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Expansion: Derthalen

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10 hours ago, Orioni said:

@Derthalen Expansions follow the regular procedure. Can you share the link to your RP about this?

@Morheim As the closest neighbour, you also get to have a say in this. It's important you both agree on this.

By the way, seeing as you allowed Fleur de Lys federation could it be possible for me to do something similar? To my knowledge, his federation is actually more centralised than I am supposed to be.

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unknown.png -

First off, I would like to request that @Orioni name that body of water circled in red the Bay of Morthal. It was a name agreed upon by myself and Morheim.


I would like for a lake and river to be added to that area, and for in the middle of the delta created by said lake and river for the large coloured in area to be named Morthal (the city) as well. For the record, we wish for the surrounding countryside to be marsh and swampland. The smaller dot is where I want my capital to be.


Finally, I have created an internal map for my empire once it is complete, showing how it should be broken up. I will likely be adding more states to my empire due to the fact that my first attempt at internal borders created too many large kingdoms. The area in white will be Junkerberg (Ignore the green circling in there). The purple areas all over the place are to be the Free Cities of Steinhauser. A coalition of city states and small duchies. The area in black is to be the Realm of Uttamar, get what I am referencing and you get a digital cookie. The area in light orange is Kingdom of Widumar. The Area in dark orange is the Kingdom of Onabega. The areas in dark grey are just to be labelled as 'the Duchies'. Basically, small duchies that are too small and numerous to actually bother displaying on a map. The area in light grey is to be the Ecclesiarchy. Basically, all of the lands where the Church actually does handle local governance directly. The areas in pink are to be the Condominium of Rukonen & Konn. The area in light green is to be the Grand Duchy of Sturmland. The area in dark green is to be the Kingdom of Östragrel. The areas in red (ignoring the sea) are to be the Kingdom of Vestragel. The area in dark blue is to be the Grand Duchy of Oberbergen. The area in pale blue is to be the Republic of Plattland. The long border area marked out in orange is to be the Imperial March of Meinitzmark. Finally, the areas in light blue are to be the Kingdom of Derthalen.

I will be working out city locations and names later. I am going to have fun populating the place with a various road and train networks, while also having to add in major cities.

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