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The Verde Blockade


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To: @Iverican Armada, TRIDENT members ( @Andalla @Girkmand @Variota @Gallambria )
From: Hunter S Grey, Defence Minister of the United States of Prymont


To whom it may concern,

As you may be aware, the Socialist Federation of @Ahrana have recently launched a sizeable convoy of militarised ships along a route that will take them to Xara, a nation in the Mediargic Sea that Ahrana claims to control. As of late, growing tensions within the Canamo region have led the United States to become increasingly wary of the actions of the Socialist Federation, such as the formation of the Confederation of Independent Socialists, allowing an autonomous region controlled by @Derthalen, and of course, succumbing to a questionable communist regime.

As you will also know, the Socialist Federation faulted on providing assistance to our joint operation within The Hellenic Rus, causing our forces significant casualties and great difficulties in bringing the stricken nation out of its downward spiral. Ahrana has repeatedly disappointed and failed the United States, and relations are unfortunately deteriorating. I'm sure that you will understand my worries regarding their naval movement to Xara; currently, the United States is confident that Ahranaian forces are committing war crimes in the nation, which Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff confirmed was legal by Ahranaian law in a recent meeting with President Duval. The United States believes that the movement of these vessels is to further strike fear into the hearts of innocent Xara nationals, and to further destabilise the country so as to allow less resistance to an Ahranaian invasion. 

With your great nation being a close ally and firm friend of the United States, we humbly ask of you to support us in preventing Ahrana from having their sinister way. I ask of you to enact a naval blockade in the waters of the Verde Sea, therefore preventing Ahrana from progressing towards their destination. The USP Navy are currently preparing ships for deployment to assist in this blockade, and I ask that fellow TRIDENT members also prepare for involvement. The spreading of Ahrana's twisted, corrupt ways must be prevented at all costs to ensure the safe futures of our people. 

I hope that you will assist the United States in their aim.


Yours sincerely,

General Hunter S Grey
Defence Minister of the United States of Prymont

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Corregidor Maritime Command | 0600-IST
9th April 2018
Argon, Iverica


The sun dawned lazily over the Corregidor military compounds, casting a hazy warm glow--betraying not the rapid energy of high-priority messages being shot to and from the Júnt Capos Office in Intreimor, the Chief of Armada Operations Office inside the Maritime Command Compound, and the Home Fleet Group Forces Command.

Earlier, the TRIDENT Liaison Office had dispatched an urgent communique to the Office of the Júnt Capos, whose secretaries promptly read it with many a raised eyebrow. Queries were sent and answered from both sides so the communique, now an Operations Proposal, was shot to the Office of Primo--who upon grumpily reading the message, was jolted awake from morning stupour. Now cleared by civil authority, the OP went to the Chief of Armada Operations for study and delegation.

The message continued the circuit and landed on the desk of the Director of Naval Intelligence who, miffed that he hadn't known about this before everyone else, grudgingly activated the relevant analysts. After a brief feasibility check, the message was once again on its way, finding itself interrupting the pillar of paperwork on the Fleet Readiness Director's office, who checked that indeed, the ships of the Home Fleet Group had not miraculously disappeared from their berths and were awaiting instruction as they had been for the past 20 years.

Relevant checks and studies done, the message which-- at this point had covered enough ground to go to New Halsham and back in the space of two hours--was finally in the Operations Room of Home Fleet Group Forces Command, who were now equally giddy and stunned that they were in fact, at the metaphorical heart of the action.



Printers whirred and buzzed, their produce ripped and paperclipped with the speed and efficiency that could only come from the fattest and most paper-cut of Armada desk jockey corps. Donuts and Churros were, for once in the HFG-FG Office, thrown aside or hastily gobbled (careful, don't choke) as orders and intelligence dockets were thrown to half a dozen separate naval and aerial formations.

Almirante Aqbarr, sitting in his swivelly command chair aboard the Carrier, VRI Deiargon, had just been pondering how the recent Donna Parass Hijacking had all been a trap when the envelope fell into his lap. His eyes bulged (they always got weirdly bulged when the group was activated) and ordered that all ships of Iverica's defending pride, the Strike Group Deiargon, prepare and refresh formation drills, readiness transition drills, and the like. After all... this could be another trap.

Contra-Almirante Sullo, had been walking his rather large pack of Derthaler Shepherds on the deck of his command, the Assault Ship VRI Del Pilar. The runner, bearing his orders had almost been swarmed by the horde of excitable hounds as he tried, in a somewhat undignified manner, to escape their licks and playful pawing as he reached over and nearly threw the docket at the Almirante. Over the barking and yipping, Sullo told the man to ready Amphibious Assault Task Group (Reserve) Del Pilar for immediate activation.

All around Iverica's coasts, Patrol Task Units were alerted to Readiness 1.5, being informed by the ever-reliable intercomm system that all the kerfuffle was indeed, not a drill. As per procedure, Submarine formations were likewise activated and complemented to Iverica's home defence formations. The Fuersas L'Aire was likewise put on alerts, with coastal squadrons already launching AEW&C sweeps and ground crews wrestling anti-ship missiles into pylons.

By the time diesel electrics hummed and roared to life, CIWS spooled and loaded arm-sized rounds, and guidance and telemetry were pinged and readied--an approximate 180 minutes had passed since Primo Deitorr had signed.

With heat about to brew in their own backyard, the Republic would take no chances. The Condició dei Defensa, or CONDEF clock in Corregidor's war room had ticked forward, now displaying the yellow of Level 3, Destrictus.


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Office of the Chief of the Defence Staff

Bromwich Defence Offices

1200 King Albert Avenue

Bromwich, GCT 1000



Hunter S Gray
Defence Minister
United States of Prymont

Dear Hunter,

Thank you for approaching us in regards to the ongoing situation with Ahrana.

After having talked with the Defence Chiefs, and the Prime Minister, we are gladly willing to send assistance. As we believe that this is a time sensitive situation, we will be unable to send an upfront Carrier Strike Group to assist, however we will be initially deploying an Air Task Group to Iverica to bolster Allied Air Assets in the area. Should the Carrier Strike Group be required, there will be an estimated delay of 10-14 days, due to the distance to be traveled by the vessels.

The Air Task Group (Ref ATG443) will be commanded Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore CG AFC, and the Air Task Group will comprise of the following:

  • 12 x F/A-18F Super Hornets (Stationed at Altaria Airbase)
  • 12 x F-35B (To complement existing Aircraft numbers aboard the VRI Deiargon)
  • 4 x P-8 Poseidon MPA (Stationed at Altaria Airbase)
  • 2 x E-7A AEW&C (Stationed at Altaria Airbase)
  • 2 x A330 MRTT (Stationed at Altaria Airbase)

Should you require any further military assets to assist with this operation, please feel free to get in contact with my Office.




Gen. Sir Nate Perry-Marsh KCStG CG ADC(Gen)
Chief of the Defence Staff


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08:30 WAT -3

09 April 2018

The office of the Chief of Defence

Girk, Girkmand


The longstanding tensions in Middle Argis have long been a cause for concern among the chiefs of staff of the Girkmandian armed forces. As inevitable as a major conflict may have seemed in the past, Chief of Defense James Williamson could barely fathom what he had just read. The brown case brought onto his desk this morning was ripe with content: Ahranaian publications composed by the Federal Political Directorate, various intelligence reports, latest compiled messages, and finally this, what was essentially a call to arms sent by the United States of @Prymont.

General James Williamson exited his office with the brown case firmly held in his hands. He clicked the door shut and began to make his way to the meeting room in the building's west wing. An emergency conference was declared over the phone by his decree, to which he summoned the President, Vice President, Minister of Defense and the appropriate Federal Army and Navy command staff.

The assortment of confused generals, admirals, brigadier generals and colonels slowly began to realize the severity of the situation as the brown case rotated around the table of grumpy middle-aged men, each one's medals and epaulettes tacked on slightly more haphazardly than the last. General James Williamson stood from his seat at the front of the table and the quiet grumbles quickly died down. A shotgun briefing commenced on the subject that was still so hot that new information was being relayed to General Williamson by his secretaries during his speech. The assembly listened intently, some forgetting to even drink the cup of coffee laid out before them as a testament to the situation's seriousness. You could hear a feather drop into a haystack after the Chief of Defense finished his improvised speech. Men rubbed their heads and pulled their collars. "What now?" asked General Williamson.


A message was dispatched to the headquarters of all active Girkmandian brigades declaring the increase of troop readiness. Confused conscripts from around the country shook the earth with a collective groan to express the lamentation felt over the cancellation of their weekend holidays over "some dumb drill". Similarly in the Kimberly, Girk and Overland Air Commands, frantic radio chatter eventually confirmed the increase of troop readiness. Pilots would now be expected to take off from their runways at the drop of a hat.

The news eventually came down to the Federal Navy's 2nd Missile Squadron which was tasked with supporting the proposed blockade. The crews of the three detached subordinate Nixie-class fast attack craft hastily boarded their respective vessels after breakfast and a quick mission briefing by the commodore. Two Coastal Defense battalions were similarly briefed and placed into a state of suspended readiness. All remaining ships were to stay on alert and assume patrol duties along the Girkmandian coastline.

All @Ahranaian military vessels and air units are to be asked to divert away from Girkmandian territory with explicit orders NOT to open fire unless fired upon. The 1st Naval Detachment comprised of GNS Horatio, GNS Secretary and GNS Bystander is to move to the Verde without challenging any opposing ships along its path.

The fuse was lit.

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The Ministry of the Armed Forces
Het Kantor fan het Minister fan'es Strijtmagt'n fan Het Huisselant Variota
The Office of the Minister of the Armed Forces of Het Huisselant Variota

To my esteemed colleague Hunter S. Grey of the United States of Prymont,

It is good to see that you and the rest of our Prymontian allies are finally seeing the light in regards to the rogue communist terrorists that reign havoc, destruction and death upon the unfortunate citizens of Ahrana and, as it now seems, Xara. Of course these terrorists were unable to provide any help, they thrive in downwards spirals and I am sure they have begun, sped up and are aiding the downwards spiral in their own territories under a myriad of phony and outright dangerous reasons such as 'providing the gift of communism' to their victims. Up to this day, I have never found anyone who was serious in calling communism a gift unless it was in the same mindset as calling a sexually transmitted disease a gift.

The fact that the Ahranians keep maintaining the farce that they even have the rule of law working in their nation is a joke that any proper person in the world would laugh at. Terrorists do not know any law except the law of the strong, the law that their gun barrel gives them over the oppressed person at the other end. And I feel that everyone with two eyes and the ability to take in new knowledge will see that those that call themselves 'Communist Ahranians' are nothing more than terrorists.

With the Huisselant's Gloorie leading a detachment in Operation ATGEIR, we currently cannot provide forces to blockade the Verde Sea. While I have been able to ask around and have been able to secure a small detachment of anti ship missiles and mobile launch platforms, I do not feel that these would arrive in time to be able to provide leverage against the Ahranian ships. Should predictions from your side of the operation deem it beneficial to receive the missiles and platforms, we shall arrange for the materiel and manpower to move within 24 hours. 

On our side of the Mediargic, we shall throw up a cordon sanitaire and block any attempted movements through the Keelpijppassage by military Ahranian vessels. While chances are extremely slim for them to attempt this, as this would require a very long journey around various continents before reaching us, taking chances with terrorists is something that I do not feel comfortable doing.

I hope this has informed you enough,

Ret. Gen. Henk Linkefaaier,
Minister of the Armed Forces,
Het Huisselant Variota

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To: The Minister of Defense of the United States of Prymont, his excellency Mr. Hunter S. Gray,

From: The Minister of Defense of the Commonwealth of Andalla, Mr. Björn Hagerström.

Mr. Gray,

It is with greatest regret that I must inform you that the Andallan Commonwealth Navy will be unable to participate in this blockade. We cannot risk severing our long-standing friendly relations with the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, even in this time of darkness. I have talked with Foreign Minister Bendtsen regarding this issue, and, even he does not favor the idea of showing any aggression towards Ahrana.

However, Foreign Minster Bendtsen and I are both aware of our duty to defend any TRIDENT ally in case of attack. Therefore, if any TRIDENT warships are engaged by their Ahranaian counterparts, the Andallan Commonwealth Navy will be given the permission to deploy warships to wherever they may be needed. If the situation, however, may escalate into war between the nations of TRIDENT and the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, the Commonwealth of Andalla will be ready to send military aid. War can only be declared if passed by 3/4 vote in Congress, therefore, the situation must be appropriate and the odds extreme if Andalla must declare war.

I wish you all the best in your efforts.

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Blue Violets

II Armata Amphitrite was the fleet responsible for the mass movement of troops over water, and on this occasion, it was doing just that. Along with its normal complement of combat vessels and support ships, several additional support and supply ships were being attached to the fleet, primarily for the purpose of supporting the humanitarian mission. Several ships normally used for tending submarines were loaded up, as Wolfpack V was accompanying them for a tour of duty there and back, although they were not intending to stay for longer than necessary to offload troops and supplies. Additional transport ships were necessary to carry the supplies required for such a major infrastructure operation, as it was not always possible to get parts and certain specialized materials in a host nation, as had been found out in the former Coalition islands. Also in this band of merry band of flesh and steel was the experimental ANS Gemini and its smaller satellite tugs, this being its maiden voyage. Four F/N-5 aircraft were detached from Classis VIII based in Valencia and rebased to CVHA-1 Gaia, having passed their initial trials and there being few other chances to be tested operationally. None of these modifications were anything out of the ordinary for a fleet movement of this size, as it was a rare and restrictively expensive to field anything larger than a task group for anything other than routine patrols and exercises. High Command wanted to make the most of this limited expeditionary experience, and they did just that. So much so, in fact, that three legates were present in the Armata: Brandt Muninn, overseeing the movement, Jakob Huginn, for the purpose of gaining valuable command experience with the movement, and Andrade Kvothe, who was High Commander of the Imperial Corps of Engineers.

What was unusual, however, was the Imperial Intelligence Operatives embedded in the crews; fresh transfers from I Armata listed as 'Must Accompany' for such expeditionary operations unlikely to be carried out outside of wartime. They were mainly bridge crew, but some were assigned to surface and subsurface detection posts. They carried with them heavy duffel bags with few personal belongings and many heavy 'care packages' from 'loved ones', which were hand-waved when the captain was asked about inspecting them. The bridge crew and the captain were the only people who knew of the operative's mission, outside of Armata and Fleet Command. Such underhanded tactics used routinely by the Eye-Oh were kept securely under wraps, and great pains were taken to keep these actions from the public eye. Such great pains, in fact, that they existed almost entirely outside the government, acquiring their budget from shady low-cost, high-return operations, strictly unsanctioned and unmentioned by the government. Every nation had a dark side; a price they paid for freedom, sovereignty, and power. It was simply that some kept their skeletons far deeper in the closet than others.

The fully-equipped and supplied force departed Valencia late in the night, allowing for the early morning shift to get plenty of rest. They maintained active and passive sonar and radar sweeps, with a few helicopters circling over the horizon, keeping a watchful eye while staying as visible as possible. They didn't want to incur any unnecessary conflict by sneaking up on enemy fleets, and they made a point to be the first to detect in any situation. Keeping outside of high-traffic shipping lanes was problematic at first, but once they reached the open sea near Little Flau and Andalla, it was much easier to find relatively quiet waterways. They made their way north, boldly, but tempered with caution. Everyone was well aware of the tension in the region they were going, and were not anxious for a confrontation of any kind. They had one port of call, and one only. Their mission was clear, their temperaments were sober.







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RGAF Prestick
Tamworth, Merica | 2220 GST


An officer in his air force dress uniform, accompanied by his aide, approaches a door with a sign saying -



The officer, knocks on the door, opens it and enters. An junior officer standing at the front of the room shouts "SIT FAST!", and the room of Airmen and Officers, brace up like they're about to have their school photo taken. The Senior Officer tells the room to 'Sit Easy', and starts to talk to the group.

"Evening, ladies and gentlemen, if you don't know who I am, I am Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore, and I've been appointed by the Chief of Air Staff to be the commanding officer of Air Task Group 443. First of all, on behalf of the Chief and CinC Air Command, I'd like to thank you for attending this evenings briefing at short notice.

As you're all well aware there is an ongoing situation on the Argisian Continent, between members of the TRIDENT alliance and Ahrana. Yesterday, the Chief of the Defence Staff received an official request for assistance with a quarantine operation in the Verde Sea. The aim of this operation is to prevent Ahranian Naval Forces from repositioning their assets from the Canamo Sea to the Mediargic Sea.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of what's going to happen over the next 24 to 48 hours, I want to lay out the structure of the task group, and introduce the key commanders and staff.

So, Firstly, as I said before, I'm Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore, Commander Air Task Group 443, this is Warrant Officer James Petterson, Task Group Warrant Officer, here we have Group Captain Andrew Pinfold, Commander Air Task Group 443.1, here we have Group Captain Michael Barton, he is the Commander of Air Task Group 443.2, and here we have Group Captain Sandra Wilkins, she will be Commanding Air Task Group 443.3.

The Air Task Group will be split up basically, into four command elements, ATG 443.0 will be the Headquarters Element and we will be based out of Altaria Airbase, along with Air Task Groups 443.1 and 443.3. Air Task Group 443.2 will be stationed aboard the VRI Deirargon and will be assisting the Iverican Navy with bolstering their underway aircraft component.

Over the next 24 to 48 hours, we will all be transiting up to Altaria Airbase where the Iverican Air Force has graciously billeted us for the duration of the operation. Along with the air assets, Number 100 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron will be traveling with us as well.

So a quick break down of who's going when. Tonight, starting from midnight, 3 C-17's from 35 Squadron will be taking equipment up from the relative combined workshops and 100 Squadron, along with 2 MRTT's from 41 Squadron that will be transporting personnel from those units.

Tomorrow morning, we will start moving our air assets. Each SATG Commander will be responsible for the movements of their aircraft.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish you all a safe journey, a peaceful tour, and a safe return.

Thank you."

The Orderly Officer calls the room to 'Stand Fast' as he salutes the Air Commodore, who then leaves the room.

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0730 IST 10 APRIL
40 Nautical Miles

SW of Altaria Airbase

*Transmission over the radio*

"Altaria Information Bravo, Temperature 12, Expect independent visual approach, Runway 34 for Arrivals and Departures, Visibility greater that 10 kilometers, CAVOK, Wind 310 at 8, QNH 1017, on first contact with ground or tower advise you have information Bravo..."

TROJAN 35 - "Altaria Approach, TROJAN 35, with information bravo, 40 nautical miles south west of Altaria, 8'000ft.

ALTARIA APP - "TROJAN 35, Altaria Approach, descend 3000, join ILS Runway 34"

TROJAN 35 - "Descend 3000, join ILS Runway 34, Trojan 35"

*A Few Minutes Later*

ALTARIA APP - "TROJAN 35, contact Altaria Tower, 264.6."

TROJAN 35 - "Contact Tower 264.6, TROJAN 35, g'day."

*Pilot dials in the frequency on his radio*

TROJAN 35 - "Altaria Tower, TROJAN 35, Established ILS runway 35, 2'500ft."

ALTARIA TWR - "TROJAN 35, continue approach"

*TROJAN 35 continues the descent through to 1'000ft*

ALTARIA TWR - "TROJAN 35, Winds 310 at 8, Cleared to Land Runway 35..."

TROJAN 35 - "Copy the winds, cleared to land Runway 35, Trojan 35"

*After a few moments the main landing gear touches down. Approaching halfway down the runway, the pilot of TROJAN 35 starts to apply the brakes of his F/A-18F Super Hornet"

ALTARIA TWR - "TROJAN 35, Welcome to Altaria, vacate the runway, contact Altaria Ground on 121.925"

TROJAN 35 - "Thanks for the welcome, will vacate, contact Ground on 121.925, TROJAN 35".


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Southern Ahranaian Fleet, APS Alexsandra | 0700 AT

As the Fleet was moving along with its voyage they received a transmission from the Naval High Command stating new Orders from the Secretary General, the Southern Fleet was to be gifted to the Asgeirrien Navy in a moderation agreement between the two nations Governments. The orders stated the following:

APS Gustov will return to Ahranaian Northern Port, APS Alexsandra, APS Olexi, APS Rudolf, APS Greggor, APS Marshal, APS Lockiee, APS Lux and the APS Oleg will fly the Asgeirrien Naval Colors and National Color and will sail to the Republic of @Asgeirria to be gifted as a Military Exchange. Orders are final and to be implemented at once. All Ahranaian Rules of Law and Sea are to be dropped for the Asgeirrien rules of Law and Sea. 

-Orders from Secretary General Ivanoff 0300 13 April 2018

It was at it stated a gift to the Asgeirrien Navy and Government in order to modernize their Navy in a way to better relations between the two nations. The Republic would of course fly its own Admiral and Capitan to the Ships to further show that the Ships were now Asgeirrien now.

The Captain on APS Alexsandra imidetially put the orders into effect and thus made him now Acting Captain till the new Captain arrived to control the ship. The only problem was still the blockade which was still a day away, the Fleet would have to await the orders from the Asgeirrien Naval High Command or just risk the risk of seeing what happens now.

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To: TRIDENT members
From: Jørgen Lassen, Admiral of the Fleet of the United States of Prymont Navy


Esteemed TRIDENT members,

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your eagerness to participate in our Verde Blockade operation. It is of utmost importance to the United States that Ahrana's reign of fear and terror does not spread into the Mediargic Sea, and we are deeply humbled by your willingness to assist in our cause. As for our @Andallan colleagues, we appreciate your neutral stance and respect your choices thus far. As long as you do not choose to assist the evil in this world, the United States finds it tolerable that you remain unbiased.

Now, as for the movement of our socialist points of interest, I'm confident you're all aware of their recent announcement to fly the majority of their southern fleet under the Asgeirrian naval flag. As to whether this is a ploy or not, we remind our members who are currently at the blockade location to remain vigilant. On behalf of President George Duval, I hereby issue executive orders to refuse militarised Ahranaian and Asgeirrian ships entry into the Verde Sea. It is understood that, while sailing under the Asgeirrian colours, the former Ahranaian ships are still staffed by dedicated socialists who are eager to fulfil the Secretary General's malicious agenda.

I thank you for your continued support, cooperation, and dedication to the cause.


Yours sincerely,

Admiral of the Fleet Jørgen Lassen


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To: TRIDENT members
From: George Duval, President of the United States of Prymont


Respective TRIDENT leaders,

As those have done before me, I would like to offer my humble, sincere thanks to you all for your unwavering support in the Verde Blockade. With tensions ever rising in the red fog of central Argis, and with Ahrana now paving the way for the unification of all socialist states under one confederation, it is of utmost importance to our everyday values and ideals that we prevent the unsteady progress and violent expansion of these dangerous nations. A main aim of the United States is to promote peace and safety within Argis, and it is only because of TRIDENT that we are able to do this. Once again, I thank you all.

It has recently become apparent that the threat of Ahranaian ships travelling through the Verde Sea towards the Mediargic Sea and the final destination of Xara is no longer imminent. With several ships of their southern fleet now flying the Asgeirrian flags, and others returning to recognised Ahranaian ports in the Canamo Sea, it is a waste of our resources to continue pursuing this blockade. Prymontian naval vessels that are currently arriving at the mouth of the Verde Sea will be redirected to various Iverican ports for refuelling and rest. The United States will remain in close contact with the Republic of Iverica to act swiftly in case an emergency ever arises again in the near future.

I would like to remind TRIDENT members to remain vigilant and aware of the ever escalating situation around us. Thus far, we have asserted our superiority over sub-par socialist forces, but I have no doubt that they will continue their effort to spread their reaches and inflict pain and conflict upon our neighbourhood. 


Yours sincerely,

George Duval
President of the United States of Prymont

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Secretary-General of the Socialist Federation of @Ahrana--A.M.L Core

or other relevant authority



Tricontinental Defence Treaty Leadership-- ( @Prymont@Variota@Girkmand@Gallambria@Andalla )

CCO. F.A Macharius, Interim Secretary-General


A letter to further our diplomatic solution to the Verde Blockade.



OOC: Note that the mention of @Sunset Sea Islands as the venue is only as a possible suggestion and would be pending his approval. Any neutral nation would do, however, Sunset just seems like the nearest active totally neutral state. Not to worry, this meeting will be aimed at being as quick and easy as possible, not so much a drama or writing exposé.

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ous4ed.jpgOffice of the Secretary General

To: Members of TRIDENT

From: The Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana

Classification: Level 3


After receiving your letter and discussing these matters with my Ministers and the Presidium it has come to my decision that we are glad to accept this move in relations with TRIDENT. The proposal to have a summit situation in a Neutral Country is very much of a opportunity that should not be missed! The Summit could be held in the Radiant Republic of @Sunset Sea Islands I and my Ministers like the idea of that happening there. If the Government of the Sunset Sea Islands are open to hold such a Summit then me and a few Ministers will attend no doubt.

I look forward to the future with TRIDENT and her member nations.

With Kind Regards,

Alexsandra Misha Lars Core

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Iverican Embassy | 0600-IST
12th of June, 2018
Sunset City, Sunset Sea Islands


Capo-General Ferran Arnau Macharius, commander of the Republican Armed Service and interim Secretary-General to TRIDENT did not so much enter the building as he did barge through it.

He was here to see to it that the matter of the Verde Blockade was resolved. Nothing more, nothing less. Representing the Primo, he would be meeting with the new @Ahranaian leadership and other TRIDENT representatives and finally put the matter to rest. Deitorr had already given his signature to the Accord and licensed Macharius to approve any additional edits on the Accord as he saw fit. With him, he carried the Primeal Seal, which he would use to carry the authority of the Republic's Executive Ministry.

TRIDENT would get its security, reassurances, and parity--while Ahrana would get its Southern Fleet and due recognition for its progressive efforts.

Macharius had ordered that a function hall be set aside, and prepared with a large banquet table with seats flanking either length. Select members of the press were given permits and strictly enforced positions from which they may record the proceedings after being stringently checked and profiled by security. The Ahranaians would naturally be given the allowance to bring their own media observers and personal bodyguard in.

Macharius had a quick word with one of his aides, who had been coordinating with the @Gallambrian Armed Forces and TRIDENT Office. Macharius himself and his attorneys had drafted the abstract and scope the document known as the Xara Accord with the Gallambrians providing an extensive portion of the effort in writing and finalising the specific provisions of the document.

Assured that the Gallambrian delegation would be along shortly, Macharius left his entourage to take care of the minor details while he excused himself to make another phone call to the Júnt-Capos.




OOC: Start of the Xara Accord signing. Reply below if you are attending. This should be quick. We take a look at the terms we have previously agreed on, sign, and live happily ever after.

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Still settling into his new job, General Nate Perry-Marsh, was still being brought up to speed as he walks through the door of the Iverican Embassy.

Sir, I've just received the final draft of the Xara Treaty from the A-G's office. It looks ... promising. Earlier drafts have been given to the other TRIDENT delegates for their input, and we haven't had any negative feedback on it, so I'm assuming everything is ok.

Don't Assume Captain, but thank you. I'll have a look at it now. By the way is Macharius here?

Yes Sir, He is just over there. Would you like me to hand him a copy of the Charter?

Yes, Make sure all of the Delegates get it.


[OOC] - Here's a link to the final draft of the Treaty.

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