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Request: Brundeblurg

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Nation in Europa: Brundeblurg

Flag: (Sorry cant due to website problems) - But same flag i have for my NS nation

Capital name: Nova Fedi

Capital location: (On the coast of my nation)

Factbook link:


Newsroom link: 


Culture: A deeply religious, funny and Pius nation, having a long and rich history, a large amount of a Blundeblurgian life surrounds around agriculture, as the populace is growing food wether at home or on the fields, and by the beautiful shiny coats a thriving  fishing industry intertwines with regular life as the populace with work in the fields or at the coasts and return home to fish or grow recreationally. The population rejoices around jokes and comedy, always making sure to playfully joke around, but the people take matter and business seriously, are unusually kind, they have a strong sense of justice, loyalty, smart and are very rational and sound minded but sadly are very gullible and sensitive. Also the nation is greatly environmentally aware, and caring. Through out it's history its people and nature have been one with each other. Though this creates a place great for food ensuring rapid population growth and a great tourist destination, and it has a industrial base, though of course eco friendly,  but in what it abounds in agricultural and money wise, it lacks in ore, oil, and friends. (Basically Japan but with a twist of my own)

Climate: The climate of Brundeblurg has 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall. Temperatures rarely drop below 0 degrees Celsius, with winters bring slightly moist and sunny with snowfall, spring bringing multitudes of rainstorms and is quite wet, with it ether being cloudy or sunny, summers being quite dry and mildly hot. and fall being moist and cool. (Also i would like my nation to have a sea shore please wether on a continent or island)

Location:  Somewhere costal, near Andalla please, I don't know if I chose or you chose or how this choosing goes.

History: From 1449 - Present

Detailed History: Founded as a kingdom, in 1449 after countless bloodshed occurred, between waring tribes for power, King Elijah The Grand brought order and peace for the land, following the 2,000 Reign of the monarchy, It fell in when no heir was chosen to succeed King Aldabert before he died in 1667, and resulting in the balkanization and civil wars that followed from the warlords, princes, and court members fighting for control. This period known as the 40 year war, and out of it rose a feudal system,  that like Japan's, isolated itself, this feudal system perfectly mirroring japans was established by warlord Algun. This would last till its dissolution, when free thinkers traveling to more modern parts of the world in the 1800's brought back revolutionary ideas of peace and liberty, the people took this new ideology to heart and in 2o years, the Grand Knight was overthrown, when Knight Bruno, led the people in an armed conflict in 1888, forever remembered as the September liberation. From then on a Republican democracy, was established, mirroring that of americas. From then on The republic of Brundeblurg took form and has been ruling since.

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