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Hi, Tamhlacht here

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Hey everyone.

I never normally post intros, so I don't really know what to say except "hi". :)聽聽

I guess I should clarify, my nation does not represent my views, but it is a heck of a lot more fun to play this way!

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Quick question, as you may know from my factbooks, my nation is ruled by an oppressive and possibly sociopathic dictator.

聽I have Radio Free Tamhlacht as my news RP. Is it okay to have a聽thread for the state-run (propaganda)聽media, too? Or is only one news thread allowed per nation?

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Hello Tamhlacht!

Nice to see you beginning your RP in earnest. To answer your question, there aren't any specific rules stating that you must only maintain one news thread. I myself maintain one television agency, one newspaper, and one magazine. Since I haven't been lambasted for that, I would say that you are free to make a second news thread at your will.

See you around the forums *beers emoji here*

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Thanks @Iverica. I'll try to post some state-run propaganda media when I have more free time. Putting an evil spin on the news is going to be hard!

I should probably come up with a better name for my dictator, since the current one started off as a joke :\

ETA: just realised my nation is pretty much Animal Farm after the takeover. Huh!

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A tip in regards to propaganda, dictators never really turn 'evil'. They do evil things, sure, but they generally compensate that with a God-complex, which seems to come natural to those that stay in power for too long or manage to build up a personality cult. Yes, those shacks are being leveled and the people chased away but Dictator's new Palace is coming there and isn't that just amazing? The fact that our nation can build such a great Palace for our Glorious Leader means we're obviously doing well! If there's nothing great to portray, they often grab back to more mundane stuff. Think of NK's leaders doing 'on the spot guidance' at factories filled with produce and what not. 'Oh look, Glorious Leader is among the people and listening to them. And the place looks so well-stocked, Glorious Leader really takes care of us', that sort of thing. Propaganda is never really about evil, just about pushing what you want reality to be.

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I'm probably thinking evil in terms of AD&D alignments :) I'd probably put him as LE ;) he can basically rationalise anything he does as being for the good of the glorious nation and to stop the evil colonialists from oppressing them again.

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