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Radio Free Tamhlacht

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**static** ...Tamhlacht **static** ... iad siúd a throid ar son shaoirse na Tamhlacht! **static** ...our first... **static** ... shall broadcast to the world... **static**  not **static* silenced! **static** Tá saoirse pholaitiúil uainnl! Tá saoirse smaointeoireachta uainn! **static** ... safe... **static** ...keep listening... **static** 


** silence**

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**static** the people will no longer stand for **static** our voices will be heard **static** Tamhlacht go brách! Saoirse go brách! **static** we will come for you, an tUachtarán **static** our **static** shall be free! **static** Tamhlachtanna! **static** -er give up hope! Our day **static** come!! **static**  ...dissent **static** 




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**static** testing **static**


People, we urge you to be cautious in your protests! Do not waste your lives for the sake of making a point! Today, 34 protesters were gunned down outside the palace of an tUachtarán in the capital, An Chearnóg. None survived. The youngest was 15 year old Labhaoise  Ó Coileáin.

An tUachtarán today made a speech condemning these peaceful protesters as bandits trying to raid his palace! 

Our people, we must choose our battles carefully, we must have the numbers and resources on our side before we strike! Dissent will never be tolerated under his hateful regime. To make a difference, we must plan wisely! We beseech you, do not throw your lives away! 

Our moment of freedom will come. Listen, an tUachtarán! We, the people, will rise to reclaim our land from your tyranny! 

The resistance is growing stronger every day. You may have a grip on our minds and bodies for now, but your time will come.

Tiocfaidh do lá, an tUachtarán. Tiocfaidh do lá.


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It's 15.22 on Tuesday 29th May. You are listening to Radio Free Tamhlacht, a voice for freedom. This is Abi broadcasting.

Over 20 people have lost their lives in the floods of Gleann na Báistí. The residents have been voicing their fears of a flood for years, and as always, an tUachtarán was always looking the other way. Most of the people living here are low-income farmers, and the floods will push them into destitution. Entire crops have been destroyed, these people have lost their livelihood! And yet all we get from our glorious leader is, "My heart goes out to you, my lovely Tamhlachtanna, you are showing so much bravery and resilience!" Bravery, how? What else can you do when everything you own is destroyed? When people you love are unaccounted for? The level of the Gorm has been rising for over a month! We were calling on the government to build the levees for ages! This valley has flooded in the past, and it was only a matter of time before torrential rain caused it to happen again.

But our merciful uachtarán doesn't care. These are only poor people, who cares about them? And now he has a perfect excuse to ration! Listen! There is enough food in that palace of his to feed all the people of Gleann na Báistí! There is no need for rationing! The farms here were mostly subsistence farms, the farmers only ever had a small surplus to sell, most of the food went to feeding their families! This rationing is a farce, and only an excuse to fill his own larder with more food! 

We know you can hear this, an tUachtarán. We know. And let it be known to you and your cronies: we're onto you. Your time will come.



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It's 16.10, on the 30th September. This is Carraig speaking, and you're listening to Radio Free Tamhlacht. 

Our "Independence Day" steadily approaches, and boy, does an tUachtarán have a celebration in store for himself. There will be a great feast to celebrate our independence, he says. All farms will be required to hand over a larger proportion of their harvest for this feast. It's a feast for the people, he says. There'll be a great gathering in An Chearnóg, where the people can dine at his own expense, he says.

You know the truth of the matter. This food will go to his own larders, while we are still under rationing and parents are going hungry to keep their kids fed.

But, you know, glorious leader, maybe we'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You know, maybe this WILL be a feast for the people, and maybe we'll be celebrating our independence with all our heart and soul. Stranger things have  happened, so.

So here's to our Independence Day! Raise a glass to our glorious leader! Haha ha..! 

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