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Military exercises

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Are we going to be doing this in the far north? Considering the time of year I would imagine it would be wet, cold, and very muddy. Kind of perfect for showing off just how capable your logistics are.

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Depends on what you call the "far north". I've found this kinda big island that could be nice for training. We could be able to train for navy, land and air operations at the same time and according to the climate map it seems to be cold:


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Yup, that way we will be able to have it so our forces are operating as one regiment. Mind you, I meant this only for the ground forces. 

By the way, do you want to use this to lead into a possible military alliance later on? Seeing as both of our nations have similar systems, which are disliked by the republics of the world, it might make sense to seek out comrades.

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Yeah I understood that but I won't send my whole navy or air force, that's just it. Now, like FdL said, we need a reason for this exercise to happen, any ideas? Also, what would you think the actual exercise consist of?

P.S.: I got confused in my last post here are the army units who will come: 

From the 1st IB:

1st Combat Group

1st Mechanized Infantry Company (100 men)

1st Motorized Infantry Battalion (300 men divided in the 1st and 2nd Motorized Infantry Company (250 men each))

1st Recon Group

1st Motorized Recon Platoon (20 men)

1st Support Group

1st Combat Engineers Motorized Platoon (30 men)

1st Infantry Support Section (15 men with infantry fighting vehicles)

1st Mobile Mortar Squad (5 men with tracked mortars)


From the Support Battalion:


Military Intelligence Support Group

Joint Intelligence Center (50 men)

Military Interrogation Cell (50 men)

Counter Intelligence Cell (50 men)

Operational Intelligence Cell (50 men)

Support Engineering Group

Construction Engineer Company (100 men)

Signal Group

SIGINT Platoon (50 men)

Signal Operations Platoon (50 men)

Radar Section (20 men)


+200 special forces


Normally that shouldn't be over 1090 men so a bit over battalion then but SOF are commanded sepparately. I can add NBC troops if we exercise on that (Astriedan is pretty good at biological weapons)


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Interoperability is a perfect reason to hold an exercise.

Seeing as there's the possibility for the involvement of naval, air and ground forces and it could very well be held on an island, we could look at amphibious warfare. With elements of air warfare and naval warfare.

For ideas on types of exercises look at Ex Talisman Sabre and RIMPAC

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It can also serve as a perfect excuse for us to check each other out and see demonstrations of one another's effectiveness in the field. @Gallambria, are you interested in joining? Oh, and I think we should allow observers as well as participants.

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So, I thought of a few exercises @Derthalen:

-Field exercices both by between army types (Sea, ground and air) and interarms. For example: naval formations, resupply exercises, formation exercises (for air warfare) etc.

-Command post exercises (I didn't fully understood what they consist of but they seem to be quite common in exercises. Maybe @Gallambria could tell me about it?)

-Special forces exercises (paratrooping, infiltration behind ennemy lines, sabotage, amphibious assaults and stuff)

-Intelligence training (SIGINT, HUMINT, counter intelligence, sabotage and spying)


Tell me what you think or what you would add.

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From the 2rd Clan, 18th Warhost:

2nd Combat Group

2nd Gebirgsjager Staff (100 men and officers)

1st Infiltration Warband (45 men)

2nd Mechanised Infantry Staff (270 men)

2nd Outrider Group

2nd Reiter Warband (45 men)

1st Support Group

1st Engineers Staff (125 men)

10th Assault Infantry Band (15 men with anti-material weapons)

5th Heavy Weapons Hand (5 men)


From the Support Clan:

Military Intelligence Support Group

Joint Intelligence Centre (50 men)

Attached Kommissars (100 men) 

Operational Intelligence Cell (50 men)

Signal Group

SIGINT Warband (50 men)

Signal Operations Warband (50 men)

Radar Band (20 men)


+150 Imperial Guardsmen, +100 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

*My Engineers are also the ones who are supposed to build new fortifications, conduct repairs, and also build infrastructure. That said, they are also the bastards who get the fun task of demolition and repairing stuff in combat.

*Interrogations, morale officers, and terrifying executioners rolled into one.

*I obviously copied Astriedan's set up a lot, so credit where credit is due.

*I have also been trying to figure out my military structure. So far I have it going hand (squad), band (section), warband (platoon), staff (company), clan (battalion), warhost (regiment), stand (brigade), flag (division), and circle (corps).

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