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A Ferry Friendly Proposition

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OOC: Please excuse my mega pun game. Ferry = very, it's a maritime deal... I'm sorry.

To: Almirante Aqbarr of the @Iverican Armada
From: Admiral of the Fleet Jørgen Lassen of the United States of Prymont Navy



I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. First and foremost, I would once again like to send you my sincerest of thanks for your continued support and assistance of the Prymontian cause. Our two great countries have a rich, fantastic history together, and it gives me great pride to see that our friendship only grows and strengthens through common interests and shared aims. I trust that you and your men are rallying behind the course of the Verde Blockade, and wish that your waters continue to remain untainted from the socialists we aim to subdue.

On the matter of the Verde Blockade, a significant dilemma has arisen that requires immediate action. As you are certainly aware, our countries share a continuous operation in the Argic Ocean during the colder months to break the ice and allow our shipping routes free, unobstructed passage through otherwise lethal waters. Despite investing heavily into reinforced ships to withstand contact with icebergs and the likes, I was made aware of the imminent danger of sending our valuable naval vessels through such dangerous waters, where icebergs can easily damage our units and turn the tides against us in the Verde Blockade. Currently, several vessels are en-route to Iverica, escorted by USPN dedicated icebreakers. However, I believe a more permanent solution is favourable in case a situation such as a blockade ever arises in the future.

Therefore, I propose to you an initiative that will see eighty two USPN vessels move to a permanent location at the Iverican Súbic naval base - you will find the details of said vessels in the attachment. To create additional infrastructure in the base to accommodate the Prymontian ships, soldiers, and materials, the USPN will seek to contract local Iverican construction companies to carry out the necessary improvement work. The USPN will also dedicate itself to the protection and safeguarding of Iverica's shores, by carrying out regular, thorough patrol missions to deter illegal activity and ensure the safety of Iverican vessels. Finally, the USPN will offer to lease the land from Iverica for eighty million Prynds for ten years - half will be paid in the Prymontian Prynd, and the remaining half will be paid in the Iverican Velle. Funding for this move has already been secured from the government, with additional funding available if necessary.

The USPN believes that it is quintessential to relocate these vessels, to ensure the safe future of our units and to act swiftly in the case of international emergency. If these terms are found to be agreeable, the USPN aim to start the initiative by August 2018.


Yours sincerely,

Jørgen Lassen
Admiral of the Fleet
United States of Prymont Navy



USS Freedom aircraft carrier (Kitty Hawk)
USS Falcon corvette (Visby)
USS Eagle corvette (Visby)
USS Hawk corvette (Visby)
USS Striker corvette (Goteberg)
USS Attacker corvette (Goteberg)
USS Steinbu cruiser (Ticonderoga)
USS Alasaari cruiser (Ticonderoga)
USS Honningkanger cruiser (Ticonderoga)
USS Vaxstrand cruiser (Ticonderoga)
USS Transfer minesweeper (Koster)
USS Summervale minesweeper (Styrso)
USS Moat patrol boat (Tapper)
USS Lake patrol boat (Tapper)
USS Pond patrol boat (Tapper)
USS Beck patrol boat (Tapper)
USS Wave patrol boat (Tapper)
USS Sea patrol boat (Tapper)
USS Pelican combat boats x60 (Stridsbat 90)
USS Hydra ocean patrol vessel (Svalbard)
USS Excel ocean patrol vessel (Svalbard)
USS Fjord ocean patrol vessel (Nordkapp)
USS Emerald ocean patrol vessel (Nornen)


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To: Admiral of the Fleet Jørgen Lassen of the United States of @Prymont Navy

From: Almirante Aqbarr, Armada Iverica--Comando dei Grupo Peninsulares (HFG-FC)



On behalf of the Armada Iverica, we thank you for your pleasant overtures. Despite our current troubles, it gladdens my own spirits that we partake in the Verde Blockade alongside the daring men and women of the United States of Prymont Navy. Calling to remembrance the past tribulations weathered together, during which no more a steadfast ally could have been had. With our present issues in mind, we can understand how a strengthening of ties and inter-service cooperation has become more and more necessary.

Certainly, we do agree that the forces of nature, try as we might to annually keep them at bay, have become far too great a deterrent against our current endeavours. As such, the leadership of Corregidor Maritime Command under the supervision of the Iverican people represented by the Cámra Nasional, has received your proposal with enthusiasm. Having already parsed the threats of winter in the Argic Ocean and reviewed the constitutional and practical feasibility of such a structure as a USPN Naval Station in the Súbic Bay, the Almirantasgo which I speak for has already forwarded their assent and recommendations to the subcommittee newly formed to advise our legislature on the matter.

Given that there are no immediate constitutional constraints, and that the Almirantasgo finds the terms of lease sufficient and agreeable, there has been no reason for Iverica's military to protest the establishment. Along with similar assent from the authorities at the Western Argis Aerospace Defence Command--which itself provides further evidence to vouch for our ability to cooperate with efficiency and harmony--we say with growing confidence that we look forward to the building of a stronger military tradition, not only as allies as in the past, but as brothers in arms against the trails plaguing our shared and beloved Argis.



Mon Calamares Aqbarr

Almirante ét Maestro dei Grupo Deiargon

Armada Iverica

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