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[Gallambria] Press Secretary to the Prime Minister & Cabinet

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Today, The Prime Minister along with his National Security Advisor and the National Security Council held an emergency meeting in regards to the disaster that took place today in @Derthalen airspace. Officials from the Armed Forces, Gallambrian Intelligence Agencies, and representatives from other Government ministries attended. They discussed what more we have established about the nature of the incident; the latest information on the precursors to the incident; and progress towards a credible investigation into the incident.

While it is too early to be categoric about the cause of the incident, the growing weight of evidence suggests that the @Fleur de Lys aircraft was shot down by a Derthalan Air Force fighter aircraft. This is backed up further by information provided to the National Security Council by Royal Gallambrian Air Force's Airspace Surveillance Section that stated, that there was no prior communication between the two aircraft and that the Derthalan Air Force fighter aircraft acted without provocation.

We believe that it is vital that an international team of specialist investigators are able to access the wreckage to establish the full facts of what  happened and to ensure that the remains of the victims are returned to their loved ones as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister and the National Security Council has asked the Chief of Defence Staff to provide support of any kind to Fleur de Lys and to step up concentrated Airspace Surveillance of the airspace approaches over Derthalan.


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The Burnett Government has committed to establishing a national space agency to ensure Gallambria has a long-term plan to grow its domestic space industry.

The Minister for Science and Innovation, the Hon Kylie Bormann, said the establishment of a space agency is one of the key issues being examined by the Expert Reference Group appointed to review Gallambria's space industry capability.

"The global space industry is growing rapidly and it's crucial that Gallambria is part of this growth," Minister Bormann said.

"A national space agency will ensure we have a strategic long-term plan that supports the development and application of space technologies and grows our domestic space industry."

"The agency will be the anchor for our domestic coordination and the front door for our international engagement."

Former GSRA Chief Dr Stephen Phillips is chairing the Reference Group, and its review is well advanced.

The Reference Group has sought views from across the country from industry, government and society, which will be used to inform our plan to expand this important and exciting sector.

The Reference Group has received almost 200 written submissions in response to its issues paper, and more than 400 people have been consulted through roundtables in each state.

Meetings have also been held with key stakeholders, including federal and state governments.

Feedback from the extensive consultation process has overwhelmingly shown the need for the establishment of a national space agency.

The Reference Group will now develop a charter for the space agency for inclusion in the wider strategy being brought forward by the end of May 2018.

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Today, Prime Minister Nadia Burnett has reversed a controversial Greenwald-era decision to cut funding to Galllambria's public science research organisations, by authorising 150 Million Pounds in funding for GSIRO and the Gallambrian Nuclear Laboratory.

This funding authorisation will see operations for the two bodies continue for the next 5 years.

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In a ceremony today at Defence Headquarters in Bromwich, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Errol McCormack GCR KCTM, formally established two independent flights to extend the Royal Gallambrian Air Force's Air Policing operations into the new territories.

Numbers 1260 & 1261 Flights will be permanently based at air bases in the region. They will have four aircraft permanently stationed at their domicile bases, with crews from their sister squadrons rotating on a 3 month deployment cycle.

The Chief of Air Staff and the Chief of Defence Staff, welcome the new units to the Defence family and extend their best wishes to its first rotation of crews and members.


BplmiwE.png g1ax2e5.png
Unit Badge for 1260 FLT Unit Badge for 1261 FLT


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In a move to bolster the relationship between the Gallambrian and Iverican Armed Forces, the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Edward Caldwell, has agreed to a request from the Head of the Iverican Army Capo dei Exersito Javier Vittorio for assistance in training their new Airborne Artillery Forces.

A Training Cadre from 101 Battery, Royal Artillery and the Army School of Artillery will deploy Forta León to work with the Airevieri to develop a common doctrine for Airborne Artillery and to train their new and upcoming gunners to their Artillery Corps.

"This training program builds on a long-standing relationship between the Gallambrian and Iverican Army's," said the Commanding Officer of 101 Battery RA, Major Paul Simmonds DSC.

"Not only will it improve our inter-force capability, but also will allow both of our Army's to field composite Airborne Artillery gun lines should the need arise."


A Gunner from 101 BTY RA, fires the L118 Hamel Light Gun, during Ex Long Reach
last year at the Cultanna Military Training Area.





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On behalf of the Government of Gallambria, we wish to extend our congratulations to the new Government of Beleareas, and the new Belearean Prime Minister Emmanuel Torralba.

With the election of the new Government, came policies that would bring Berealeas to the world stage. Allowing the nation to access international trade, and the international market is a welcoming sign of their coming out of political and economic darkness.

Once again, we congratulate Prime Minister Emmanuel Torralba and the new Government, and we hope to work together in the future.



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General Sir Nate Perry-Marsh KCStG CG ADC(Gen), as of 21 July 2018, relinquish his position as Chief of the Defence Staff of the Gallambrian Armed Forces, to take appointment as the Gallambrian Senior Military Delegate to the Tri-Continental Defence Treaty Organisation (TRIDENT).

I wish to take this opportunity to thank General Perry-Marsh for his service as the Chief of Defence Staff, and wish him well in his new appointment.

Air Chief Marshal Errol McCormack GCR KCTM has be appointed as General Perry-Marsh's successor and will assume the role of Chief of the Defence Staff from 21 July 2018. Vice-Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Mohammed Al-Elamin Khan CR CTM, will replace ACM McCormack as Chief of the Air Staff, upon his promotion to Air Chief Marshal.


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HMGS Carnegie gets primed for East Alharu Operations

HMGS Carnegie is being primed for engagement with regional allies in the East Alharu region.

The Tawanui-based frigate has been in the West Adlantic Ocean operating with allied navies from @Variota, @Iverica and @Prymont.

Now, the County-Class frigate is alongside in Variota at the Gallambrian Defence Support Unit Ranjekaat (GDSUR) and is undergoing routine maintenance to prepare her for the next stage of her deployment.

This is also a chance for the ship's company to recharge after nearly four-and-a-half months at sea - during which they have conducted operations in Region.

Carnegie is the first RGN warship deployed to East Alharu this year. "This mid-deployment stop allows the ship's company to enjoy some well-deserved leave," said Executive Office, Lieutenant Commander Sarah Donnelly.



HMGS Carnegie has essential work carried out on her during the mid deployment stand down period in Variota.

"Each member of the crew will enjoy two weeks of leave as an essential component of balancing service life with the needs of individuals and families.

"Having been at sea for long periods of time and working over numerous weekends this is a very welcome opportunity."

Hot from Operation Sovereign Borders, the stop in Variota marks the half-way point in a nine-month deployment for Carnegie.

Carnegie is making the most of GDSUR's facilities and - as is usual when a RGN ship is deployed for a long period - she is being given a lick of paint and a general spruce up ahead of vital maritime security operations in the region.

A local company has been brought into provide the necessary service, but, while not taking leave, the ship's sailors will be working normal hours, aiding in readying the frigate for the missions ahead.

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  • First Rotation of Air Task Group 443 to return to Gallambria
  • HMGS Carnegie leaves Ranjekaat for TRIDENT partnership operations in the Verde Sea


Personnel from ATG 443 - (Defence, 2018)


The Air Task Group 443 commander, Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore CG AFC, has handed over command of the task group to Air Commodore David Laredo CG CSC, on 6 December 2018, marking the end of the first rotation of the task group.

Air Commodore Baden-Moore deployed as the Commander of ATG 443 in April 2018, as part of Gallambria's involvement with TRIDENT operations in the Verde Sea, to deter and reduce the growing threat of military disparity in the region.

"it has been a great job and reinforced to me that if you look after your people they will look after the job for you," Air Commodore Baden-Moore said.

"This is a great bunch of hardworking people who have done a superb job."

"I have no doubt David's knowledge and experience will ensure the ongoing success of the Air task Group and will bring a different perspective to the way we perform our role and deal with any additional requirements."

The Air Task Group provides Air Superiority and Policing to the TRIDENT forces in the region, and also provides logistical assistance to partner air forces involved in on-going operations in the Region.


After 12 days of maintenance and R&R, HMGS Carnegie will be leaving GDSUR and joining TRIDENT partners in the Verde Sea to assist with force monitoring operations in the region. Along with Air Task Group 443, HMGS Carnegie will be assisting with deterring and reducing the threat of military disparity in the region.

HMGS Carnegie will be in the region for the remainder of it's 9 month deployment, and will be returning to Gallambria in April 2019.


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As a result of the collapse of the Vietrow Dam on the Let Desvow river earlier today, the Government has directed the Gallambrian Armed Forces with assisting in the distribution of humanitarian aid, aiding the Bulgenstani government with victim identification and repatriation, and infrastructure engineering.

Deployed, will be personnel from No's 39, 94 & 60 Squadrons, and, No. 100 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, and elements from the Army's 1st and 2nd Engineering Support Groups.

The Government has also authorised the release of £7.5 million in emergency funding for the Bulgenstani Government.




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A strategy to transform the Royal Gallambrian Air Force for the future, Plan Solomon, was today released by the Chief of Air Staff, ACM Sir Mohammed Al-Elamin Kahn KCStG CG AFC AM AdC.

Releasing Plan Solomon in Tamworth ahead of tomorrow's annual Air Power Symposium, ACM Al-Elamin Kahn said the much-anticipated plan would set the Air Force on a path of transformation for the future.

"In the next 5 years, the Royal Gallambrian Air Force will have one of the most advanced aircraft fleets in the world. This will make our Air Force operations fundamentally different.

"We cannot be complacent, by thinking that simply having the next generation of aircraft technology, will create an advanced Air Force. Over the last few years, we have bought new fifth generation aircraft into service, with more joining the fleet in the coming years.

"These aircraft will bring more data and situational awareness than ever before. We need to be able to share this information across aircraft platforms through networking, and enable good decisions without being overwhelmed by the high volumes of data.

"We need to work across Defence, to create integration with Army and Navy's technologies to deliver the best possible options for Government from these advanced aircraft.

"We need to transform ourselves into a truly integrated, networked force that can realise the potential of this technology, and maintain our position as masters of the air domain," he said.

Plan Solomon is not the 'final plan' for the future. Plan Solomon is the first step for the Air Force to meet the challenges of the future. More work will continue in 2019, to further develop the three themes: harnessing the combat potential of an integrated force; developing an innovative and empowered workforce; and changing the way we acquire and sustain capability.

"We cannot ignore the need to transform the Air Force to maintain our position at the leading edge of air power. The changes we make under Plan Solomon will allow us to maintain our ability to deliver air power for Government, when and where it is needed."



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MEDIA RELEASE - RGAF'S Jaguar ECR.7 electronic attack aircraft achieves IOC

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that the Royal Gallambrian Air Force's (RGAF) Jaguar ECR.7 electronic attack aircraft has achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC).

Built by the Gallambrian Aircraft Corporation (GAC), the Jaguar ECR.7 is currently only in service with the RGAF with views to make the aircraft available to allied air forces.

RGAF operates a fleet of 36 Jaguars from RGAF Station Prestwick in Mercia. The aircraft is design to disrupt, deceive or deny military electronic systems, including radars and communications.

According to RGAF Chief of Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mohd Al-Elamin Kahn, the IOC marks a significant achievement in the MoD's efforts to enhance its joint electronic warfare capability.

Al-Elamin Kahn said: "Over time, this aircraft will work with army and navy platforms to enhance our ability to control the electronic environment, and where necessary, deny or degrade the electronic systems of adversaries.

"This will provide a capability edge by enhancing tactical options to reduce risks to Gallambrian and partner maritime, land and air forces in more complex and high-tech conflicts of the future."

The Jaguar is an electronic attack aircraft equipped with purpose-built radio-frequency jamming pods and advance weapons. Based on the Panther GR.6 airframe, the Jaguar features multiple enhancements, including additional avionics, enhanced radio frequency receivers and an improved communications suite.

The aircraft can offer increased protection to forces while also improving their situational awareness.

RGAF can use the Jaguars in support of a range of defence tasks, from peacekeeping operations to air superiority denial operations.

As part of the Air Force's Plan Solomon, the RGAF will receive a further 12 Jaguars from GAC, which will increase the fleet to 48.


A RGAF Jaguar ECR.7 performing a fly past over
Battery Hill during the 2018 Gallambria Day celebrations

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After a series of recent high profile assassinations in @PyeMcGowan, The Home Office has updated its travel advisory from "Exercise a high degree of caution" (or "Yellow Level") to "Do not travel" (or "Red Level").

This level means that the security situation is extremely dangerous. This may be due to a high threat of terrorist attack, ongoing armed conflict, violent social unrest, or critical levels of violent crime. It is often a combination of these.

You should not travel to this location. If you are already in a 'do not travel' area, you should consider leaving.

If you choose to travel despite this advice, you should exercise extreme caution and seek independent, professional security advice which may include hiring personal protection. Before you leave Gallambria, make sure you have an up-to-date will, an enduring power of attorney, and designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries.

Ensure you have robust mitigation measures in place and a detailed emergency management plan. The Gallambrian government is often unable to provide consular assistance in such extreme locations, nor can the Government provide security assistance or advice. This is your responsibility.

In the event of a crisis, departure options may become severely limited. You are responsible for ensuring you are able to depart independently and that your travel documentation remains up-to-date. You should not expect that the Gallambrian government will facilitate your departure.

For this level, any travel by Gallambrian officials is subject to high-level approval. It includes rigorous risk assessment and movement planning usually involving the use of armoured vehicles and personal protection.

You are likely to require a specialised insurance policy for travel to 'do not travel' destinations. Some travel insurance policies may not cover you for 'do not travel' destinations.


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The Gallambrian Space Agency (GSA) and the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, along with it's @Seylosian counterparts have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with Gardner Aerospace, as part of a mission to grow Gallambria's and Seylos' space industry.

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Right Honorable Patrick Morlington MP said the signing with Region's largest aerospace company signified the global ambitions of the Agency.

"Gardner's ongoing commitment to support science, technology , engineering and maths education, including developing a skilled and diverse workforce is vital to the growth and progress of Gallambria's economy," Secretary Morlington said.

"The statement beings an important partnership with Gardner, and emphasises the value of its ongoing research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutions across Gallambria and Seylos.

"Gardner is a major player in both Gallambria's space and wider aerospace industry. Across Gallambria, Gardner employs over 3,500 people and in 2018 invested £124 million in research and development."

Head of the Gallambrian Space Agency, Dr Stephen Phillips CG, said that signing of the statement was an example of how collaboration and engagement across countries is an important aspect of the growing space economy, both in Gallambria and Seylos, as well as internationally.

The Government is aiming to triple the size of the Gallambrian space sector to £24 billion and increase employment to 15,000 by 2030, as part of our plan to create more jobs and growth in emerging sectors in the economy. 

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Qe6DTUa.png         2ZLdDMo.png


As a result of the annual review of the Defence Security Principles Framework for FY 18/19. The Defence Security Authority has removed Elegy ( @Sunset Sea Islands ) from it's list of approved device manufacturers, and approved Defence Contractors. This has come from reports made by the Gallambrian Cyber Security Centre that Elegy's hardware and software could be seen as extensions of the Sunset Sea Island's military and all-of-government intelligence collection apparatus.

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Gallambria to join International Maritime Security Mission in
the Azure Sea

The Burnett Government is reaffirming its commitment to freedom of navigation and safe passage of the seas by announcing it will support an international maritime security mission.

This mission will see His Majesty's Armed Forces work alongside its international partners to assure the security of merchant vessels in piracy hot spots around the world.

Gallambria's contribution will include the deployment of:

  • A P-1A Neputune Maritime Surveillance Aircraft to Orioni for 6 months from the beginning of September;
  • A Gallambrian naval task group to be deployed to the Azure Sea from November;

The Government has been concerned with incidents involving shipping within the region over the past year. This destabilising behaviour is a threat to Gallambrian interests in the region.

We have been working closely with our allies and partners, particularly Orioni, on this issue, which impacts global security and stability.

It is in Gallambria's interest to work with international partners to ensure that vessel's are able to navigate the seas, without fear of attack and impedence.

This will be an enhancement of our existing and longstanding contribution to counter-piracy and counter-terrorism missions in the region, and Gallambrian forces will always conduct themselves in accordance with their international legal obligations.

Working with partners, we will play our part in shaping a better future for Gallambria and Gallambrians, as well as our region and the world.



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His Majesty, King Albert II, has given Royal Assent to the passage of the Defence Amendments (Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines) Act 2019.

This Act gives authority to the current Government to establish and commission a independent amphibious warfare branch under the command of the Royal Gallambrian Navy.

The Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines (Royal Gallambrian Marines), will be initially established with the transfer of amphibious infantry forces from the Gallambrian Army, with independent engineering, artillery and combat support units to be provided by the Gallambrian Army until such times the new service can establish its own combat support and combat service support capability.

Three Commando Brigades will be established and will be based at Brighton and Aubers Garrison until such times as individual facilities can be constructed at the relative Fleet Bases.

HM The King has approved the appointment of Lt. Gen. Johnathon Doyle Burns, current Vice Chief of the General Staff, as the Commandant General of the Royal Gallambrian Marines. Upon the commencement of Lt Gen Doyle Burn's tenure as Commandant General, he will be replaced by Major General Michael Saunders as Vice Chief of the General Staff which will take effect from 01 OCT 19. 


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made under the



I, Nadia Jane BURNETT, Prime Minister of Gallambria, in pursuance of Section 38 of the Police Powers (State of Emergency) Act 2010, Section 21 of the Defence (State of Emergency) Act 2017, AND Section 10 of the Counter-Terrorism Act 2015, being satisfied that an emergency, namely acts of terrorism in various parts of the Country, constitutes a significant and widespread danger to life or property in the Kingdom of Gallambria, do, by this my Order, declare that a state of emergency exists in the whole of the Country in relation to that emergency.

This Order has effect immediately upon its being made and declaration of the state of emergency remains in force (unless sooner revoked) until the end of the day on 28 February 2020.

Dated, this 31st day of January 2020



Rt Hon. Nadia BURNETT, MP
Prime Minister

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Last week, the Prime Minister, on recommendation from the National Security Council and Defence Council, has ordered that His Majesty's Armed Forces deploy to Ceris in the North Adlantic, to assist @Seylos and @Tagmatium Rules forces in stabilising peace and security on the Island.

In consultation with the Seylosian Government, Commander Joint Task Force 800, Lt Gen Michael Fitzwilliams DSC, has authorised the establishment of a No-Fly Zone over the areas Yosmein, Dopraystein and Ashein, in order to provide a level of protection to the allied air and ground units operating within the eastern region of the island. Aircraft from squadrons of the North Adlantic Strategic Reserve based out of the Seylosian Air Force's base at Kirkwall, have been tasked with patrolling the No-Fly Zone till supplementary squadrons arrive from Gallambria.

Over the next week, Gallambrian forces will continue with their build-up of forces, with sea and ground elements of JTF 800 arriving in the area later this week.


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A Royal Gallambrian Air Force Kestral AEW.1 arrives at the Gallambrian Armed Forces main operating base in the Bashan.
. Photo: CPL Michael Barrington

Today, together with Prime Minister Nadia Burnett, Secretary of Defence Paul Vincent announced the continuation of Territorial Sovereignty Patrols as well as Maritime Security Patrols in the Bashan.

This announcement came as the first RGAF aircraft started arriving at the Joint Military Complex Rabba air base, where they will form an integral part of Gallambria's contribution to security and stability operations in the region.

Secretary of Defence Paul Vincent said the deployment of the Kestral AEW.1 and other aircraft will support Gallambrian and allied forces in their ongoing fight against terrorism and piracy in the region.

"Gallambria has made a significant and continuous contribution to the global fight against terrorism and piracy particularly in the Eastern and Southern Adlantic regions, and will continue to provide support to ensure progress is sustained."

The aircraft has been deployed as part of Operation Magen's Air Task Group.

As an airborne early warning and control platform, the Kestral AEW.1 can gather information from a variety of sources, analyse it and communicate this information to friendly air and surface assets.


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Press Release

Gallambria sanctions Sunset Sea Island Interim Government,
announces withdrawal of Diplomatic missions

The Foreign Secretary Elliot Phillips today, announced sanctions against the Sunset Sea Island's interim government and the withdrawal of all Gallambrian diplomatic missions.

  • Foreign Secretary announces new work to stop Gallambrian businesses working with the Sunset Sea Islands Government.
  • New measures put in place to ensure any future Gallambrian aid is not diverted from the most vulnerable to the military government.
  • Diplomatic mission to Sunset Sea Islands recalled, Sunset Sea Island Diplomatic mission to Gallambria expelled.

Gallambria will enforce immediate asset freezes, forfeitures and travel bans against Colonel Ishijima and members of the interim military government for their role in the coup d'etat that removed Gao He Ping and his legitimate government from power.

Today's sanctions, which have been made under Gallambria's sanctions regime relating to Sunset Sea Islands, represent further action by the Gallambrian Government to send a message to the interim Government that there will be consequences for deposing legitimate and duly elected governments. The sanctions come into force immediately.

In response to the coup, the Foreign & Dominions Office have also launched an enhanced due diligence process to mitigate the risk of military businesses operating in Gallambria and associated illicit money flows and further safeguards are now being put in place to prevent future Gallambrian aid indirectly supporting the military led government.

Along side today's announcements, His Majesty King Albert II has given royal assent to the withdrawal of Gallambria's diplomatic mission to the Sunset Sea Islands, and the expulsion of Sunset Sea Island's mission to Gallambria.

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The Gallambrian Government has authorised the deployment of Royal Gallambrian Air Force transport aircraft to assist with TRIDENT partner operations in the Sunset Sea Islands.

Asests will be drawn from Air Task Group 443.5, which include the Atlas, Hurricane and Kestral aircraft. The Air Task Group will be made available to assist with maintain airspace sovereignty and freedom of international airspace navigation.

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In a statement made today to the press at Parliament House, Prime Minister Nadia Burnett announced that both Houses of Parliament have unanimously voted in favour of the War Powers Resolution (2021), a parliamentary bill that will revive the War Powers Act (1891) and the War Services Act (1947), where both acts have been suspended since the end of the Marenesian Wars.

Firstly, The War Powers Act of 1891, gives power to the Prime Minister and Cabinet to Declare War or authorise the Use of Military Force, Raise and maintain a deployable force of Sea, Land and Air Forces, and other powers to meet the needs of the nation in a time of war. It also includes the granting of powers to members of the Armed Forces to compulsory acquire land or other assets critical to the war effort.

Secondly, The War Services Act of 1947, extends on the the powers given under The War Powers Act (1891) to 'raise and maintain a deployable force of Sea, Land and Air Forces', through the means of War Service Conscription. During the press conference, the Prime Minister outlined the criteria of those people who would be called into military should the powers be executed.

All male Gallambrian Subjects (incl. Marenai and Bashani) between 18 and 40 years of age, and all female Gallambrian Subjects (incl. Marenai and Bashani) between 20 and 30 years of age, will be liable for compulsory war time service, unless they meet one or more of the following exemptions:

  • Gallambrian subjects from outside Gallambria, the Bailiwick of Furneaux, the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories, the Bashan Protectorate, who have lived in the country for less than two years;
  • Police, Fire, Medical, and Correctional workers;
  • Students;
  • Persons employed by the Federal Government or their Local County Government;
  • Clergy of any Religion;
  • Those deemed medically unfit for military service;
  • Married Women;
  • Pregnant Women;
  • Women who have one or more children younger than 14 years; and
  • Conscientious Objectors.

Those who are granted an exemption, will be liable for other wartime service including, but not limited to service in the Public Service, Civil Defence Force or their local county Emergency Services Agencies.

Prime Minister Burnett, continued to urge the public that Gallambria is not currently in a state of war and that this measure was undertaken to ensure the authority is immediately available in the event that nation is attacked, or are provoked into undertaking military operations.



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Today, The Right Hon. Anastacia Laws, Secretary of State for Communication, Media and the Digital Age, with Gary Mansfield, Director of Digital Services Gallambria, sioning,  announced the launch of the Services Gallambria app.

The Services Gallambria app will work as a mobile platform for the Services Gallambria web service, allowing citizens and permanent residents access government services on the go, with their mobile phones. In addition to accessing services such as HealthOne, HM Revenue, and Social Services, Gallambrians will also be able to access their National Roads and Transport Authority (NRTA) records, vaccination records, and manage Welfare Benefits.

Services Gallambria, have also partnered with NRTA, Department of Health, Social Care and Human Services, and the newly created Digital Identification and Credentials Agency to bring Digital Identification and Carded Services to the application, allowing Gallambrians to have a National Digital Identification Card, Digital Drivers License, and Digital HealthOne Card on their phone.

Over the next 18 months, Services Gallambria will be working the National Passport Office and partner nations around the wurld to introduce Digital Passports to the platform, allowing more streamlined access to services and ease of travel.

Secretary Laws commented today, saying "that this is a giant leap forward in provisioning of government services to Gallambrians..." and that "initial provisioning will be a bumpy road", reminding users that there will be bugs and issues as DSG continues to improve and future-proof the app.

The application will be available today, on the kPhone and Doors app stores.


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The Burnett Government will invest £270 billion over the next 10 years to upgrade the capability and potency of His Majesty's Armed Forces (Armed Forces) to keep Gallambrians safe while protecting the country's interests in a changing global environment.

In its 2021 Defence Strategic Update, released on Friday, the Burnett Government signaled a key change in Gallambria's defence posture, as it priorities the Marenai-Adlantic region.

The update provides a new plan to tackle Gallambria's defence challenges while increasing investment and personnel across the entire Armed Forces.

Prime Minister Nadia Burnett said the Strategic Update would also mean more job opportunities as Gallambria's increasingly capable and sovereign defence industry grows.

"My first priority is keeping Gallambrians safe," the Prime Minister said.

"The Government is committed to ensuring the Armed Forces is equipped to meet our growing regional challenges in the Marenai-Adlantic, and to achieve our goals of regional stability, peace and security.

"Whether it's our Marenai-Adlantic Security Partnership Program, our engagement with regional neighbours, or our deepening cooperation with partners new and old, our focus must be on the Marenai-Adlantic - it's where we live and where our interests are.

"Our new strategic defence policy ensures that the Marenai-Adlantic is front of mind for our Armed Forces and is prioritised in the decisions we make on our deployments and our force structure and capabilities.

"We are also providing Defence with the funding certainty it needs to deliver on our new strategic defence policy.

"This will ensure we are able to shape our environment, deter actions against our interests and, if required, respond with military force.

"More broadly, we are ensuring Defence has more durable supply chains, while further strengthening Gallambria's sovereign defence industry to create more high-tech Gallambrian jobs and enhance the Armed Forces self-reliance."

These new policy settings will be a long-term undertaking for Defence with implementation already underway.

Secretary of State for Defence, Charlotte O'neill said recent natural disasters and domestic crises has introduced a further dimension to what national defence entails, now and into the future.

"Defence thinking, strategy and planning have shifted gears to respond to our constantly changing and deteriorating strategic and defence environment," Secretary O'Neill said.

"Gallambria's security environment is changing quickly, with militarisation, disruptive technological change and new grey zone threats making our region less safe.

"That's why this Government will invest in more lethal and long-range capabilities to hold adversary forces and infrastructure at risk further from Gallambria, including longer-range strike weapons, offensive cyber capabilities and area denial capabilities.

"We will also invest in capabilities to give Gallambria better awareness of our region and to support regional engagement, while substantially increasing our air and sea lift capability to ensure we can rapidly respond to events across our region.

"These investments will provide significantly increased opportunity for Gallambria's Defence industry, which the Burnett Government is committed to further strengthening."

Gallambria's defence industry is growing further, with over 5,500 business employing approximately 40,000 staff. An additional 20,000 Gallambrian companies directly benefit from Defence investment and, when further downstream suppliers are included, the benefits flow to approximately 100,000 workers.

Defence planning will prioritise Gallambria's immediate region - ranging from the north-eastern Adlantic Ocean, through maritime and mainland Marenesia, and Amutia region as well as the south west expanse of the South Oriental Ocean.

As a result, the new strategic policy will require force structure and capability adjustments, which are focused on the region, responding to grey-zone challenges that threaten our national interests, the possibility of high-intensity conflict and domestic crises.

The 2021 Defence Strategic Update is available here - www.mod.gl/DSU2021


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