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Citizens of Fulgistan, rejoice!

Through diligent effort and the wisdom of the collective leadership, the Bureau for Rail and Urban Transport has completed the much-awaited high speed passenger rail line linking the capital Bogd Gioro with the city of Wulumuqi in Samarkhand province.

Speaking Monday, the Secretary for Rail and Urban Transport had this to say: "This is an effort that would not have been possible without the proud devotion displayed by the Fulgistanian worker towards his or her nation's improvement. It does our country great honor to know that her people are so hard-working and so skilled. Fulgistan as a nation looks forward to the expansion of the high-speed rail network in the near future, and hope, eventually, to implement a similar system nationwide."

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Summer Scouting Program Enters Tenth Year

The Fulgistan Bureau for Culture and Social Harmony's "Saddle Scouts" program is celebrating its decade anniversary this June. The program, says Secretary of the Bureau Comrade Bayanchur Tekin, seeks to connect young Fulgistani in the large cities with a more pastoral, traditional lifestyle. "We're not promoting one over the other", Comrade Tekin clarified, "we simply want to reconnect today's urban teenagers with their cultural heritage, and to foster relationships and friendships between city-dwellers and those in Orda Communes."

The program consists of three weeks' life in an Orda Commune community, and all the riding, wrangling, and sleeping under the stars that comes along with it. Participants will also engage in cultural activities such as horse archery, falconry, and traditional music. The Saddle Scouts program is open to Urban Commune residents between the ages of 13 and 18. Those interested in attending should give notice to their municipality's Party office before June 10.



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New Opportunities in Samarkhand Province SEZ

Further modifications are being made to the policies of the Samarkhand Province Special Economic Zone, according to a new report by the Bureau for Economics. In addition to the existing relaxed restrictions on gambling, the report also outlines tax breaks on luxury goods, including cigarettes, kreteks, alcohol, jewelry and souvenir goods. In addition, taxes on hotel rooms in Samarkhand Province and Wulumuqi city have been decreased by as much as 27% in some areas, all as a part of the government's plan to incentivize foreign tourism in the area.  Finally, in reflection of the growing number of visitors from neighboring @Variota, Wulumuqi Television (WMTV) will begin broadcasting Variotan NSTV Channels 3, 4, and 5.



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Ramadan Begins

The Muslim month of Ramadan begins today. While many of the people of Fulgistan practice Islam, the government encourages citizens to place their own health over spiritual needs, and to refrain from fasting if it presents a health problem or inhibits personal productivity in school or in the workplace. Those citizens serving in the Revolutionary Guard are also strongly advised to refrain from fasting during Ramadan. Bureau for Culture and Social Harmony buildings will be decorated in honor of the occasion. The People's Council would like to wish all citizens of Fulgistan a happy Ramadan and a good day regardless of affiliation.


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Bomb Attack in Jintakh Kills 8, leaves 30 injured

On the morning of Tuesday, June 5, the city of Jintakh's main square was rocked by an explosion; police believe that the device was triggered remotely and was hidden under a parked bus. Eight individuals were pronounced dead at the scene, while a further thirty were injured and taken to Jintakh People's Hospital for treatment. At least two of these individuals are reported to be in critical condition. The terror groups known as the Sons of Abu Azzam and the fascist Black Eagle Cabal have both claimed responsibility for the attack, although authorities have not yet issued a definitive statement on who is in fact, responsible. This attack comes during a relative lull in the conflicts between government forces and insurgents in Fulgistan's disputed southwest regions, and during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan; many of the victims were leaving the mosque after morning prayers when the explosion was triggered.

This attack occurred while General Secretary Almas was making a state visit to the United States of Prymont, and as such, he could not be immediately reached for comment. However, Deputy Secretary Bagabandi has issued a statement on behalf of the Central Committee expressing sorrow and profound anger at the ongoing attacks on civilians by terror groups in Fulgistan. "The valiant efforts of the Revolutionary Guard to secure Kunduz and Takhar provinces," he said, "will continue until the war against the terror groups has been won and the safety of Fulgistani citizens is assured. Our people are proud, and our resolve to fight injustice, extremism, and poisonous ideologies is only strengthened through adversity. For nearly a century we as a people have maintained the fight for freedom and equality against enemies both internal and external; that fight continues today. The Worker's Republic is fortunate to have a great diversity of faiths and ethnicities, but to be also united in our commitment to the values of the Revolution. Long live Fulgistan and all of its people!"


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Nation Rallies in Wake of Tragedy

Following the terrorist attack in the city of Jintakh yesterday, support for the victims has poured in, from both Fulgistanis and from abroad. Condolences and well wishes have been received from the King and Queen of @Gallambria, Dina Diva of Het Huisselant @Variota, from the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, and from the Free Social Republic of Bahinar. In addition, Primo Franso Deitorr of @Iverica condemned the attack on Wittier this morning, promising that Iverica would lend what support it could. Within Fulgistan itself, thousands of citizens posted messages of support for the victims and for the Jintakh Urban Commune on social media, and Jintakh People's Hospital has received a great number of flowers, cards, and other gifts from citizens nationwide. Deputy Secretary Bagabandi, along with other political officials, paid a visit to the survivors of the attack yesterday evening. Speaking to a BIIRI representative, he promised that the victims and their families would be well cared for, and that the damage to Jintakh's homes and businesses would be repaired as soon as possible. 



Although General Secretary Tomur Almas remains in the United States of Prymont until next week, he made a televised statement at 10 PM yesterday night; the General Secretary promised that "terrorism is not destined to plague our people forever" and that "Fulgistan, as a nation, is on the very cusp of eliminating terrorist insurgent groups for good, and securing peace, equity and stability for all of her citizens." Additionally, General Secretary Almas stated that "In the face of tragedy, injustice, and death, it heartens both myself and every citizen of Fulgistan to see the overwhelming response from the international community, and from my fellow countrymen and women. On behalf of the people of the Worker's Republic, I would like to extend my gratitude to our foreign friends and neighbors, and I personally must congratulate the people of Fulgistan on braving this hideous event together, bravely, and with characteristic optimism. Our country, comrades, will endure through this time of tragedy, and through any hardships yet to come. Long live Fulgistan."


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Party Officials to Mediate Border Dispute

Officials from the Bureau for Foreign Affairs will travel to the Republic of kwa-Mbuji to oversee the resolution of a disputed border between the neighboring states of the Amharic Social Republic and the Qothwane Confederation, at the request of the former. The two nations have historically been at odds over border incidents like this one, although this is the first time a third party has been asked to mediate discussions. Secretary for Foreign Affairs Ismail TianHan will attend a summit in the RfM's capital Ivoordorp from July 15th through to August 1st in the hopes of permanently securing stability for the people of the region. In a statement, Secretary TianHan stated that "although both Amhara and the Confederation practice some form of socialism, we do not intend to deviate from impartiality during the negotiation process, as our primary concern is to secure peace and stability for the two nations, and to encourage future cooperation between them." President Betje Zakuani had previously stated that her country would not be willing to host talks between its two neighbors, however President Zakuani has subsequently agreed after promises that Fulgistan's mediator role will include the prevention of hostilities during the talks and the subsequent implementation of their results.



Next High Speed Connection to be Grootwaterflakte

The Secretary for Rail and Urban Transport, following the completion of the high-speed rail line between Bogd Gioro and Wulumuqi, has announced that the next connection will, in fact, be outside of Fulgistan itself: the de facto Variotan capital of Grootwaterflakte. While arrangements and standards set by the Variotan Vrein rail agency are still in the process of being finalized, construction of the new rail line is set to begin in late August, and is expected to finish sometime between mid-late 2019 and 2020.


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Upgraded Helicopters to Reach Front Lines by Late July

The first wave of Khiimori CH-3s that have received upgrade services from the ACE corporate of @Asgeirria will see service in the Takhar and Kunduz provinces conflict zone by the end of the month, according to the Bureau for Defense. The helicopters, produced from the 1970s through the 80s, have begun undergoing a comprehensive upgrade and refurbishment program, which the Bureau for Defense says will extend their service life into the late 2020s or early 2030s. Used in a variety of roles, including troop transport, medevac and fire support, the CH-3s are a cornerstone of the Revolutionary Guard's air power capabilities in the more isolated areas of Fulgistan and of Alharu as a whole. Although in months past the Bureau had also acquired 20 ACE Leopards for trials, the Secretary for Defense Jinhuang Choinom has stated that the Revolutionary Guard will likely not be making further purchases of the Leopard airframe, and will instead be pursuing the development of a dedicated attack helicopter for close air support and rapid response. Bids for the attack helicopter design will be accepted by the beginning of August.USAF-Bell-UH-1N-Iroquois.jpg?resize=800,

Fulgistani Students to Go Abroad

High school students in the Worker's Republic will now have the opportunity to study in foreign countries for a time, according to a new statement by the Bureau for Education and Youth Affairs. In the same fashion, Fulgistan will begin welcoming students from abroad this coming school year, with the countries participating in the exchange program including the Beautiful Empire of @Orioni, Het Huisselant @Variota, the Republic of @Valacia, the Most Serene Republic of @Mauridiviah, the Grand Duchy of @Limonaia, and the United States of @Prymont. The program, it is hoped, will foster cultural exchange and dialogue between the young minds of the world, and give students a sense of worldliness and international friendship.

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It's Official! 2019 Summer Olympic Host City to be Bogd Gioro

1200px-Emblem_of_the_1980_Summer_OlympicMuch jubilation has swept the streets of Fulgistan's capital in the wake of a recent announcement by the International Eurth Olympics Committee (IEOC) that Bogd Gioro had been selected as the location for the 2019 Eurth Summer Olmypics, a decision that, while very much welcomed, has surprised many in the Worker's Republic. Comrade Mei Dajin, a textile worker and mother of four, said that "never in [her] life" had she expected Fulgistan to be "selected for such a prestigious honor. Truly, for my part, I'm humbled to have the Olympics taking place in my own backyard.". While no start date has been publicly announced for the Olympic ceremonies, Fulgistani officials and their IEOC counterparts have been in close contact for the past week, and preliminary construction has already begun on several of the required facilities for the games. Speaking in an impromptu address after the announcement, General Secretary Almas congratulated the people of Bogd Gioro on their selection. "Never forget that, although it was the IEOC that made the ultimate decision, they have done so based on what they saw in you, in your city, and in your hearts. Bogd Gioro is a clean, happy, safe city, and it is you, her people, who have made her into the darling of the world come summertime. I know already that those who visit our nation during the Olympics and long after will no doubt also be charmed by the city that beat the odds to rise to the top."

Beloved Animation Franchise Celebrates 40 Years


The classic 'Stanime series, Star Fighter Jinjian  celebrates 40 years since the airing of its first episode today. The science-fiction show, brainchild of Wulumuqi-based artist collective [GEARS] has been the introduction to the Stanime genre for many foreigners and Fulgistanis alike, with the television series and movies having sold several million copies, alongside thousands of toys, model kits, video games, apparel, and other merchandise on the foreign and domestic market. Often praised for its dynamic art style and pumping soundtrack, Star Fighter Jinjian has held the rapt attention of youngsters for 40 years, and will no doubt continue to be viewed and praised for many years to come.

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Minority group wins recognition in landmark legislation
Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan

     Today, one more ethnicity is added to the list on the upcoming 2021 census, the last such survey to be taken before the national centennial. Thanks to the efforts of a small but dedicated group of Fulgistani citizens, there will be another group joining the Fulgistani nation for the first time officially; starting in 2021, residents will be able to denote their ethnicity as "@Llaltan of @Seylosian origin". This group, which consists at present of only 3 individuals residing in the Worker's Republic, has nonetheless always been vocal about its desire for official recognition, and has had one particularly influential advocate in particular.


     Representing Yulang County, Xiadong Province in the People's Great Khural for over 25 years, Comrade Gerald Carlton is a disproportionately influential legislator relative to his constituency's size. During his term in office, Comrade Carlton has been the champion of causes such as public transportation, the expansion and modernization of public healthcare, the reduction in size of the military and the dissolution of the Demonstration Army, some of which have been more successful than others. Perhaps most famously, Carlton is also outspoken about his Llaltan upbringing, before his adoption of leftist attitudes in college and eventual emigration to Fulgistan. He speaks about his homeland's culture and customs frequently at pubs and community halls around Yulang County, as well as on his biweekly Wulumuqi-distributed radio show, ¿Como Se Llaltas?, a talk broadcast about Llalta in the Mauridivian language, on Tuesday nights.


     "I've always been adamant about the need to get on the census," Comrade Carlton told me as we went on a leisurely bike ride through his neighborhood in Zhuangli, the county seat. The delegate is a bit of a local celebrity, and passersby cheerfully waved as we made our way down the main street, avoiding the occasional pot-bellied milk cow wandering along.

"Llaltans, you must understand, we're a terribly proud and community-oriented people. We like to stay in touch and stay connected to who we are, even if there's only a few of us around. We get together, we go out to dinner, it's a real community, it's flourishing, even though it's just the three of us. What d'you mean it's just "being friends?""

At time of writing, the Llaltan-Fulgistani community consists of Comrade Carlton, Mr. Jonathan Waites, a speech therapist at the Xintou School for the Deaf, and Ms. Corinne Andrews, owner of a Bogd Gioro area garden center. According to Mr. Carlton, the trio keep in touch primarily via email, but have sometimes made rail trips to conduct emergency meetings on the steps of the Great Khural, as they did during today's successful vote.

"We do our best to be here, you know, when push comes to shove, as it were," said Mr. Waites over video conference. "You know, spendin' time with my fellow Llaltans, it brings back memories of those halcyon days of my youth. Walking through town...sayin' your good mornings to Bill, and Bill, and Fred, and Walt, and Kate, and Pippa, and Bill...". Mr. Waites continued for some time. "But o'course we're committed citizens now, in our own way. I came because I wanted to heal the sick, but I'm happy to, er, do other things for my country too, I suppose."

However sweet the taste of victory may be, there are some indications that the  Llaltan census matter may not be entirely settled.

“Well, not to be a schismatic or a subversive, but I'm a quarter Eirish, on my mum's side, so I reckon we'll need one for that as well," says Andrews. "I personally believe in the revolutionary takeover and independency of Eire, but since I've only got about a quarter stake in it, I reckon I'll stick to checking a box for now."

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Revolutionary Guard Reserves Deployment to Aid Rhavan Government in Relief Efforts

"As the Socialist Republic of Rhava reels in the wake of a string of recent tragedies, the Central Committee has authorized the deployment of 3,000 reserve military personnel, and a further 4,000 civilian medical personnel to central Rhava in an effort to provide much-needed material and medical aid to the rural population of the area affected by the devastating Hurricane Ongan. This announcement is expected to be the beginning of the Party's expressed intention to consolidate the socialist and continentalist states together into a cohesive bloc to resist Anglian aggression in the New Wurld; depending on the willingness of the Rhavan government, further relief deployments may be sent to Chow Cho, another area of Rhava suffering badly from disasters and unrest."

"For BGCTV, I'm Chen Weihuang."


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