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Frozen Summit


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Secretary General Ivanoff extended an invitation to President Duval to come to St. Peterburi for a Summit between the United States and the Socialist Federation. 

The invitation was sent to Duval via email to come to the Gustov Palace:



"I will be in St. Peterburi for a few days to have a Summit with Geroge Duval, if anything needs my attention please send it via telegram to the Gustov Palace."

"Aye sir will do."

Ivanof grabbed his cover and walked out of his office towards the main chamber to make the drive to the Palace where he would be staying the next few days. Ace his Secretary would be coming with him since she is his most trusted advisor in the Government. 

He walked out the front door which Ace was waiting for him and came to his side and walked to the car. They got in the black sadan and begun the travel.

"Ace, what are the odds that Duval will not be as tolerable as I am hoping?"

"Well considering the last reply from Duval I'm not sure what except sir he is a man of mystery to us."

"Hmm I guess we will find out when he gets here then Ace."

Greggor opened his brief case and started writing and Ace looked over a few documents. The Sadan hit the freeway and with the police escort they started for St. Peterburi at high speed. 

They arrived to Gustov Palace and they got out of the Sadan and headed into the Palace. Ivanoff went to his office sat down at his desk and called the Minister of Defense on the Hotline.

After finishing the conversation with the Minister Ivanoff started to prep the Office for Duval's Visit. After finishing the Office he set off to inspect the Palace for the visit. Everything had to be top notch for this visit. Ivanoff wasn't to be made a fool this time.

He run up the Regional Airport to inform them of a Diplomatic Visit and a Diplomatic Plane will be landing at the Airport and that it is to be locked down until the plane leaves.

He told the Military Musicians the order of Music which is the Anthem of the United States then followed by the Presidential Salute of Prymont followed by the Ahranaian Anthem and The March of the Secretary General.

Now all that was left was to wait for President Duval.


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It wouldn't take long to prepare the flight to @Ahrana. Having received the diplomatic messages in the early hours of the morning, Duval was able to clear the day before any further appointments arose. Due to Ahrana's proximity, there was always the possibility of taking a KAP K6, but the Presidential plane would allow for a greater entourage and ultimately, a faster arrival. 

Before he departed, a brief meeting was held with the Defence Minister, who was almost wholly to blame for the mess. He was the one that'd ordered the F-E Robin to fly over Xara airspace for aerial reconnaissance, and while the Defence Minister wasn't theoretically in any position of power to authorise such an act, Hunter S Grey had a rich history in the military, and still had lots of powerful connections. As such, a discussion was required to lay everything on the table and make sure the two were on the same page. Grey had little to say, but was assertive in what he did offer - do not back down.

The flight would not take long, and President Duval quickly found himself touching down in Ahrana before midday. With him, he'd brought a handful of Prymont's best secret service agents, who surrounded the President from all sides as he disembarked to the sound of the Prymontian national anthem. Of course, his personal assistant and advisor were in attendance too, although Duval doubted that there'd be anyone else during the meeting other than himself and the Secretary General. Regardless, security and safety was paramount. Little birds had told him that growing ties between Ahrana and @Asgeirria had come about partially because of Prymont's surge of power in the Canamo region. Asgeirria were a loose cannon, and Duval couldn't risk anything.

The ride to the Gustov Palace was short, silent, and tense. Duval had briefing notes to review, and busied himself in that with frequent sips of his coffee. The anxiety of the trip had gotten to him, further fuelling his already unhealthy caffeine addiction. Little attention was paid to the surroundings as the car whisked him to the destination; even if he did look, he wouldn't be able to appreciate what he saw.

However, a brief moment of calm overwhelmed him upon the convoy's arrival at the Gustov Palace. Ahranaian architecture was considerably different to that found in the United States, and the change in scenery was always refreshing. Duval had personally always admired Ahrana, but that was before he was elected as President of one of their closest neighbours. Typically, the relationship between the two nations had been strong, but it wasn't without its blips. Hopefully, this was just another small hiccup, although George knew he was hoping for something farfetched. The situation had long since passed being settled by one single summit.

As he walked the corridor to Ivanoff's office, repeating the briefing notes in his head, the President felt confident. Prymont held the upper hand already, by renegotiating the summit away from Asgeirria and closer to home. While Ahrana weren't exactly a pushover, they had the ideology of 'peace before war'. That was an advantage.

With a firm smile and a firmer handshake, he finally met Greggor Ivanoff.

"Secretary General. It is a pleasure to meet you at last."

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As Ivanoff was sitting in his Chair his pager buzzed, President Duval had arrived to Gustov Palace and was making his way to the Secretary General Office. He asked Ace to wait in the Secretary Office just in case they needed anything during the duration of the Summit. He could here the Presidents footsteps down the hallway and with his footsteps Ivanoff knew what kind of man he was to be dealing with. His door opened and the President greeted him.

"Thank you President Duval for agreeing to come to St. Peterburi I hope we can get much done here today."

As he shook his hand he looked at the President in the eyes to furthermore see what type of person he was, a direct firm handshake and firm face. Ivanoff had his work cut out for him this time.

"Duval would you like a cup or Water, Vodka or any form of refreshment? It can be a long walk from the front entrance to my Office."

As he asked for refreshments he turned to the side and used his hand in a kindly gesture towards the Chair at the desk for Duval to take a seat as Ivanoff got the refreshments even if Duval didn't want anything Ivanoff was going to take a glass of Vodka.

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Duval took the seat with no hesitation, instantly easing himself into a relaxed position with his arms crossed. Inside, the President feared for the future of his nation and of the Canamo region - if the relationship with Ahrana were to deteriorate any further, there'd be severe implications for both nations. However, externally, he was as cool as a cucumber. While he hadn't been President for long, he'd been a politician for long enough to know that pretending that you fitted in was more important than actually fitting in. 

"Thank you for hosting me. I appreciate the effort you've put into preparing the palace at such short notice." As he settled down, he asked only for a glass of water. He believed that was also what Ivanoff was having, until his glass was brought to the table and was accompanied by the strong smell of vodka. One mark deducted for consuming alcohol during a diplomatic meeting. A small sigh was disguised as a cough, with the President quickly excusing himself before continuing.

"Let's not waste our time here. I'm eager to see why you think our nations are at each other's throats. The United States has every reason to be dissatisfied with Ahrana, yet we've shown no such signs. Please, enlighten me."

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While glaring at the President while he took a sip deep down he laughed but kept a stern face. He knew exactly how Duval thought this would play out and Ivanoff was bound determined to make sure it didn't go like Duval expected it to. Ivanoff downed his glass and sat it on the desk and poured another glass for later. 

"Its my pleasure to have you here at the least Duval. Now I am shocked that you are avoiding the main reason why I truly asked to talk with you face to face. The Unidentified Aircraft that flew over Xara a few days ago could not have came from any other Country except yours. Plus I'm sure of the fact that your Countries Military is the one responsible for the violation of Air Space of Ahranaian Air Space for a brief moment. However like I have said the object is technically Unidentified but my reports say otherwise."

Ivanoff stopped for a moment grabbed the glass he poured and took a sip and sat it to the side once again then placed his hands together in a proper manner and begun talking again. 

"Our Countries Relationship is very important for the area, you are bringing stability to the Hellenic Rus and we are aiding in a different manor such as a Humanitarian Role. We support your Government in whatever you are trying to achieve no matter what and we have even turned a blind eye to that area as well. I want nothing more than our two countries to have a great relationship but I also want us to be able to live in harmony."

Once he finished talking he downed the rest of the glass then poured a glass of water and sat to listen Duval's reply.

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"No Prymontian aircraft has violated Ahranaian airspace recently. There were reports of an aircraft travelling over vast regions that potentially included Xara, which I notice you have taken a great interest in as of late, but I can assure you that nothing passed over Ahranaian airspace without prior consent. If you so desire, I can have our logs sent to you afterwards. There will be no violation of your airspace shown, as it didn't happen."

There were several potential routes that Duval could've taken for that argument, but the best was not to recognise Ahrana's blatant invasion of Xara at all. No plane would've violated Ahranaian airspace if it flew over Xara, as Xara was not considered part of Ahrana. 

"As for The Hellenic Rus, my country has a substantial reason to be annoyed with you. As I recall, part of the deal of Prymont contributing towards Operation Tremor was your military assistance in The Hellenic Rus in return. No such assistance has been provided, and while you've since promised humanitarian aid, we're yet to see that happen either. So far, the United States has spent over thirty million Prynds in quelling the Circle of Death threat just in The Hellenic Rus, so not counting the naval blockade. We've had our men killed in Salonica because of your lack of help that was promised. A plan was created for your forces to come from the south and settle any disputes from there, but Prymont will have to spend further money in doing that ourselves. With our goal of reintroducing democratic elections later this year, we'll be increasing our national debt more than planned because of you. This will be coming straight out of the public's pockets because your government failed to deliver their half of the agreement."

Duval stopped to take a mouthful of water, holding his hand up to prevent Ivanoff from starting his counter argument.

"And may I enquire what happened with Operation Tremor? From what I hear, USPGF forces were left in the dark and were supposed to be flown home when you had a sudden change of heart. It's no use providing a plane when our men are stranded in the wilderness with no orders. Retrieving them was further expense because of your incompetence. My military commanders trusted yours to use the USPGF to the best of their abilities, yet they were completely abandoned. While I remained silent on these matters to ensure our relations stayed in tact and the region stayed united, you requested that I travel to Asgeirria for a meeting because one of our planes flew over airspace that isn't yours."

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As Ivanoff sat and listened respectfully while Duval went on and on, Ivanoff could see that Duval was as equaled tempered as he was. Ivanoff poured another glass as he was going to need it if he was to stay level headed and not get furious with Duval. A heated conversation would not be good for the two nations and Ivanoff was determined not to make things worse. He downed the glass and was about to talk but Duval raised his hand, now this irritated Ivanoff for a moment. Was he going to allow this man to continue this rant or would he lose control over his inner frustration. Once Duval finished Ivanoff thought for a moment how to put the next few things,

"Mr. Duval, I planned for this to be a reasonable talk between the two heads of the two important nations in this area; but what I am seeing is that you want nothing more than to criticize the Government I stand for which is ultimately your right as a person. The proposal to send Aid to your forces in the Hellenic Rus is out of my hands, I made the proposal and that's all I can do. My Ministers in the Legislature have tried to push for the motion to send a around 1200 men to the area you speak of but the Congressional Houses will not have it. However, from my sources in the Congressional Houses a bill that will lend Humanitarian Aid along with 1000 Peacekeepers will be sent in the coming weeks. I cannot however send my Military to the Northwest to invade the South of the Hellenic Rus, I have tried to pass the motion to do so and have been met with considerable amount of residence from the Congressional Houses, My Ministry, The Union Republics and even my own Party that has endorsed me."

Ivanoff stopped for a moment took another glass of Vodka and continued.

"The USPGF were given a lift out of FDL on Operation Tremor on my orders and my orders only Mr. Duval. I sought this the only way to evade a conflict involving your men and I believed I was doing you a damn favor sir. They were given orders by the Ministry of War by my Minister, Minister Nagy, which was relaying my orders to them to hold tight for extraction. I see now that is not how you see it Mr. Duval and I see now I was a fool for asking for your help in the matter. And back to the Hellenic Rus thing, I know what has been happening there and I have not said anything out of respect for you, your Government and Your nation. I have FKI Forces that will be sent to the area and they will be helping as much as they can but they have very limited resources, I will show you the file on the operation that will happen in two days time if you would like. My Government has no idea that I will even send the FKI into Hellenic Rus and I have been trying night and day to keep it from them and I will not have them find out! I haven't just left you in the dark in the area, I am trying to help you with what little resources I have Mr. Duval!"

Ivanoff could feel his temper rising so he stopped and waited for a moment and apologized to Duval.

"Mr. Duval all I am trying to do here is to avoid anymore conflict that is all and I am trying to keep and even temper which I may have lost just then which I apologize for that but there are certain things at play that I haven't been able to tell you through Official and Unofficial Channels because of the Socialist Government here. Here in this office I can speak freely and with confidence, as leader I am not even safe from the spying that goes on in the Diplomatic Messages. Now I hope you see that I haven't left you and your Country alone to pay for the Hellenic Rus Op I am trying to help with what I can Duval."

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Duval would also take the time to compose himself once more, realising that he'd gotten overly frustrated in his rant. While Duval had been a politician for seven years now, he wasn't used to reacting on the international stage such as this. More relaxed meetings like the earlier Antargic summit suited him much better - a time when his leadership was placed under the spotlight, such as now, was a time that he still needed work on.

"If you're sending men to The Hellenic Rus, I don't know about it. My men have never reported any Ahranaian assistance and I've been unaware that you've sent anything at all. I appreciate the thought and effort behind it, seeing as your government are reluctant to help, but it's not providing anything worthwhile, if it all noticeable. The only thing that has been going on in that godforsaken country is the purging of terrorist groups that are a threat to our peaceful way of life. In January, my forces, with help, were successful in taking control of the capital, but not without major losses. Throughout the country, we've been eradicating the Circle of Death in the hopes of providing Hellenic Russians with a better, safer future. Later in the year we'll be implementing new democratic elections; perhaps your government would be more inclined to assist when they don't have to get their hands dirty."

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As Ivanoff sat and listened he crossed his hands and was listening deeply. After Duval stopped Ivanoff reached into his Desk brought a file out with the Red Letter stamp called Operation Hellenic. Ivanoff had said he had a file on the Operation and was serious when he said he would shoe Duval, no secrets would be kept from Duval as his Government is giving an arm and leg to make Hellenic Rus theirs.

"As I said I have a file for the FKI Operation that will happen and as I said I would produce it for you to see. Heck you can even have this copy its one of three that I have for my purpose only. Now with me giving you this file I want you to know I am committing treason really, but a secret kept from an ally that could help them in anyway is a secret that could end a regime in my mind."

Operation Hellenic 

Top Secret Level 7 Clearance


Under orders from Secretary General, Greggor Ivanoff, and Minister of Defense/Commander of the FKI, Brigadier General Nagy, the FKI will be sent to Hellenic Rus under a Humanitarian Aid Banner weeks before the Congressional Houses approve a Humanitarian Aid Mission to Hellenic Rus. The Mission of the FKI is the following:

-Bring supplies to the forces of The United States of Prymont

-Supply the People with needed Supplies such as Food, First Aid, Water, clothing

-Gather intel on the situation in Hellenic Rus 

-Stay low and do not be found by Ahranaian Peacekeepers

The FKI is to report to the Secretary General, Minister Nagy or any other person whom the SG says to report to. All Mission information is classified.

"Now Duval, since you now have this information the FKI will also report their intel to you on a secure channel if that is okay with you. If it is okay with you this would be a great way of allowing you men to know where the FKI are and what they are doing. On the Ahranaian Peacekeepers, I cannot promise that they will be coming the Congressional Houses are in their own way lets say independent of the Executive now since the Elections last held were free and open to all parties. The only house I control is the Supreme People's Assembly and that's because the Communist Party is the SPA. If the Congressional Houses do not approve of sending peacekeepers then I have the independent option of sending aid myself through personal funds which I can do. The FKI are running off my funds which are really high. Thanks to Gustov I have funds that can go on for several months if need be. If there is any possible way for me to personally help let me know now and I will see what I can do."

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Duval quickly flicked through the document, his plain complexion showing no signs of interest or content. Three months ago, before the takeover of Salonica, this assistance would've been greatly received. However, now with the violent dirty work over with, only a humanitarian mission remained, which was something Prymont could handle on their own. Further funding could be gathered through international contribution appeals, such as TV adverts and the like; what Ahrana were offering at this late stage simply wasn't enough.

"With all due respect Secretary General, this is too little too late. As I was told from my Defence Minister who brokered the deal for us to assist with Operation Tremor, you were supposed to send help immediately when we requested it. I don't see the point of you promising aid when you're unable to actually provide it, whether it be because your government is reluctant or whatever other excuse you might come up with. On our side, the operation was planned for cooperation with your forces. As such, Prymont entered the country unprepared, underfunded, and critically disadvantaged. We were fortunate enough to secure the assistance of local resistance forces who wanted to liberate the country just as we do, but that wasn't enough to prevent major losses. I feel as though Ahrana has been severely disappointing in this regard. You're more than welcome to send what is promised here, but know that this won't settle the dispute you've caused from not sending help sooner."

The President paused briefly to finish his glass of water, quickly requesting a refill from the assistant in the room. He'd managed to settle down from his earlier outburst and now could control the anger flowing through him. Instead of loud, harsh words, his emotions were now shown through calm, collected, yet passive aggressive diplomatic speech. 

"Thank you," he said to the assistant who poured his drink. "Now, I'm sure you're eager to hear my perspective of your trip to Xara, so to speak, and the reasoning behind the supposed violation of 'your' airspace." Duval made finger quotes in the air as he said your, leading the belief that he wasn't recognising Xara as Ahranaian territory. "Once again, I will reassure you that no Prymontian plane, whether it be commercial or military, has violated Ahrana's airspace. As you're aware, we notify you of any our of planes entering your airspace and clear international flight routes with you beforehand. It has been this way for decades, and will not change. I don't like how you're implying that one of my units did violate your airspace, as that is not true and quite disrespectful. The fact that you think I would breach our trust and enter your airspace without your prior permission doesn't bode well to wanting to fix any qualms we have, Secretary General."

"From sources I won't yet disclose, I've gathered enough intelligence to make an educated guess as to what you're doing. Know that the United States will not support violence in the region, especially the killing of innocents to fulfil your political agenda. You know that we have several air force bases at the southern tip of Prymont, that are currently on standby due to several situations across the globe. These forces can quickly be readied if you're found to be committing war crimes. I trust that your militarised men in the region are there for peacekeeping, and peacekeeping alone. The United States will not hesitate to breach our friendship in the name of protecting human rights and defending innocent local civilians."

With this, George Duval was playing a very dangerous game. Ivanoff had led him to believe that Ahrana knew that there was violence on both sides in The Hellenic Rus. However, Prymont had the superior TRIDENT on their side. One wrong move from Ahrana would be devastating for them, and Duval was gently reminding him of that.

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As Ivanoff sat and listened he took a side not will keeping eye contact with Duval, Ace looked at what he wrote which was Lima. Lima was the code for the Operation Hellenic. The Op. had just got it's confirmation to begin it's Humanitarian Aid mission under the radar. Ivanoff wasn't going to let Duval fool him into saying Aid wouldn't be needed in reality.

When Duval got to the area of Xara Ivanoff saw he had guts saying what he said. Ivanoff wasn't a person easily intimidated by anything not even his own family or Generals could intimidate him. The fact that Duval would try such made him chuckle on the inside.

"Mr. Duval, I find the part where you state that you hope my men in Xara are on peacekeeping missions and that only. In case it isn't know to the world, Xara has groups of Radicals that have destabilized Xara and have undermined their Government. As Xara is part of Ahrana now it falls to the Socialist Government to rid the land of the Radicals or more known in other terms as Terrorits.

I find your level of courage interesting, I as a man am not intimidated easily and the fact you tried to do so is really interesting. The Operation in Xara is in with all Humanitarian Regulations set by the Humanitarian Orginization from the Kingdom of Ahrana Agency. This Agency is independent from the Socialist Government and from me, they make the rules and regulations. They added the part about Human Rights in the Constitution. We Ahranaians are not like the rest of the world we are proud people who can say we don't take Crimes against Humanity very lightly at all. We are a proud and humble group of people that hasn't changed since the establishment of the Second Kingdom by the former Kings Ancestors."

Ivanoff stopped for a moment to think on the next.

"It's not in the land of the Socialist Federation that the Government of the United States should be so worried about it's the land that they, your Government wishes to control, should be more worried about. The FKI will be on a pure Humanitarian Aid mission and they will report whatever they find to me and to you. They will not lie in these reports so I wouldn't be to worried with Xara everything happening is perfectly legal Duval. In the coming months I am to make a trip to Vulgus Supra to mark the handing of power to the Socialist Government of Ahrana. Once that happens all of the lands of old will be United as it should be."

Ivanoff knew exactly how it would be taken the last bit at least. Hopefully it wouldn't infuriate Duval if it does it goes to show their is something to hide from the public.

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The President allowed himself a chuckle as Ivanoff explained that, under Ahranaian law, the proceedings in Xara were legal; just as, to a bully, the kid they're bullying is in the wrong, and the bully is correct to cause harm. The Secretary General's own attempt at intimidation was also humorous, with the threat of Ahrana's peacekeepers not lying in their reports of what they find in The Hellenic Rus - a problem that would easily be solved.

"Secretary General, I am not trying to intimidate you. I'm simply explaining the point of view of my nation as a whole to you. I hope you understand that. I also find it convenient, and yet strikingly worrying, that under Ahranaian law, your actions in Xara are perfectly legal. If your country finds it legal to interfere with another country on the grounds of historical claims, cause havoc in the country, and kill nationals, then I genuinely fear for the safety and security of not only the Canamo region, but for the world entirely. With such a headless chicken of a nation as Ahrana is, finding it legal to enter a nation with the intent of violence, I do not think I can ensure the safety of my citizens without taking strict, immediate action."

"I would now like to turn your attention towards @Derthalen's Reichskommisariat in your nation, which to my understanding, was established at the beginning of the year - please, correct me if I am mistaken. The fact that Ahrana are willingly harbouring members of a terroristic nation under your government is appalling. Earlier this morning, my government received word that Derthalen jets had downed an innocent Lysian government plane, that was returning to @Fleur de Lys. Previously, Derthalen has been condemned by Mauridiviah and Tagmatium, with the former receiving terrifying threats of having their citizens slaughtered if found by Derthalers. Your legal, friendly cooperation with such a vile, disgusting nation is one that Prymont finds intolerable. I will hereby issue you the ultimatum that, if action is not taken within seven days*, the United States will publicly be condemning the Socialist Federation."

"As for The Hellenic Rus, I would like to clarify with you some key aspects. The United States does not wish to control the lands of The Hellenic Rus, as you wrongly state. We have the desire to stabilise the region and resurrect a once great country. Once we've assisted The Hellenic Rus in returning to a scene of stability and progress, the United States will remove its forces from the country. However, for now, you are free to send peacekeepers to the nation. The United States has made several great steps in quelling the northern area of the country, and so I strongly advise that Ahrana focuses on the south, which you so poorly neglected with your false promises."

*Duval's ultimatum stands until Tuesday 10th April, giving @Ahrana hopefully sufficient time to act upon the matter in his newsroom or wherever he chooses.

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Ivanoff new the attempt to throw the intimidation back wouldn't work but it was worth a try for just sh*ts sakes really, in the recent days Ahrana has been informed about the events that @Derthalen has committed and they had taken steps to condemn them in certain ways just so not to offend or create hostilities between the nations.

"In the recent days the Socialist Government has taken steps to Condemn the Empire of Derthalen and the Autonomous Socialist Republic Heilig, my Government has to closely watch how we approach this issue we are not wanting war with the Empire. The ASR Heilig no longer has the Autonomy to create Laws, Tariffs, Collect Taxes, or even have a Local Militia without My and the Congressional Houses Approvals. The Empire can no longer Collect any percent of the Taxes unlike before. So like I said we are doing things to condemn them in ways, and there are more things coming in time.

Xara has been and always will be part of Ahrana, the Xaraian Government asked for our help in the matter of the Radicals and they are receiving the help they asked for, the only thing we asked for in return was to united the old lands together as one like before the Plague. I know the World may see that a Socialist Nation is expanding and that some are losing the influence over the Socialist Federation that they once had, but as time goes on things change as is the cycle of life. 

If the steps of Condemnation that we have taken are insufficient to you then I am sorry, the People who live in Heilig are Ahranaian Citizens as much as the people that come as tourist to Ahrana are Citizen well they are temporarily by law. We just cant Condemn a whole Minority and take them out of their Regional Government here in Ahrana that is illegal by Law and can cause a Civil War among the masses. I am not here to please the world while I run my nation, I am here to run my nation to the best of my abilities and will do such of a thing. So here is my Questions to you, If a group of Nationals came to your Government and asked for help in dealing with Radicals in their land would you help them, even if they were part of the ancestral lands of old, would you help them or let them rot to the ground with the Radicals? Then if you had to chose on how to further Condemn a Nation without causing an Uproar inside your country how would you do so without Violating the Human Rights?"

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"Secretary General, please understand that I'm not here to answer your hypothetical questions."

Duval took a moment to allow a mouthful of water, embracing the icy cool freshness and calming himself down before he got worked up once again. Remaining calm was key in such a meeting, and while he'd already let his hand slip once, it wouldn't happen again.

"A government came asking you for help, as you have told me. For providing that help, you require that the nation succumbs to yours because of historical links. If @Andalla came to the United States and asked for help against terrorists, I wouldn't demand that they become Prymontian territory because we share the same ancestry. I also find it incredibly alarming how your first actions in the region are violent, instead of attempting a more peaceful route. It very much shows how Ahrana works as a whole, and thus, I fear for the future of our neighbourhood."

"In regards to your autonomous region, the fact that you cooperated with such an evil nation in the first place is simply repulsive. No amount of present-day condemnations can make up for that, Secretary General. You allowed a nation into your borders that has a violent history, current lives in what is seemingly medieval times, and acts more like a terrorist organisation at times than an actual country. You allowed such a despicable ideology into your country, into our region, to collect taxes and spread their influence. Do you see how absurd this is, or am I speaking a foreign language to you?"

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"The Socialist Government prides itself on giving Executive Powers, or a limited amount, to Minorities that have descluded from such areas in the past. The goal of this Government is equality. I agree that what has been done by the Empire of Derthland will not go unpunished by my Government and by me. I have the power to sack any Socialist Republic or other Classifications if I find the local Government corrupt or is being manipulated by outside influence.

I have lowered the classification of Heilig since the incident has happened but I cannot just say the Minority or in that area of the Federation the Majority can no longer Govern their land because of their Motherland's actions. That would be unconstitutional if I did such a thing.

But Duval I can assure you they will face repercussions for the actions of the majority or their Motherland's. What they did was a crime against humanity and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Starting tomorrow the Empire of Derthland will face Trade Tariffs and the railroad the proposed to build through Heilig will be halted. Slowly but surely they will have to face the repercussions for the incident they have caused and Ahrana will be sure to help with the rest of the world to make them see this.

With the Radicals in Xara, this Government has a Policy of no negotiations with Terrorists, Extremeists, Radicals or whatever they may be that causes harm to the public. Our stance has always been that since day one of the Kingdom and has stayed the same when the Socialists took over. What is the policy that the United States uses on situations involving Terrorists and such?"

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"I can understand your government pursuing equality, but striking such influential deals with corrupt nations takes the idea too far." Duval let out an audible sigh, resisting the urge to regurgitate what he'd just said. Clearly, Ivanoff was having none of it. In his mind, he was right, and nothing could sway that.

"I'm sure you're familiar with terrorist policies in the United States, but for confirmation, we have a zero tolerance policy. This policy is the reason why we're becoming so involved in the situation in The Hellenic Rus, and is why we enacted our prior naval blockade in the first place. Terrorism is a plague that needs eradicating from this world, and the United States will go to no end to fulfil this line of thought. You claim that your government holds a no-negotiation policy with terrorists, and yet you've allowed Derthalen an entire autonomous region in your lands. Either you don't have a sufficient grasp of your own country's politics, or your policies are contradictory and idiotic."

The President paused momentarily, reviewing his plan mentally to decide on where to next take the meeting. All of his routes had been covered so far, and little progress, if any, had been made.

"Secretary General, I'd once again like to thank you for hosting such an important summit. These discussions have been greatly helpful in allowing me to further understand Ahrana's stance on several critical issues, and will influence future decisions made within Prymont. Unfortunately, I believe we've made little progress here today. For the United States, we will refuse to recognise your claims in Xara. I will be discussing the possibility of sending a peaceful investigatory force to the area to learn more about what is happening. We will be awaiting the arrival of your FKI in The Hellenic Rus, and I'm also eager to hear your decision on further action to be taken upon your autonomous region. As far as I'm concerned, this meeting is over, unless you have further points to raise."

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I do believe we are done here Duval, however we will not have a Investigatory Force will not be allowed in the area of Xara for it can be corrupted by outside influence. If a Force of Neutral claims could be agreed upon by yours and my Government then perhaps we could agree to such of a thing. But as it stands now the Socialist Government won't agree to having a Force from the United States of is not neutral in all politics and such.

I will be sure to keep you informed on the actions that will be taken on Heilig and Derthland. Thank you for coming here and please enjoy the ride back to the Airport and safe travels home.

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