ATARA were to hold their first General Assembly. It'd been a day that Nordeng had anticipated for months; the chance to finally prove himself on the world stage as a competent, powerful politician, debating with other world powers and representing his country in the best light. Here, as a founding member of the organisation, Julian would be in the prime spotlight for the duration of the event. It would be an attention he'd revel in, one that would allow him to shine and truly enjoy the event. Unlike the founding ceremony, he'd been required to bring a larger team, one that could deal with the legal side of things which Julian didn't fancy boring himself with. Several employees were added to his office, all with a rich history in their career which would further cement Prymont as a proficient participant of the group.

Once their private Slankstråle had touched down, the representative was eager to enter the terminal and get to work. While his predominant focus was on ensuring the meeting ran smoothly and setting an example for ATARA, he was also keen to meet with Desdemona Tomas-Morra once again, who had left quite the impression on him during their first introduction. It was a pleasure to see her greet him in the terminal, and Nordeng's bravery took him to landing a quick peck on her cheek as a friendly hello. However, they were running to a tight schedule and could not hang around for chattering; his assistant, Lionel Stenberg, hurried him into their awaiting KAP K6, which would take them to their destination in exceptional luxury, comfort, and prowess. 

"I do hope you're going to keep your focus here. We can't afford any more negative publicity like we had from the CIS founding."

"Lionel, you know I could never be spiteful to Desdemona. Plus, no publicity is bad publicity! Prymontian political interest spiked after that, and you know it. I'm just doing my job."

"Please, don't lose focus with your personal interests. Like you say, we have a job to do, and it must be done well. Feel free to rendezvous with Ms Tomas-Morra in your own time. I'm sure she's not interested."


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Pictured: The Girkmandian delegate to ATARA, Gary Truman.

The political orchard had at long last bared fruit. During these long arduous months of (primarily) Iverican labor, the size of the operation had steadily grown to include several new member countries. Gary Truman reminisced about his last visit to Porto Altaria in early December of 2017: the beautiful landscape and clear weather could not compare to the closing Girkmandian summer. One could easily imagine themselves retiring here.

The travel plans had been made and Truman's suitcase was ready. He would be escorted to Girk International Airport and board the Virksomhetstråle private jet so thoughtfully provided by his benefactors. Déjà vu.

The Aamotech aircraft coated in Girkmandian blurple paint took off from the runway and began to head for its destination. Flying was never one of Truman's favorite things about traveling, as it made him extremely nervous, but the luxury of making the trip in a private jet almost made it bearable. Soon enough he would be back on solid ground, but before that, there was still time to go over his files and catch some invaluable shuteye.

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An RGAF GAC 737 from 43 Squadron lands at Altaria Airport

It had been a long flight for Lord Terrell, and with a visit scheduled to Altaria Airbase to visit the Gallambrian Officers and Airmen stationed there, he thought it would be a good idea to quickly check in before heading to the airbase.

"I certainly hope everything is ready..."

"I believe it is Sir. I have spoken to the organising team, they have sent me all the accommodation details and such. We will go check in, you can have a quick lunch, then we will head to the airbase."

"Ok, Thank you Christine."

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A locomotive drawn train travelling through the countryside, and the Imperial Derthaler Embassy Ship to Iverica.

The Most Honourable Steward of Pengar, Johan av Kål was tired; extremely tired in fact. While he had, had misgivings about boarding a flying machine and going to another country, he had not realised exactly how long the journey was going to take by ship. Due to the fact that the Imperial government was already planning on sending this ship to Iverica to act as a floating embassy of sorts, it was decided that rather than put him on a merchant or military vessel, he would go with the embassy to Iverica. It had taken three weeks, but finally his destination was in sight. He was standing on the deck of the Delta Queen, and just staring longingly at the land which he had been told was called 'Isla Altaria' by the locals. Rather than go back inside and wait, he had instead decided to sleep on the deck with his bags so that when they docked in Porto Altaria, he would be the first one to jump ship. It was not that he did not like the vessel, it was simply that he was absolutely terrified of drowning on it.

A couple of hours later, and he charged down the gangway and just lay down on the concrete pier. He did not care what they said, he would rather fly home and risk death from falling for a few hours than take that boat home and risk death from drowning for a month again. With that decided, he said to no one in particular 'All right, time to get drunk!' and set off to find the nearest public house.

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OOC (1): This post contains references to my post from the ATARA Founding Ceremony, go check it out. Also, right now it should be raining in Altaria.

OOC (2): Due to editing, the aircraft used in the aforementioned post is actually an SK-5-400, and the one used in this post is an SK-6-200ER.

OOC (3): If you're reading the Founding Ceremony post, the aircraft's callsign is actually ARGOSY 312.

OOC (4): For the ATC part - blue for ARGOSY 209 (Andalla), red for KINGFISHER 036 (Prymont), light green for Altaria Approach, and dark green for Altaria Tower.

Altaria International Airport [ 12 June 2018 - 0809 hrs ]


ARGOSY 209, established ILS Runway 20L.

ARGOSY 209, contact tower 118.5, have a good day and, uh, best of luck to your delegate.

118.5, ARGOSY 209, thanks!


Tower, ARGOSY 209, fully established ILS 20L, good morning.

ARGOSY 209, good morning, continue approach.

Continue approach, ARGOSY 209. Great weather here in Altaria!

"War on the sky", as they say it. Enjoy the rain.


KINGFISHER 036, winds 225 at 21, crosswinds 14, Runway 20R and vacate at FOXTROT, cleared to land.

Vacate at FOXTROT, Runway 20R, cleared to land, KINGFISHER 036.

That's some crosswind you got there!

Crosswinds at 15 now, gusting to 17.

Roger, KINGFISHER 036. Can't risk a go-around.

Would Nordeng get mad if you did?


Probably. But hey, do the Ahranaians still have a delegation?

Nope, I guess?

None that I know of. But they wouldn't because Nordeng would be there, hahaha! 


KINGFISHER 036, exit right via FOXTROT and contact Ground 120.1, welcome to Altaria and enjoy the weather.

Right via FOXTROT, 120.1, KINGFISHER 036. Awesome weather, goodbye!


ARGOSY 209, winds 240 at 23, crosswinds 19, runway 20L, cleared to land.

Cleared to land runway 02L, ARGOSY 209. 19 knots so quickly?

Iverican weather. Good luck with the landing!

But Alexander Bendtsen is here to negotiate a deal with the weather...

Say again? That voice just sounded like him...

Affirmative, it is he.

Wait... Alexander Bendtsen? The Andallan Foreign Minister?

That is correct. Just borrowed the headphones for a second right before we land, hope it didn't cause any... disruption.

Oh, no, no, not at all. Next delegate's arriving in 5 minutes still, so it's all good. Thank you, it's an honor, Mr. Bendtsen.

Thank you too, and don't forget to keep an eye on the crosswind landing!

And shortly after that light-hearted conversation came a heavy landing; Bendtsen rushed back to his seat  and was nearly thrown off as the gears touched the runway, bounced up into the air, and came back down. Nevertheless he was all right; sometimes crosswind landings were even exciting. He made a mental note to commend the pilots for their excellent landing, maybe even treat them to something; in his eyes, it was these kinds of people who really deserved the luxury. People who did the real work; the unrecognized; the "underdogs" of society. With ATARA he wished to give them that luxury - to increase living standard among the common populace.

 That was his one and only goal.

Edited by Andalla (see edit history)
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Dr. Zaitao Binsar and her aide Mahmoud had arrived by commercial airliner; evidently, the government preferred to assign its lesser assets public transport over chartered jets. However, this made the trip long and, indeed, uncomfortable; they'd both been cramped in their tiny seats for hours. However, after landing and the usual press greeting, the pair made it to the hotel in short order.


Unpacking, Mahmoud said what they were both thinking. "Are we the right fit for this job, ma'am? You've only been an ambassador, and I your secretary. Other nations are sending their foreign ministers."

Binsar sighed. Fulgistan, and more to the point, Tomur Almas, couldn't afford to send its foreign minister to ATARA; he was a militant Red, and entirely unsuitable for this sort of delicate operation. The closest reformer at hand happened to be herself, unfortunately, and now she had big shoes to fill.

"Stop worrying, comrade. We're here to do our job and fulfill the agenda. And if we do it right? You never know, we might just be flying alone soon enough."


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1st General Assembly: Interlude I

1030h IST | June 12, 2018
atara Headquarters
Porto Altaria, Iverica


As the last expected arrival (Dr.Binsar) had been greeted and escorted to her waiting KAP K6, Morra allowed herself the briefest but most satisfactory temple rub--massaging the sides of her head liberally once out of sight from the public and press.

Whilst walking to her own vehicle, she recounted the details she had spent the previous week drilling into her staff.

Once all received and on their way, the delegates would be escorted to the Hotel-turned ATARA Head Office by Guardia Civil and HSO motorcade.

When arrived at the hotel, the delegates were to be assigned their suites given for the duration of the assembly. This would also grant an opportunity for the more long-travelled delegates to freshen up, change, and perhaps take a cat nap.

By noon sharpish, the delegates would receive a call for luncheon at the Reception Chamber, after which Morra would give her opening remarks and announce the agenda and schedule.

While the plan ensured that every formality and nicety was offered towards the delegates, it was decidedly less flamboyant and parade-esque than the Founding Ceremony.

Morra had ensured that a more business appropriate air was put on here. For one, the delegates would be arriving via the front entrance on the idiomatic "red carpet" as before--however the press this time were kept at significantly further and more seemly lengths, with no opportunity to bother delegates with questions. Furthermore, Morra ensured that the suites assigned, while just as well furnished in antique Restoración Imperiale fixtures and Alharun silk curtains, were now affixed with work amenities located in adjoining rooms or antechambers. These new developments had come as a result of Morra's expectation of a far more busy and productive event. She was sure that the busy delegates introducing appeals and proposals could certainly use the added privacy and more productivity-oriented atmosphere (while still being within the realms of tasteful accommodation, of course).






In this RP, two rooms shall be open for discussion of two topics simultaneously. In-character however, the events shall be separated over the course of 4 days for realism's sake (can't have people being in two places at once).

Here are both schedules, IC and OOC:

In-Character Schedule

Day Venue Topic
1 Assembly Chamber ATARA Sanctions on Derthalen (Mauridiviah)
2 Hearing Chamber Floor Privilege--Derthalen (1 &  2)
3 Assembly Chamber ATARA Tariff Reduction Agreement (Andalla)
4 Reception Chamber Final Consideration for any Recessed Topics (If none, this day is marked "leisure"--an early departure may be taken)

Out of Character Schedule

Part/Batch Assembly Chamber Hearing Chamber
I ATARA Sanctions on Derthalen (Mauridiviah) Floor Privilege--Derthalen (1st Appeal-- 001)
II ATARA Tariff Reduction Agreement (Andalla) Floor Privilege--Derthalen (2nd Appeal-- 002)
III Reserved for any Recessed Proposals Reserved for any Recessed Appeals/Floor Privileges



(Note: Recessed Appeals/Proposals are those that are seen as salvageable/workable, but require critical edits in order to suit the association or the rationale provided by a dissenting "Motion to Reconsider")


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