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Request: Imperial States of Europe

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Culture: Militaristic, Sparta, Devoted to the state
Climate: High mountains, cold
Location: On a mountain range, sea is nearby
History: Less than 300 years old, cult creates nation, nation turns into military dictatorship.

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9 hours ago, Imperial States of Europe said:

Climate: High mountains, cold
Location: On a mountain range, sea is nearby


Based on what I've seen so far and after talking with some others about this, I have come to the conclusion that this would be a nice place for @Imperial States of Europe :

It features the tallest peaks of Marenesia, there's a coastline, another, let's say, irrational nation, @Arstotzka is nearby and @Gallambria was cool with the idea after I proposed it to him, the only potential future active neighbour. Having the two clash occasionally seems like interesting fodder for roleplays and should the military dictatorship try anything weird the glorious Asgeirrian army can step in to save the day. I hope that you, @Orioni take this idea into consideration when you finalise ISE's placement.

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On 04/04/2018 at 3:10 PM, Imperial States of Europe said:

Climate: High mountains, cold
Location: On a mountain range, sea is nearby

This description has me thinking of some places in Eastern Argis. Cold, so equatorial tropical nations are out of the question. Either that or southern Aurelia. Do check the climate map for reference. http://www.europans.com/map/

On 04/04/2018 at 3:10 PM, Imperial States of Europe said:

Culture: Militaristic, Sparta, Devoted to the state

Culture-wise, I'm thinking of @The Hellenic Rus and @Iverica as possibly related. There's a fair stretch of cold mountainous land between those two. So that would be more Western Argis.

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@Imperial States of Europe It took some time for me to come back to this. So right now these are your three options.

  1. Mountain range on the island in Marenesia proposed by @Sunset Sea Islands. Navy required. Rather isolated.
  2. Argis has cultures related to Sparta/Greece and plenty of cold mountains. Either West-Argis to west of @The Hellenic Rus in that snowy area, or East-Argis to the northwest of @Astriedan. Also close to Greek-style @Adaptus. This permits a more land-based gameplay.
  3. Southern Aurelia will also cold with mountains, but not too high. I could add some more peaks. Very very isolated.
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