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A Definition of our Canon

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One evening earlier this week, @Adaptus and I had a chat conversation on Discord.

During this conversation, we shared ideas on how to move forward with the new stories that are being created, while also building on what was already written before.

Adaptus made a passionate case for preserving the old stories.

I cannot deny that I also have deep-running memories to our earlier incarnations.

Which led us to a point of conflict that needs to be resolved.

What is canon?

Within all that's been shared before, since 2004 onwards, we never really decided on what is part of our canon or not.

By 'canon' we mean:


1. a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.
"the appointment violated the canons of fair play and equal opportunity"
synonyms: principle, rule, law, tenet, precept, formula; More

2. a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.
"the biblical canon"



Without deciding this for ourselves, old-timers like ourselves cannot expect new members to know in advance what to follow or ignore.

Knowing full well the herculean task of combing through decade-old topics, Adaptus and I talked about enlisting the help of @Tagmatium Rules as well.

Combined, the three of us should be able to review most older RP posts and form a coherent backstory we can all agree upon.

At the same time, this helps everyone get a better understanding of the previous character arcs and were this community might be headed.

Getting started

We'll have to work out some finer practical details, but those seem like a low hurdle to take.



  • Either we work with our Wiki, or via a shared web document.
  • Present stories in chronological order.

End result:

  • The end result could look like a timeline, listing major accepted events, defining the characters involved and impact these actions had.


This is brief outline should be the start of a more in-depth discussion we hope to have with all of you in the following weeks and months.

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I am going to begin the task of combing through what we have dotted around and creating a rough chronological timeline. This will take some time. Fitting it in between work, fatherhood and everything else that comes with ageing. So it will take some time.

I'm hoping to have a rough draft set out within a week or so. From there we can hopefully branch out, creating a definitive timeline for the region. With the help of @Orioni and @Tagmatium Rules to help validate and clarify, we can hopefully develop the idea going forward into a running overview of our regions deep history. 

I will share what I have as a work in progress here as often as I can. Any, and all feedback will be welcomed. Additionally, any suggestions, and comments are also, as always, welcome. 

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