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The Holy Inquisition of Ratopia

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The Holy Inquisition of Ratopia

Official Name: The Holy Inquisition of Ratopia

Capital City: Lincoln

Government Type: Parliamentary, Council (replaces the monarch's role)

Government Branches:Ratopian Parliament, Ratopian council.

Federalist or Unitary: Unitary.  Minor autonomy to admin sectors

Head of State: Heinrich Flummer

Official Languages: Common
Religions: Church of Ratiopia(80-90%~ following)  Atheism/lack of religion. (rest of population~)
Population: 10 Million  (100%Ratopian)
Currency: Sterling (S)
National Anthem: Ratopia 'tis of thee. (alt of my country tis of thee)


Unification war(s):

The war was waged around the 1900's and was fought between [blank]*, [blank]** and [blank]***.  The war ultimately ended with the unification of all three countries and the renaming into what it is known today.  

* Shall be known as 1 ** Shall be known as 2  *** Shall be known as 3

1898: the onset of a string of new military technologies by 3 the two other countries were forced into a union some time that year.

1899:  With the alliance being formed and the arms race reaching a new height small border skirmishes and raids began to take place, the purpose of these were to test each nations military strength.  The most (in)famous raid took place in 3  on December of the year.

A section of men taking part in a raid of 3's  north western territory, got stalled around 1-3 Kilometers into the country, the cause of this tall were unknown, thus they decided  to call for reinforcements and seek shelter on Hill [blank].  A small raid was destined to become a major event and the official declaration of the war.



WIP, will edit as i come up with things.



Notes:  I am new to this and am following a template of my NS nation, so if it needs to be made more serious it needs to be alerted quite a bit.  Consider this constant WIP.

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How do your citizens see their country?

Neutral to good.  Negative viewpoints to the country are usually short lived.

How do your citizens see other countries?

Neutral unless there is a reason to overly dislike them or like them.  (alliance, war, border disputes, resource disputes etc)

How are the other countries' names written on your country? (put only some, of course)

Standard U.K English. eg , England, Germany, Norway.

How do your citizens see life? How is their behaviour and point of view towards the government?

The citizens usually work in 10 hour shifts with one break at the five hour mark, there is one day of rest in the week and what they do in their free time is their own business.  The view of life is neutral and the state is seen as something to not question or oppose.

How are the arts in your country? Literature, music, plastic arts, etc.

Only practical arts have been present in the country.  Carpentry, leather work etc.  Music has played a minor role alongside painting and literature.

How is the humor of your nation?

Quite dark, namely joking about bad situations and their quality of life.   Example, joking about a famine, or murder wave they are experiencing.

How do your citizens relax? What are their favourite past-times?

Citizens mainly relax by partaking in Shooting (including archery and primitive weapons) and various combat sports. Outside of that bracket a variant of dodge ball is popular.   Leaning towards more practical and physical activities. And things that should go without mention

How are the basic sentences on your country? Do you say "hello" and "goodbye" in a different way?

"Greetings" is the usual welcome, "Until we meet again." and "Good bye." are the closure to conversations.

How religious are your people?

Mixed, the religious usually follow The Church of Ratopia, which is naturalist and is a mix of ideology to encourage loyalty to the state and people to remain fit and healthy.  it also encourages people to remain fairly competent fighters. The non religious don't suffer persecution from [above], usually left to their own devices.  The Religious institution plays little part in the actually running of the state nor does it have power over the higher echelons of the state.

How do the cities look like? How's the architecture, how are the streets, advertising, is your city green and filled of life or filled with concrete and iron?

Various materials with more pragmatic designs and little historic buildings remaining. So terraces, apartment blocks and designs to minimize space to the efficiency of the purpose of the building.    Wood, stone, brick and concrete are popular materials.  Neo Gothic is the common historical theme alone surviving buildings.

How's the daily routine of a person of your nation?

Work a 10 hour shift with a break halfway through. Go home, partake in some form of recreational or spiritual activity.  Eat, sleep, repeat.

How do your peoples look like?

Slightly taller and muscular than average Western Europeans.

How early do people have children and what is the average?

People have children around the mid to late 20's and early 30's.   Most people usually have one to four children.    People usually like to have stable income before having children and maternity and paternity leave is respected.





Allowed, two doctors approval on safety of the procedure.   Pretty common and not opposed.


Little to none, viewing anyone under the borders of the state as a citizen. Racism can occur if there are problems with interior or exterior factions. (terrorism, crime etc)


Most recreational drugs like Cannabis, cocaine etc are illegal and is zealously enforced.  The only expeption is engineered hemp to have little use as a drug and some stimulants being allowed for security service use. (like variants of LSD)  All medicinal drugs are legal and caffeine and the like are legal.

Sexuality. (Polygamy, homosexuality etc)

Homosexuality is not a issue int he country so long as it is done with private, most people have multiple sexual partners and its generally not a issue.  Public displays and sexuality are a grey zone for most people. Ties into the pastime which shall not be named or discussed.

Other Religions

If it is not lack Atheism, it is usually zealously rejected and stopped from spreading.  Only a lack of religion is accepted. Some compromise is expressed for pragmatic reasons.

Animal Testing

Allowed for Pigs, Primates and Rodents. (species which are not endangered and are similar to human anatomy etc)   Expected to not be put through unneeded suffering during trials and should be Euthanized.

Human Rights

There is little to no human rights issues.  Grey area for criminals and political rivalries. Usually opting to reform or execute and not put through unneeded suffering.

Genetic research

Genetic research is encouraged, the only restriction is testing on humans and animals to prevent needless suffering and attacking endangered species.


Breeding is outlawed for people who have a genetic or hereditary disease or are of high risk of passing it down. Any children they have will be aborted.     The general population is encouraged to only have children with healthy and fit humans and with "positive" traits.


Nearly non existent as relationships usually involve multiple people and are fairly open.  Not many people get a union to have a divorce.


Encouraged as to stop unneeded abortions, unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STD's. Readily available to be purchased. 


Being self sufficient in all sectors with minimal amounts of importing of foreign goods is considered important to the citizens of Ratopia.  Especially to arms, clothing, food and consumer goods.

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Inquisitorial Military/Forces:


Duties:  To provide a defensive and offensive force to protect, spread and enforce Ratopian interests.

Ground forces:

1st Motor Division

2nd Motor Division

3rd Motor Division

4th Motor Division

1st Armoured Division

2nd Armoured Division

Total: 200,00

Air Arm:

25x Light strike fighter(s)

100x Multi role fighters

50x Interceptors


25x Transport planes

150x Transport Helos (25 for each division)

Naval Arm:

Various coastal defence and river boats

2x Challenger class (300million)   Men:500

5x  Lincoln class (500million)   Men:1,000

x   Runner class

Aresnal class

 12,000 TEU

 6,500 TEU

10x 500 TEU's (4billion,brought over 20 year period from @Asgeirria) Men: 500


Total: 2,000






Ground forces:  P1980 Webbing , Mk 1 Body Armour, Mk 1 Steel Helmet , (Colours of uniform are standard DPM, Arctic DPM and Black DPM, Black being favored by Police and specialist units )


Air Arm: Non flying uniforms. (the ceremonial ones will be revised to stay or go) , Flight suit (tone down the modern helmet and some of the gear)    [see ground forces for infantry duties equipment]

Naval Arm: General duties (ignore listed ceremonial uniforms), [see ground forces for infantry duties equipment]


Conscription:  2 years from the age of 16 (person may opt to role and branch in regular) 2 years in reserve (opt role and branch).  In special circumstances they can opt for Police or other government branch for conscription.


Council forces:

50,000 men (to be formed into units as needed)

20,000 in protection arm

5,000 in inteligence


Duties: To protect and express the councils will through overt, covert and subversive means. Primarily focusing on political dissidents, threats to the council and stopping unrest.

Pacification arm:

Duties:  To provide a overt and covert force to perform physical actions against factions. eg Protests, insurgencies, dissidents etc

Protection arm:

Duties:To provide a force to provide physically security to Council member's, the Parliament and council chamber. And any significant international figures.

Intelligence arm:

Duties:To provide a overt and covert force to collect intelligence on council enemies, relay information to the council and other forces and to exploit such information.



Overt: Standard uniform like the ground forces, shall wear a fake (Military) police  unit insignia and shall not remove GSR while in public eye.   Shall mimic the uniform of the best fitting cover or what the situation warrants.

Covert: No uniform, shall use what the situation warrants.

Protection: Shall wear a black shirt with black cargo style trousers with standard body Armour being worn over the top. Berets shall be worn and they will carry both the p1940 pistol in a leg holster and a snub barrel P1900 revolver in a pocket holster.   4 20 round magazines shall eb carried for the  automatic pistol.   They will carry either the P1980 rifle or a PDW and carry 6 30 round magazines for it.  A GSR shall be carried in a  haver sack slung over their left  shoulder.

Intelligence: None, will use what ever uniform the situation warrants.


Inquisitorial intelligence service:


Duties:  To provide a force to collect information on the Inquisitions enemies(foreign and domestic), relay such information to other inquisitorial forces and exploit it.

Uniform: None, will use what ever uniform the situation warrants



Police Services:


Duties:  To uphold  Law and Order of Ratopian territory.


Duties:  To overtly enforce the laws of the land and to maintain order.

Emergency response Teams:

Duties: To respond to Riots, acts of terrorism, active shooters etc. Anything over the scope of normal police officers but doesn't warrant military action/ Is a stop gap to military action.



Standard: Blue/black shirt, black trousers (in a semi neat cargo trouser design),  Duty belt, to hold a leg holster for pistol, three 20 round magazines, two pairs of handcuffs, A baton, multi tool, Torch and incapacitating spray.   Body Armour is to be worn on  duty and if the situation warrant the carrying of a PDW or rifle, 3-6 30 round magazines shall be secured to the body Armour via pouches.     Constable and Sergents ranks wear a Beret, above them wears a peak cap.     Helmets are  available with face shields and GSR's are  available.


Riot:  Black/blue fire resistant overalls, Helmet with a face shield, Full body flame resistant armour. (gorget, shin pads, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves forearm protectors etc) GSR in haversack slung over left side of the body. Two sizes of shield (personal and formation) are available.    A IFAK is to be worn and so is a small fire extinguisher.   Pistols are only to be worn by supporting officers and the MPL shall be avalible  with bandoliers to deploy less than lethal rounds.    Batons are to be rubber and of side handle design varying from 500cm-2 meters in length.     All relevant unit identification information shall be positioned on the back of the outermost torso garment and the helmet.   

Firearms: Black flame resistant overalls shall be worn, full flame and ballistic resistant Armour is to be worn, the helmet shall have  a face shield to protect the GSR's lenses.  The GSR shall be worn at all times while on operations and in public eye on duty.    The automatic pistol, shall be won on a leg holster the pistol will have a mounted torch on it, 4 20 round magazines shall be carried on the belt on the non dominant side, 5-20 magazines for rifle or PDW shall be worn across the Armour and belt,   The rifle/PDW shall have a weapons mounted light on it and they are to wear a  boot knife and two additional knives either side of the belt on their hips.   Offensive grenades are optional and shall be carried in grenade pouches. 




Equipment(all arms): P1900 Rifle (Reserve/Militia/Training) , P1980 Rifle, Type 1 Knife/Bayonet , P1900 Pistol , P1940 Pistol (.40) , P1880 Sword , P1880 Sabre ,   Mk 1 PDW ,  P1970 (automatic)Shotgun, P1930 (pump)Shotgun  ,Mk 1 MPL, Mk 1 GSR .   Mk 1 Defensive Grenade  Mk1 Offensive Grenade  Mk1 Incendiary.

Flame projector

Type 1 Field Boot,Type 1 Urban boot,Type 2 Urban(P) ,Type 2 Field(W)

Various unlisted artillery pieces, vehicles etc


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The Church of Ratopia.  (known as "the church")


The Church is the only recognized state Religion in the Country, only a lack of religion or Atheism is accepted as a substitute.   Made as a naturalistic way to encourage loyalty to the state and people to maintain combat effectiveness, it was made sometime around the 1900's. 

World Views

Duty to the Ratopian state and a duty to stay fit (physically and mentally) for service in the state.


God Views

A deity is viewed as insulting due to the fact the nation was formed by the people who made it and the people occupying the nation were made by thousands of years of evolution.


Spiritual Aim

To spread and  encourage the worshipers to support the state and be dutiful to the state and to maintain  element of Fitness and well being for service with the state.


Devotion Required

Devotion is shown by following the way of  life taught by the church.  It is a lifelong pursuit.


Organizational Structure

Singular centralized church under the government.

Liturgical Formality

A book of tenants are printed and distributed by the church for people to follow and and any ceremonial activity is to build a community bond better and to address questions on whats is deemed a acceptable way of life.


Missionary Fervor

Active among outsiders, limited towards citizens who dont hold another religion.    Zealous against people who could threaten the religion or state.



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Training regiment,Military:

Phase 1(basic):  All personnel from any of the branches shall under go Phase 1 training.  Its purpose is to install the skills and attitude required of a soldier.     It will take 15 weeks and will teach such things as:  Field craft, camouflage, skill at arms, discipline, procedure etc.

Phase 2 (Role):  Pending what role you take in which branch dictates what training you will receive for Phase 2, it can last for 25-60 weeks. (national service and Engineers respectively)

Note on council forces, they are usually taken from soldiers and know loyalists and its a combined 25 week process for both Phase 1 and 2, up to 30 if they have no standing experience.

Division structure :


Section:8 men 1IC Corporal 2IC Lance corporal, Platoon: 32 men 1IC lieutenant, 2IC Sergeant, Company 100men, 1IC Major 2IC Captain  Battalion: Varies  regiment: Varies Divsion: varies

Head of military: Parliament (official)  Council (unofficial)

Motor Infantry:

1st Regiment: 3 Battalions, 1 support Battalion(2,500 men each) 

2nd Regiment: 3 Battalions, 1 support Battalion(2,500 men each) 

3rd Regiment(rest/reserve): 3 Battalions, 1 support Battalion(2,500 men each )

4th (support) regiment: Air defence Battalion, Artillery battalion , Medical battalion, Transport battalion, (assault)Engineer Battalion.


Armoured Infantry:

1st  Brigade:2 Battalions,  1 Support Battalion(1,500 men each, 100 IFV's each)

2nd Brigade:2 Battalions, 1 Support Battalion.(1,500 men each,100 IFV's each)

3rd (support)Brigade: Armoured Air defence Battalion, Armoured Artillery Battalion, Armoured Medical Battalion, Armoured transport Battalion, Armoured (assault) Engineers.


Air defence(strategic) Division:

1st Brigade: 1 Battalion, 1 support Battalion (1,000 men each, 50 SAM's)

2nd Brigade: 1 Battalion, 1 support Battalion (1,000 men each, 50 SAM's)

Coastal defence Division:

1st Brigade:1 Battalion,1 support Battalion (1,000 men, 50 AShM's)

2nd Brigade:1 Battalion,1 support Battalion(1,000 men, 50 AShM's)



Military equipment/uniforms in detail:


Will be buffed out with in detail looks at the equipment, vehicles, uniforms, Armour etc of my country.


Pattern,  1980 Rifle:

Calibre: 6.5x40mm

Length: 103cm- 84cm (pending model)

Barrel length: 50.8cm- 37cm(pending model)

Weight: 3-4kilo (pending model)

Magazines: 30 round

Range: Effective:  600m,Maximum: 1,000m~

Fire modes:  Semi auto, Full auto

Ammunition: Boat tail FMJ (standard), JFN, JHW, Semi armour piercing (trials, to replace FN)


Pattern,1940 Pistol:


Length:12.7 cm



Magazine: 15, 17 round magazines (trial 20rnd's)

Ammunition: Jacketed flat nose (standard) Jacketed hollow points.



MANPAD mk1: (Basis)



Role: Man portable air defence




Fighting Vehicle 1:


Primary:  Lincoln 40mm mk1 Automatic  cannon



Capacity: 20x 4 round clips

Secondary:  Coaxial 6.5mm GPMG

Aprox capacity: 5 500rnd belts

Armour: Steel & Appliqué

Power plant: Lincoln Standard Armoured engine (550hp)

Crew: 3 (driver, gunner, Loader/commander) +8 transport

Weight: 25 tonnes

Suspension: torsion bar

Range: 700km

Speed:75 km/h (road)  55 km/h (offroad)



Width: 3.03m

Est cost(Sterling) : [blank]

Variants:  Air Defence, Hunter(export),Flame projector(engineering), recovery/maintence, Ambulance, Transport (goods) and fire support.

Patrol Vehicle: (basis)


Variants:  Light transport, artillery tractor, fire support.

Utility HGV:


Variants:  Transport, Missile launcher, artillery trailer




Light strike fighter:


Armment: 1x Nose mounted 15mm HMG

Ammunition: 750rnd's~

Role:Civilian patrol, support for law enforcement duties, trainer

Multi role fighter (Basis):


Role: Strike fighter and interdiction

Interceptor (Basis):


Role: Interception

Multi role Transport helicopter(Basis):


Role: Transport

Multi purpose Transport Plane (basis):


Role:  transport

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Economy of Ratopia:


Value of Sterling:  1s is worth 1.20USD


Industry:  The top six industries of Ratopia are the defence industry, mining industry, agricultural industry, telecommunications industry, the medical technology industry and the chemical industry.

GDP: 150 billion

Important companies(state owned):

Lincoln arms company (defence company)

Inquisitorial chemical industries(chemical production and research, defence included)

Inquisitorial Mining&Drilling (natural resource extraction)




(WIP, will be fine tuned later)

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