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Hey There ya all

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My main experience in regards to RPing comes from playing D & D. However, some general concepts:

1. It's better if you put yourself in the shoes of whatever you're potraying. Who's writing the news article, an average citizen in your nation, your nation's leader, a wounded soldier for an RP, whatever.

2. These two are really really important that you never do, and you'll see them in any RP community you join: No Powergaming nor Metagaming. Powergaming is kind of like Godmodding, you're basically RPing things over someone else that they haven't consented to. For example, powergaming is something like "I sent 20 spies to his capital and blew up his government" when the other nation didn't agree to it.

Metagaming is essentially using OOC (Out of Character) information in IC (In Character) situations. Here's an example: Let's say that I tell you that I'm gonna invade you and wreck you over the Discord. You can't then just go write that you're going to war unto your news network.

3. The nice people of this community stride for realism. So y'know, no "President rides T-Rex into Cabinet Meeting" or "Gato to invest in Attack Pterodactyls".

4. I try to have fun with this, 'cause if you see at as more of a chore your posts won't be that great and they might sound kind of robotic.

5. This is more of a general and personal suggestion: Paragraphs are a great tool to break up walls of text and make them more palatable.

That's about all the tips I have at the moment. Welcome to Europa from a newbie to another, and I hope you have a fun time here :).

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