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Inqusitorial Broadcast Service

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Siege of blank

Security forces have followed and cornered 5 suspected terrorists in the town of [blank].    The terrorists have barricaded themselves in a disused school and have failed to respond to demands to surrender.   Until such a time they decide to surrender the police forces will continue to surround the building and begin evacuating neighboring occupied buildings.

The inquisitorial ground forces  have been said to have dispatched two units to raid the building should they not surrender by [blank].

The police have deployed chemical agents inside the school and the ground forces have shot holes in the walls with their armoured vehicles and have begun a advance behind their armored vehicles. There have been no sightings of the terrorists presumably killed in the raid. 

There have been no apparent security force casualties in the siege of the school.


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Fire in a state building in Lincoln


As of now a fire has been burning for several hours in one of the major postal distribution centres. All of the attempts to put it so far have failed but it is still contained to the postal centre.    

There are no assumed casualties as the building was evacuated before the fire took hold.  The cause of the fire is currently unknown belived to be arson due to the lack of resident sources in the building for it to stem from.


The impact this fire will have on both the postal supply and the standing fire prevention services has yet to be seen.

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Implementation of a new webbing system and rifle


Today the Inquisitorial Military has announced the replacement of the P1900 rifle and webbing with the P1970 Webbing and Rifle. They come as a much needed modernization to their predecessors allowing a more modular system of carrying equipment and a better supported load.


They have both had a mutual development life of 3 years since the webbing was designed around the rifle.   They both enter field trials to be tested over a two year period and any improvements to be made before there official mass issuing in 1974.

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