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Organisation of Worldbuilding Forums

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Hey team,


Recently I took some time to split our OOC forums from the IC ones.

This was announced and implemented earlier this months.


I hope it helped bring some clarity to our OOC forums.


Now I would like to do the same for our IC forums.

I have been contemplating the following organisation.

It is based on an easy structure of ABC.

  1. Affairs: what is now "World Today"
  2. Business: everything that is trade related
  3. Conflict: whenever military actions are involved
  4. Debate: includes all international organisations
  5. Entertainment: culture, sports, music, etc.
  6. Future & Past: same as before, but now starts with "F", to keep it ABCDEF

Here is a visual representation of the changes I have in mind.

I would like to hear what you think about this.



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I have renamed Debate to Diplomacy and will move topics into the forum. So this area will no longer be just a holding place for alliance subforums.

Moderators are invited to review the existing Affairs and Conflict forums for topics to move. This should keep everything nice and tidy. When moving, please enable the automatically disappearing move link.

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I've got a question -- what is the difference between an "affairs" topic and a "diplomacy" topic? Does diplomacy really only relate to multilateral or specific purpose talks, whereas affairs would be more for more general meetings and the like?

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@Rihan As mentioned on Discord, just looking at this schema brought some potential improvements forward.

  • Especially Entertainment is really doing nothing, dangling there at the end. It would be easier to just rename it to Culture again. That's broader and can contain the 'Capital of Culture' thingy that's being developed.
  • And then Conflict would have to be renamed, to stick with the ABCDEF system. There are a couple of synonyms for War that start with the letter E, notable:
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Seven days seems like a fair amount of time for comment. I will wait another 24 hours before moving ahead with this.

So as they say in wedding ceremonies: "Speak now... or forever hold your peace."

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Engagement is too specific, in my view, as not everything in there is just a military engagement. I'd suggest Enmity if necessary, though I also dislike that. Frankly, I can't help but think we should just have two Cs, or find another term for culture.

We could also do a three-part change. Business could become economy, conflict could become bloodshed (or battle, though I prefer bloodshed), and then entertainment could become culture.

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