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Expansion: Prymont

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Lo and behold, the fruits of Project Canamo! 



Others have been granted expansion either before or during the writing process, and as I've spent three months so far on Project Canamo, I think it's fair to put mine forwards.

As they're smaller, I'd like to claim the top two islands fairly soon as dedicated Prymontian territory. One of my upcoming posts on PC will be about the larger of the two islands, so it will be adequately roleplayed. The objective for them is hidden weapons storage, testing, and development.

As for The Hellenic Rus, I'll be roleplaying Prymontian-backed elections throughout the year, and therefore I don't need to claim it immediately. The plan is to make it a protectorate, as Andalla has done with Giokto, under the name 'Prymontian Rus'. This is to allow the future possibility of The Hellenic Rus actually returning and wanting his nation back - in that scenario, I'd write that HR are being granted full independence once again. In the likely case that he doesn't return, it'll remain as a Prymontian protectorate state and won't be part of the Prymont flag. Instead, Prymont will just oversee the happenings within the country and butt in here and there.

I've spoken to @Ahrana on Discord who has approved of this. However, I'm open to further input.

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