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Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Official channel for the release of statements by the Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, documents, state letters, and published dossiers are made accessible to host-governments of any Iverican Consulate and Embassy. 





Provided below for all visiting dignitaries or interested parties, is a condensed and comprehensive guide to Iverican Foreign Policy. Readers, please note that the following literature has been paraphrased and shortened for ease of comprehension; please also note that Iverican Foreign Policy is subject to the objective interpretation of the Iverican State, her courts, and her appointed leaders.



Core Policies


1) Safeguard Iverican Sovereignty and home territories in all foreign theatres.


2) Safeguard the human rights of Iverican citizens based abroad.


3) Prioritise and engage in diplomatic actions before resorting to a hostile military response.

a. This section may be disregarded to maintain Policies 1 & 2.


4) Uphold and support the Iverican constitutional ideals wherever relevant.


5) Abstain from patronising or advancing the interest of foreign operations which promote unethical activities.

a. Unethical Activites being hereby defined as activities which violate the substantive principles of the Iverican Constitution and Bill of Rights.

b. Further asserting that "Unethical Activities" are activities that expressly contradict or violate the aforementioned documents.

c. Appeals may be made to the Cámra Nasional Committee on Ethics, for ruling on case-by-case bases.  


6) Promote overseas trade with mutually beneficial exchanges.






Released Statements:

All statements addressed to as "open" or to the international community are publicly accessible.

Documents and Dossiers:

Unless specified otherwise, archived information is available only upon appeal or request. Any item marked "sensitive" or of greater confidentiality must be viewed with due diligence.

Contents outside of this channel:

  • Executive Letters:
    • Response to Hellenic Rus--Circle of Death [LINK]
    • Pledge to Aid--Afropa, VLA Crisis [LINK]
    • Letter to PM Greenwald (Gallambria) [LINK]
    • Position Statement on the Communist Entity in Ahrana & the Verde Blockade [LINK]

Content on this channel:

  • Executive Letters
    • Private Letter to the Secretary-General of Ahrana [LINK]
  • Embassy Statements
    • 07-02-18 [LINK] - p. 3
  • Documents and Dossiers
    • SSO Profile: Circle of Death (sensitive) - p. 2
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Subject: Open Source Recording of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seminar: "The New Decade: An Informal Briefing on Notable Changes"

Summary: The Seminar "New Decade" was given at the Iverican Foreign Ministry Building in Intreimor. It is an obligatory seminar which requires the attendance of every Iverican Ambassador, Consul, Foreign Ministry Deputy, and Representative. The Foreign Ministry is expected to host one in pivotal times where the Iverican government is expected to make serious changes in either policy or organisation. In this case, the seminar's focus centred on briefing officials on what to expect from the establishment of a Federal "Super Organ"--the Federal Council of the new Federated Commonwealth of the Iberic Union.

Attendance was also opened to delegates from foreign embassies on Iverican soil.


EXCERPT: Abstract (Monologue), as spoken by Foreign Minister Desdemona Tomas-Morra, 13:45 IST--Februrary 15th, 2020

Following an introductory speech, Minister Morra then proceeded to outline the greatest changes the Republic might expect as part of a Federal entity. It was emphasised that the changes may take years to implement though the Foreign Ministry would already need to consider these long-term goals whensoever they speak on Iverica's behalf with representatives from other states. Effectively immediately of course, was the acknowledgement of the Federal Council as the primary executive organ of the Federal Commonwealth. While the existence the Federation did not override the sovereignty and civil independence of the Iberic states, it did have the power to enact certain defensive, economic, tax regulations that would take precedence over any domestic policies. It was also stressed that, for all intents and purposes, defence treaties and all matters of represntation abroad (such as agreements made at summits, extradition treaties, and matters of immigration and information sharing) would have to first be amended to recognise the Republic of Iverica's transition into a Federal Body. In plain terms: that Iverica be seen now as a Federation, including her sister states--which required too, the acceptance of these sister states as participating and holding interests in any international treaty of defence, citizenship, sovereignty, banking, or international laws be concerned.

The Abstract outlined the following immediate changes:

  • That all countries hosting Iverican consulates and/or embassies to recognise the representation of the Federal Commonwealth through these missions.
  • That all international organisations which the Republic if Iverica is currently a member of, be asked to accomodate in their respective charters or legitimising document the Federal Commonwealth.
  • In effect Iverican consuls, ambassadors, and other executive officials do also represent the Federal Commonwealth during diplomatic affairs. Unless specified as acting only in the Republic of Iverica's capacity, these diplomatic missions therefore adhere to Commonwealth laws. Any contracts, verbal or written, with these agents are therefore also considered as contracts with the Federal Commonwealth. 

The Abstract specified the following future agenda:

  • The establishment of the Federal Standard of Laws (2021). Which have the important objective of providing a standard for civil rights, immigration, extradition, mutual defence, tariff, measurements, commonwealth infrastructure projects (limited to civil aviation, maritime, highway, and railway regulations concerning apparatus or routes that cross state borders), and currency.
    • Emphasised was the inclusion of an explicit goal in the preamble of the standardised system--which specified the limitations of Commonwealth law-making. Commonwealth law is bound against legislating national healthcare, the dispensation of welfare aid (compensation, alimony, labour, handouts, etc.), local taxes (income tax, land tax, inheritance tax, etc.), the operations of law enforcement (enforcing only the generalisations of its code of civil rights), and must abstain from interfering with the purview of municipal executives.
  • The establishment of a Unified Market with a common currency (2023).
    • As in the standarised system of laws, only the Federal Council and its delegated organs will have the power to manipulate a singular commonwealth currency.
    • this market will regulate the tariff of goods entering and leaving the borders and ports of its consituent states.
    • The market will have the goal of enacting regulations of the price of goods and services, and other restrictions only as required to promote free trade, the ease of doing business, and the mobility of goods and professionals within its federal borders.
    • Where international trade is concerned, the market should be expected to uphold tariffs and regulations that will not sacrifice the economic wellbeing of some constituents for the prosperity of others. It will be required to hold special sessions on case-by-case bases if there is a lack of consensus.
    • The market will necessitate the creation of federal banks and economic institutions such as: a research insitution, a singular federal bank, a federal exchange, commonwealth mints, etc.
  • The amending of immigration and border apparatuses (2021)
    • Commonwealth states must form a consensus to abide by a common standard for entry, asylum, citizenship etc. These standards must uphold Iberic priority of solidarity.
    • Commonwealth states will maintain a unique national passport, but must amend their appearance and language to inlclude the FedCom crest upon their covers and include Federal data and fields within its pages.
  • The establishment of Federal security organisations (2021) including:
    • A security and intelligence service composed to professionals from all commonwealth states. Given the mission to investigate violations of federal law and crimes which implicate victims and/or perpetrators from more than 1 commonwealth state.
    • A defence force to be responsible for greenwater, local aerospace, and border security. To be composed of citizens from all commonwealth states and only activated to defend the commonwealth when its entirety is threatened.

Included also were these caveats:

  • All debts, leases, or similar agreements still be held to respective national banks. Until such time that the Federal Commonwealth establish its singular market and federal banks.
  • As of this time, foreign governments have no obligation to consider agents of other commonwealth nations with the same privilege and security status as they might have with agents of the Republic of Iverica. Until such time that security and information-sharing agreements are re-established, the above matters are considered confidential and not privy to the Federal Commonwealth.




OOC: Any changes here which might concern your nation's relationship with Iverica can be considered public knowledge. It is also implied that the Iverican embassy in your country (if any) would have sent a communique to your foreign offices to inform them of these changes. Though its unlikely anyone has beef with the commonwealth, any touble with the above changes in recognition should be addressed in RP with a letter to the Foreign Ministry of Iverica.

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Recipients:  All Iverican Embassies

                     Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil

Subject:       Memo of Recent Statements


Content as follows:

  • Note that as of this day, 4th of June, 2020, the island is known as "Monarch Island" or L'Isla Monarca shall henceforth be a protectorate of the Federated Commonwealth of the Iberic Union. Justifying these claims are the following factors that we invite any concerned foreign observer to verify:

    • That the island was de facto "Terra Nullis" with no permanent native population residing therein.

    • That the island has several rich marine reefs and forests that are at risk of pirate exploitation.

    • That the island has become occupied by a permanent population of Cussian refugees who now claim residence on its soil.

    • That these refugees are dependents of the Federated Commonwealth and do claim sovereignty over this previously unclaimed island, its airspace, and its sovereign waters.

    • That the Federated Commonwealth is actively aiding in their housing and pursuit of decent living standards by numerous forms of aid.

    • That the Cussian refugees are unarmed and rely on the Iverican military and employed security personnel to safeguard them from hostile action.

  • This sovereign entity shall be known as: The Cussian Protectorate of Monarch Island


  • For the International Community: A Briefing on the Settlement Situation
    • The Cussians are arriving in batches of 1,000 following a brief stay for processing in Home Office facilities in Altaria City, Iverica.
    • As of this writing, there are 80,000 Cussians (50% of Cussians given sanctuary by the FedCom) residing on Monarch Island.
    • A provisional government has been established, with one Cussian appointed by present members of the Cussian government-in-exile to be Governor. Powers are shared and checked by one representative of the Iverican government who acts as a "Chief-Advisor" and temporary head of government. The settlement is expected to transition into a more self-determined and democratic form of government once a basic infrastructure and economy are present.
    • Civilian volunteer workers from the Federated Commonwealth and contract personnel from the Monarch Group ( @Seylos ) are assisting with the establishment of a frontier Port with several smaller townships surrounding it. These settlements are largely constructed out of prefabricated modules shipped from the Republic of Iverica. The settlement areas have all been chosen to minimise ecological damage. Areas previously stripped by poachers and illegal foresters have been selected.
    • In addition to whatever resources the settlers have been able to extract sustainably, necessities (food, water, fuel, and medication) are being provided by donation and by the Republican Armed Service [1].
    • Cussian Settlers were given standardised testing to assess skills and competencies on the voyage from Beautancus. Currently, the Toledo Group of Companies is providing supervisors and management personnel to direct groups of Cussian specialist teams to build permanent infrastructure on the island, organise medical stations, prepare ground for agriculture, survey waters for safe and responsible fishing areas, educate and care for children, and organise resources arriving from the Federated Commonwealth [2].
    • Cussian Settlers are free to conduct cultural acitivies and free to practice their native faiths without hindrance from the provisional administration.


  • Notable Milestones in the Protectorate Economic Plan
    • In the first year, the Cussian economy is expected to be a consumer economy dependent on the import of Iverican goods. The settlers are expected to participate using the credit value of whatever fish and produce can be traded and whatever income is made by the skilled labourers (IT professionals, engineers, specialised surgeons, luxury craftsmen, etc.) being employed as overseas workers in the Federated Commonwealth or by the Canamo Canal Company.
    • Advanced training and other work-related courses are to be provided by Iverican consultants and educators in preparation for future needs and economic ventures.
    • A temporary communal fund has been established using the Iverican Velle as currency. It is used primarily for purchasing necessary imports and providing labourers with a minimum-wage salary. Deposits are made by overseas Cussian workers (currently numbering 38,000) who must have agreed to contribute upwards of 65% of their income to the fund. Donations and loans from Iberic financiers also contribute to this fund. A future national bank is to be established from the growing of this fund
    • Preparations are being made to shift the settlement into a fishing and cash-crop economy; growing Alharica coffee beans and fishing for Tuna. The climate on Monarca is ideal for export-quality Alharica and waters are similarly rich in deep-sea fish with no nearby neighbouring economies to compete with.
    • The settlement is expected to grow this economy while simultaneously decreasing its reliance on aid donations. It is planned for the settlers to be a participant in the Iberic economies by providing ample market for the many necessities, goods, and services not available locally.
    • Once more permanent infrastructure is established, the island is expected to venture into eco-tourism as an additional source of income. Diving, trekking, mountaineering, and some extreme sports are possible attractions due to the islands topography and natural beauty.
    • Throughout this plan, the settlement government must abide by Commonwealth environmental regulations.
    • Close cooperation and consultancy with the Federated Commonwealth's economic committees shall be observed in order to better integrate Monarch's economy with the region's.





[1] Possible aid also provided by Machina Haruspex if a positive retroactiv reply to this letter is made.

[2] It was mentioned that the Iverican humanitarian workers prioritised skilled workers here. Potential fire-brands and activists/instigators were also avoided. Essentially, the population taken in by Iverica can predominantly be characterised as: Having a family with at least one child, having higher education or vocational training of note, and little to no record of violent of dissident crime.

Naturally, Iverica is wary about taking in refugees willy-nilly. An unsustainable situation spells disaster and escalation of the wrong kind of social force. Iverica also needs to not go into debt for this if possible. There is a humanitarian budget, but a refugee population that contributes something is much better than a refugee population that doesn't. In the future, careful resource extraction and continued yields for Monarch might even see a positive economic force existing as part of the Federated Commonwealth.

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Recipients:  All Iverican Embassies

                     Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil

Subject:       Memo of Recent Statements


Content as Follows:

  • The Republic of Iverica wishes to announce its cooperation with the Kingdom of @Seylos in resisting the Sentist threat on Ceris. The Executive Ministry of the Republic has examined the matter closely and has voted in favour of a pledge of limited assistance.
    • Believing that the Sentist threat risks proliferating into Mediargic territories via the infiltration within the region's high-traffic shipping if left uncontained, the Executive Ministry sanctions direct and covert action on Sentist military targets and any faction that may be supplying Sentist activity.
    • Aware that the efforts of some assisting governments may not be adequate to contain the growing threat, the Republican Armed Service is ready to increase its current (support) presence in Asteria.
    • Cognizant of the alarm the movement of our military assets may bring to some, the Foreign Ministry also wishes to reassure Mediargic and Adlantic nations of our counter-insurgency intentions.
    • Further details may not be forthcoming to the public until this sensitive matter is deemed resolved.
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Recipients:  All Iverican Embassies

                    Foreign Embassies on Iverican Soil

Subject:      Expulsion of Diplomatic Personnel from the Sunset Sea Islands; with further concerns regarding the "Transitional Government"


Content as Follows:

  • The foreign offices of the Federated Commonwealth are all equally disturbed and shocked at the unprecedented and sudden actions conducted by a Colonel Ishijima. Owing the silence from @Sunset Sea Islands' representatives, the Federated Commonwealth will neither recognise any change in leadership, nor recognise political changes by the "Transitional Government" as legitimate acts of a Sunset Sea Islander government. Until such time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives quotable and verifiable guarantees from a recognised representative of Gao He Ping's government, the Transitional Government will be recognised by the Federated Commonwealth as a military entity.
  • Despite this the MFA is opening channels with a representative of Colonel Ishijima in order to guarantee the safety of all foreign diplomats, foreign nationals, and all solidaridad status nationals. Cognisant of the geographical and political isolation of the Sunset Sea Islands, this office is currently attempting to secure either sanctuary or compensated repatriation from the Sunset Sea Islands for all diplomatic personnel and all civilians (regardless of nationality) at risk of being deported. 
  • A significant Solidaridad Diaspora resides in the cities of Porto Libertad and Porto Rosso. Speaking for the Federated Commonwealth governments, this office wishes to convey the assurance that the security of these diasporas are also of the highest priority.




OOC: The effort to secure either paid repatriation or sanctuary is not Iverica pretending to represent all foreign nationals. It just means that Iverica is attempting to secure guarantees that should extend to other foreign nationals as well should they choose to take it.

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TO: Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Iverica
FROM: Kisyak Surfirvo, Managerial Ambassador General, the Incorporated States of Cashar

Subject: Renewal of Alliance and Current Trade Agreements, New Trade Proposals

Greetings and welcome from the Incorporated States of Cashar! My dear friend, it is time once again for the unfortunate but necessary matter of bureaucratic housekeeping. But behold and profit, it is another year of a much beloved alliance between our two great nations! Indeed, indeed, it is our intention to continue our alliance and renew our current trade agreements with the outstanding and upstanding Republic of Iverica with some caveats. We've recently faced a water crisis, and while we have had a great deal of assistance from our allies, it has had a negative impact on our agriculture. We will be needing to import a greater deal of agricultural goods from the Republic of Iverica to make up for the loss - at least for a short time. However, we see no further change needed to the rest of our agreements.

We would like to suggest new trade proposals, though. The more trade, the merrier, yes? It is no secret that the Republic of Iverica has an abundance of resources, and of course, the Incorporated States of Cashar has much to offer as well! We're looking to improve our technological infrastructure. We believe an exchange of industrial tech secrets might not only benefit both of our economies but prove illuminating as well. 

Consider also that the Bank of Cashar has recently began opening lines of credit to the international community at large rather than just our nearest neighbors. Foreign citizens who apply and are accepted for a brand new Cashcard Express may be eligible to win a free travel ticket to Cashar. Cashcard Express - Credit on the Go from Wherever You Are.

We look forward to continuing our business with you.

Managerial Ambassador General
Kisyak Surfirvo

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