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The Supreme People's Assembly of The Socialist Federation of Ahrana

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The Supreme People's Assembly

of the

Socialist Federation of Ahrana

1st Annual Commune

Every year the Supreme People's Assembly meets twice to between the twelve months in the year to discus Constitutional changes to the Federal and Republican Constitutions within the Socialist Federation of Ahrana. All Political Organizations, Military Heads, Government Officials and Representatives from each District within the Republics, Provinces, Autonomous Cities and so on are required to be present at the start and finish of the Assembly. The rules of the Assembly are like the ones in the Congressional Houses but more enforced:

-When a member of the Panel is speaking no on may leave the room

-A Call for recess must be issued before leaving the Assembly Hall

-When the Secretary General is speaking no one is to leave, Speak or sleep

-If cause problems in the Assembly hall Security will escort you out and you will be striped of Government status

-Constitutional Changes must be agreed by 85% of the Assembly before passing

-Only one Constitutional change may be presented at a time till the vote for each one has been given

-If the session is not finished then the Panel will issue a day to resume the session


The 1st Annal Commune will start on the 10th of May 2018, giving all members time to make their way to Moskovo for the Assembly.

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The Supreme People's Assembly of the Socialist Federation

1st Annual Commune

8 May 2018

The Supreme People's Assembly would be meeting today for the first time since the Nomination and Election of the First Secretary General, Greggor Ivanoff, they would met to discuss the changes to the Federations Constitution and to make them final and to ratify the Constitutions of the Socialist Federal Republics and to nominated the two Presidents for the Autonomous Socialist Republican Province of Heilig.

They would discuss many things over the course of the day and have people approach and take the floor for discussion and so forth. Ivanoff would respectively be given the right-a-way to be the first person to take the floor for a motion of convening and so forth. 

As the members of the 2126 Member Assembly took their seats the fanfare of the Secretary General was sounded thus signaling the entrance of Ivanoff into the Chamber. He walked from the top of the assembly hall and make his way down the stairs, he was in full military uniform with all awards and decorations shining bright as the lights were reflecting off them, he made it to the Assembly Panel stage which he would take seat at in the middle in front of the Federations Coat of Arms flanked by the Socialist Banners of Ahrana.

As he approached his chair he stood and the others of the assembly stood, the anthems drum cadence begin playing and soon the entire Assembly hall was flooded with the sound of the Socialist Federations Anthem. The whole assembly echoed with the joy of the voices of those involved. Once the anthem was over the Assembly let out a cry of "Brotherhood and Unity, the Socialist Federations way the only way!" 

Ivanoff took his seat and allowed the announcer to call his name, "The first to take the floor is our leader, Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff."

He walked to the podium and reached in his Military coats inside pocket and got his speech out and place his Cover on the top pedestal on the Podium. He then looked up and looked at the Members of the Assembly and begun speaking:

We have met here today in this Assembly Hall for the First Annual Commune of the Supreme People's Assembly, to do what is written in the Constitution of the Socialist Federation. This Assembly is the true voice of the people, the amount of representation of the people within these walls shows just how much Democracy plays an important role in this Socialist Paradise. 

The Socialist Federation came out of a corrupt and a unwilling Government that only wished to re-establish the regime and Government of the Republic that ahs left this Country scared. But! We the Socialists have stopped this from happening with great losses, my friend and mentor, former King Gustov, was lost to the cause. He was the most staunchest supporter of the Socialist cause he wished for a Socialist Paradise.

Through trial and error it is safe to say that he would approve of this Government and would wish for it to succeed in the future as the sole Government of Ahrana for many decades to come! It is through Brotherhood and Unity that Ahrana will triumph over evil and her enemies that threaten her boarders. It is through our Unification and Dedication as a people that we will live well on into the Future of this World. We, the Socialists, will go down in Ahranaian History as the saviors and liberators of the People of this land! We are what the people called for we are the defenders of Justice and Peace in this World. So I say this, through Brotherhood and Unity anything is possible!!

As Ivanoff finished his last sentence the entire Assembly hall erupted into cheers and applauses from the members of the Assembly, he looked up from the podium and nodded to the Assembly. He grabbed his Cover and tucked it under his left arm and waved with his right arm then turned and walked to his chair. When he got to his chair the Hall was still in cheers and applauses till finally Ivanoff sat down and looked to the Speaker to begin the session of the Assembly.

The First Annual Commune will now begin, Bill. 001 that was passed in both Congressional Houses on 5th of January 2018 will now be up for deliberation. If none has any opposition to Bill 001 then we will progress to the Vote......Are there anyone in the Assembly that wishes to deliberate the bill??

Then I will motion for the Vote, those who wish to make this Amendment to the Constitution of the Federation select the green box on the pad and those who do not select the red box. We will wait five minites to get all votes in on the main screen to my left.

That is 2026 for yes and 100 for no, the Bill passes and is Officially an Amendment to the Constitution.

The deliberation for Bill. 002 will now begin, if anyone who wishes to take the floor please do so now......Is there anyone who wishes to take the floor? Then if there is no one then we will move to the Vote, same as before green for yes red for no. The votes are in, 2025 for yes and 101 for no, the Bill passes and is now an Amendment to the Constitution.

The Speaker stops for a moment to get a glass of water and takes a sip then looks the paper on the podium:

The next on the Agenda of the Assembly is the Presidential nomination of the two Presidents of the Autonomous Socialist Republican Province of Heilig. The Ahranaian Nomination is for, Lt. Gen. Packinko of the People's Navy; the nomination from the Empire of @Derthalen is Mr. Schnipser. He is the Delegate for the Empire in the Confederation of Independent Socialists and has a outstanding background with the people. The nominees will now take the floor and present you their reasoning of nomination and plan while in office.

The Lt, General, Pachinko took the floor first and made his way to the podium. He placed his cover on the top just like Ivanoff and turned around and saluted the Secretary General and turned back around and looked to the Assembly members.

Members of this Assembly, I have been nominated by the Ahranaian People in the Autonomous Socialist Republican Province of Heilig to represent them as one of the two Presidents of the Government of Heilig. I was nominated for my roots and ties to the area as it is my home it is where I grew up and lived before joining the Royal Navy and now the People's Navy. I have served in the Navy for the majority of my life I enlisted at the age of 17 thus the Navy is what I know. I entered Politics upon the request of the Secretary General during the Provisional Government as the Chief of Staff of the Navy. 

During that Government Post I created the regulations used by the Navy and the Air Force today, I outlined the Navy's budget and the outlook for the next few years to come. I returned home after the Provisional Government was replaced with the current Government. I entered Regional Politics as the Representative to both the Republican Congressional House and the Federations Lower Congressional House.

I believe with te right counterpart that Heilig can become one of the leading regions in the Federations Arsenal. The area is to be the staging ground for the Southern HQ of the People's Army which will bring more security to the area to help battle the Religious Fundamentals that still plague the area. Thank you for your time honored delegates.

Pachinko walked from the podium to his seat in the front row of the Stage and the speaker then walked forward:

The Nominee of the Empire of Derthalen will now take the floor and outline his history and plan for the Province under the Two Man Presidium.

(Derthalen this is where you make your post. Make it to what was asked by the speaker.)



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