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Breaking News: Prisons banned


In a bombastic press release, Aleixo Medeiros has announced the regime is doing away with prisons. “We are no longer in the 18th century; as the world evolves we must evolve with it” said the leader during the conference, “Every resource currently going to funding the carceral system will be directed to new rehabilitation centers”. This news comes in shock to the population, but many already support the government in its decision, “Although I think this should have been done earlier, I’m happy that the government decided to close those facilities. They are nothing more than a nest to crime bosses recruit more people” says a former convict that preferred to stay anonymous. Others were not so found, especially Maria, who is a mother of three children in Aurora, “What is the government doing? Just letting those criminals run free on the streets? If they had my way all of them would have been shot, no money wasted on these *****!”. The prisons are set to be closed gradually, with the last expected to close in the end of May. It remains to be seen whether this decision will be effective or not in deterring crime.

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