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Andallan Foreign Relations

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Fellow mentioned test subjects comrades, allow me a few minutes.

According to my foreign relations factbook, Andalla has retrospectively established foreign relations with your country. Do not worry, in most cases it's just a consulate in the capital, not an embassy. I'm just trying to be a friendly little hippie island guy and also to strengthen my foreign trade, as Andalla's economy is focused on exports.

If you have any objections, kindly reply in this thread. I'm okay if you wish for foreign relations to be established in the present instead of retrospectively, but do note that would sort of mean you and I have not done much in the past. If you're friendly enough and wish to establish embassies (In most cases I'll accept), then just tell me here. Thanks!

Lys, if you're okay with it then I am maintaining foreign relations with all your countries. Unless some of them are against you, then I won't keep them in the list.

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Yup, 1673 is a good date for the two of us.

Also, we have you listed as an active embassy (Ambassador Anne Dalla at your service).


Not to mention your companies in Iverican FEZs. I've also mentioned some vague hints to having had military exchanges in the past if that would make sense.

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I'd be up for starting to have decent foreign relations. At the moment, Tagmatium is possibly pretty isolationist.

I'm edging towards assuming that the Greater Holy Empire has at least some form of representative in most other nations, and vice versa.

If your countries can stand the overweening arrogance, that is.

On 4/15/2018 at 11:33 AM, Iverica said:

 (Ambassador Anne Dalla at your service).

You dog.


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