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-MARCH 16, 20XX-






The King, sitting in the middle of his silver-and-red décor, watches the television...

"It is truly a sad day for the Commonwealth. Throughout the day, armed soldiers from the unaffiliated clans and kingdoms east of the country attacked and pillaged numer..."


"When will this ever end. First we have the for-now-pacified Ironfists and mass escapes from buildings, and now we have this? Won't this accursed world ever just give me a break?"

Eugastin's aide walks near the device...

"You know, you really should get out more. With all of the environmental programs you set up latel-"

"I know, I know. It's just... It's just that I can't really, well, "slow down and enjoy the breeze", because whenever I do, -sigh-, I just end up overwhelmed with paperwork when I get back."

"Isn't it a fact of life that the leader of a nation gets inundated with paperwork?"



"Yes, I do suppose you're right."

-The news broadcaster continues talking, with images of the damage being shown on the screen-


"Mother of Niwrad. Look at this."

-The aide turns around just in time to see the burning neighborhood-

"Should I call up the Chancellor for you?"


"Yes. Tell him it's urgent."

"Right away."

-The aide picks up a nearby cellphone, rings up the Chancellor, Plakura Korinsti, and brings it to the King-

"Yes? Is this Cosamar?"

"Indeed it is."

"What is it? Another jailbreak? Another mass-escape of zoo animals?"

"It's worse."

"What could be worse than tha-"

"Turn on the news, and you'll see."

-Roughly 3 minutes later-

"Huh. Well, what do you plan to do about, the, uh, "savages"?"

"Well, do you have the Minister of Defense nearby?"

-The Chancellor calls for the Minister of Defense, who finally enters the call several minutes later-

"What took you so long?"

"I was in the middle of a meeting, and discussing our Lemnas craft. Anyway, since I'm now here, what can I do for you?"

"Get every soldier in our army combat-ready, and prepare them for an invasion."

"Why tho-"

"Barbarian Raids, Hundreds Dead, Chaos in the East, etc, etc."

"Hmm... well, I understand. Could you just try to buy time until the troops are ready for combat?"

"As much as I can."


"Now, about those oth-"



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-MARCH 18, 20XX-






The Minister of Defense, with his personal council, votes on whether or not to invade the barbarian lands...

"Now, everyone settle down. We have a vote to both discuss and perform."


"Now, over the last few days, as you may have heard, tribes from the East have been raiding towns in Lithuania, causing death, damage, and destruction. Even today, well..."

-The Minister turns on the TV behind him, showing footage of today's attacks-



"...as you can see, there have been large areas simply burnt to the ground. Even our troops currently on the border can't provide a worthwhile defense for much longer. The only reasonable way left to solve this problem is to invade and pacify the region, and I can't order an invasion unless a vote for one passes in here, as you all very well know. So, will we strike or not?"

-The council members shuffle around and whisper to each other, and after a long pause, votes begin to be cast-

-Once all of the votes are cast, the screen behind the Minister shows the final results-

19 YES

6 NO

The Minister whispers-

"So, all of my preparation wasn't wasted after all..."

-and then begins talking like normal

"...anyway, I do believe that settles it. I'll go and talk to the King, then order the invasion to begin."

-The Minister walks out of the voting chamber, and picks up a phone-

"Hey, Eugastin."


"The vote passed, 19 to 6."

"Great news! Now, when will the invasion begin?"

"As soon as the soldiers are ready."

"How long do you expect the operation to last?"

"3 to 4 days maximum."

"That fast?"

"Indeed. The barbarians' largest towns have, oh, roughly 6,000 people maximum, at least according to our latest estimates. They should be easily conquered."

"Good. And what about the terrain?"

"Mostly flat, but with the occasional small stream or rolling hill. There is not a single known settlement in the region that one of our tanks or trucks can't reach."

"Great. I am counting on you to deliver us a quick and secure victory. I can't risk more riots happening."

"I won't let you down."



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Journal of Thomas Augwich

March 18, 20XX

You know, it's more tiresome than I expected, being a soldier on the front lines and all. I was told that it would be tiring when I signed up, but this? Being expected to fight through miles upon miles of hostiles in a single day? It's madness, I tell you. Pure madness.

At least we get help from the tanks and aircraft every once in a while. They're nice to us. They supply us with edible food, disgusting as it may be, but it does mean we don't have to eat the maggots off of the ground. That's a plus.


Oh, and the government expects us to not kill civilians. I mean, what do you expect? Civilians and unarmed peasants not to die when there's bullets and explosions flying every which way? They say that we need to look better than the barbarians, but really? That's probably the biggest joke of this whole operation. Never mind the questionable casus belli that led to this whole thing, and the fact that this is quite possibly the least defensible land this side of Argis.

What's going to happen if the more developed minor nations beyond the barbarians get angry at what we're doing? More war?


Well, I least I get paid a small fortune to do this, and I get to listen to Todo songs. Those are probably the only things that keep me going here, in these oh-so-desolate fields.

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Journal of Thomas Augwich

March 23, 20XX

To anyone who reads this, Thomas Augwich is dead. While making his way to the "more defensible location" ordered by the government, he was shot in the back of the head by a hostile sniper...

Ah, you know what, I can't do this.

What can I, the humble Victor Cameli, do?

The government isn't changing anytime soon, and I doubt anyone in power would ever read this, but I do have to get my thoughts out once in a while, so...

Why do they expect mere foot soldiers to carry the brunt of every military action they perform? I mean, I guess that the pilots of tanks and aircraft are "more valuable", but isn't this supposed to be a socialist country, where everyone's equally treated?

And why did they make us go through all of the effort of capturing miles upon miles of territory at a breakneck speed, only to order us to abandon the outer third or so of the occupied land? They say it's to make the integrating process easier, but all I see are dozens upon dozens of unnecessary casualties. Additionally, calling it "a more defensible location" is a joke. We were perfectly fine defending at our original location, and if we didn't move, well....

Thomas Augwich, my longtime friend, would still be alive.

Maybe I'm thinking too much into this, but I think that the government, at the very least, needs to provide more, desperately needed, support for their large military.

It's the right thing to do.

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-MARCH 24, 20XX-



-The King walks atop of the main podium in the central square of Krakow, surrounded by a croud of civilians. Some are maddened, while others look happy. The King looks around, then grabs the microphone-

"Good evening, citizens of the Commonwealth. As you all very well know, over the last few days, we have been occupying a large amount of land to the east after hostiles from the region came and attacked us. The outer sections of the plain had to be abandoned yesterday, primarily to ensure that the area would be safe for both our troops and for future construction, but the central, more fertile, region remains ours."

"Now, the naysayers may spout ideas of "self-determination" for the former barbarians of the occupied lands, but I say otherwise. This country's social systems, including it's Ministry of Health, keep the civilians of the Commonwealth safe and happy, even when dangerous events occur. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Additionally, the path to becoming a citizen of our great country is fast and secure, and our food industry makes sure that no-one rune out of bread to eat."

"Finally, one of the country's primary standards is that everyone is equal within the Commonwealth. Everyone has the chance for greatness, and, with the help of the government, success. Even I, your King, was elected to my position by the people. Now, look at the Poles, Lithuanians, Ruthenians, and other ethnic groups living in relative peace in towns and cities all across the Commonwealth. Each group has their own unique language, cultures, and traditions, but Commonwealth law protects them all and keeps them safe. This country was built on diversity, and diverse will it stay. No racism or discrimination towards the former barbarians will be tolerated, for they are all now residents of the Commonwealth."

"Thank you for your time."

-The King then walks off stage, and sounds of both booing and cheering can be heard within the audience-


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Journal of Thomas Augwich Victor Cameli

March 25, 20XX

You know, I don't even have a clue anymore about what the government's going to do next...

I appreciate the speech that happened yesterday, the King did give some decent reasoning to keeping and annexing the occupied land instead of just "releasing" it when it was cleansed of hostiles, but there were no words of kindness to his troops...

As in zero. zilch. nothing.

And I'll be one of the first to tell someone that the government definitely needs to do better on that front. Having good healthcare and food systems is one thing, and, don't get me wrong, it is a good thing that the country keeps it's people somewhat safe and well-fed, but there are little-to-no welfare nets for Commonwealth veterans, other than the standard ones given to everyone.

And trust me, that's not enough.

Now, I have been asking myself one question every day for the last week or so. Why does the government send soldiers into combat, and then not prepare for when they come back with major injuries?

If I walked into a Ministry of Health building right now, I bet that I wouldn't be able to pick up an artificial arm or leg, even if I actually needed one.

First of all, 3-D printers exist for a reason! We have them! USE THEM!

Second of all, why can't the Ministry of Health build more health items during wartime? The Ministry of Defense builds more weapons and shells during wartime, so why can't the M.O.H. do the same with prosthetics and splints?

I just feel that I'm getting more questions then answers from the government's actions right now, and that's something that definitely needs to change.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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-APRIL 22, 20XX-






The streets are quiet, but not for much longer...




-More and more people, some from the streets, and other from nearby houses, begin to flood into the central square, right outside of the Royal Palace's South Wing-


-The protestors are silenced by a man, now on a prop-up speech stand, in a black outfit-

"Hello, all of you. Some of you may know me, some not, but I am the humble Victor Cameli. I have come here, like many of you, to protest the inadequate treatment of Commonwealth soldiers. Just last month, Thomas Augwich, my longtime friend, died in the eastern conflict. Now, I'm sure this is an experience shared by many of you, but what pains me is the fact that it didn't even need to ever happen. If the government had let us stay at the easily-defended hills of the outer region, then we could have protected the border with minimal casualties. Instead we had to move to a nearly unmarked location several miles back with our backs turned to the enemy!

Additionally, the seemingly rampant indecisiveness of the military isn't even the only problem, and the far less important one. I do suppose that formations need to change, sometimes drastically, once in a while, but can a government really let it's soldiers return, then not have nearly enough aid to give to all of them? After nearly every military operation that the government starts, I see people return and not even be able to get a simple cast! A cast! Forget prosthetics, the same soldiers who returned from combat don't even have the ability to fix their damaged limbs! If the Ministry of Defense constructs more weaponry during wartime, then why can't the Ministry of Health do the same with medical equipment? This is a disgrace!"

-After Victor Cameli ends his speech, the protesting croud begins to yell far louder then before, and the guards on the steps leading up to the palace have a hard time keeping them from climbing up to the palace doors-



-One of the guards peels away from the group and runs into the palace, calling for the King. Several minutes later, after the King is caught up on what happened, he walks out of the large doors, towards the microphone on the stand before him-

"Now, today, I have already withdrawn all Commonwealth ships from the Mediargic Sea. However I know that those vessels were not the reason you all were here, so I will make a few promises when it comes to the well-being of Commonwealth troops instead.

First, the Ministry of Health will be required to produce far more medical products, such as splints, casts, and simple prosthetics, during wartime. Second, all first-aid kits in Commonwealth vehicles will have twice the amount of items inside of them and be placed in blast-resistant containers. Lastly, to prevent another wave of casualties like the one that occurred after I ordered, admittedly without a whole lot of careful reasoning and planning, to fall back in the eastern conflict, all future operations where soldiers have their back to the enemy will be well-supported by aircraft and tanks. Now, is that enough to satiate everyone's thirst for a better military system?"


-Victor Cameli cuts the protester off with a loud snap of his fingers-

"Now, thank you for your gracious attitude towards our cause, and I think that, once those changes are implemented, the Commonwealth's military will be far safer and more secure than it is today. However, mark my words. If another set of major military-related blunders occurs in the future, we will be back. And we will not. be. happy."

-And with that, Victor Cameli walks off of his stand-



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Journal of Vystana Poloran

May 5, 20XX

This country is far better than I originally expected.

In some ways, at least.

After the occupation of my homeland, I had thought that it would be the end. Thankfully, the government of this country made sure that all refugees who wanted to could get a new house and job. To be fair, I am fairly well-paid, and I, along with my husband, have more than enough money between us to support the kids.

However, living here does have it's downsides...

For one, even though the King passed a law against it, discrimination and racism against us, the so-called "former barbarians", is still prevalent. Sure, the King and Chancellor may not normally call us that, but I am still baffled by the remarks made by minor government officials. The way I see it, If you're going to annex a large section of land, you might as well act nice to the people you're, err, "taking in". Additionally, calling us "barbarians" isn't even the worst of it. We're often the last people picked to participate in events and activities, and I bet that I would never have gotten my job if I had tried to apply outside the "guaranteed hiring period" offered by the government.

Secondly, I am often met with a question.

"What can I do with my money?"

Sure, I have enough money for food, furniture, electronics, or clothing...

...but there's not exactly a large variety of food, furniture, electronics, or clothing to choose from.

And, even though I might not be the best one to argue, having come from an extremely undeveloped region in the East, and sure, I get that this city is far better than the one I left behind...

...but I would expect a self-proclaimed "developed country" to have more than 40 or so types of food in it's stores.

Ah, whatever.

All I wish for is that this country completely fulfilled its promises, instead of just partially, and opened up trading with more nations.

Once that happens, then I, along with many other people, with be both much happier and much more willing to serve this country.

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