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S.S.S.S. troops march into lot 49!

Stoned Smurfs

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At 0600 hours with a massive build up in their allied nation of the Mongol-Swedes the S.S.S.S. troops have marched into Lot 49 and met no resisitance only welcome. The locals of lot 49 are pleased to know a economic powerhouse such as the Stoned Smurfs will now be runing the country and boosting population. Major road and rail construction is already under way.


The Europa Law permits nations with a popluation the size of Stoned Smurfs to expand as long as no other nation opposes. We know the Mongol-Swedes welcome our presence and feel no on will object.

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On learning of SSSS's invasion of 49 Sergeant (first class) E. Bilko has marched his platoon into 48 to secure MicroGlup's northern border.


Although Sgt Bilko is not regarded highly by MicroGlup's High Command for his map reading skills ninja.gif his troops have been welcomed by the natives and he has established de-facto control of the region.

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As of 0900 hours the following day the S.S.S.S. have set up a temporary airstrip to begin the commencing of troops, supplies, workers and citizens to the newly founded land. Mongol-Swedes has been more than supportive and have sent military construction crews to help with the initial build up. With the support from Mongol-Swedes and with no offensive advantage being gained from taking the land the S.S.S.S. is officially claiming the land and expects no one to interfere with the annexation. The S.S.S.S. has, again, turned down the offer to be in the ECA due to the fact that the number one export of Stoned Smurfs is marijuana and is not accepted by all laws of the ECA members. So to avoid conflict we humbly decline.

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