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UENA Nations League


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The NationStates League is an international association football competition, to be contested by the national teams of UENA (Union des Associations Nationales de Football). The first tournament is due to commence in June 2018, and the winner will be decided in July 2018. The bidding process to select a location for the cup will start in April 2018.


  • March: Foundation
  • April: hosting bids
  • May: tournament planning
  • June: tournament start
  • July: tournament finish


Depends on the number of teams we have.

  • If we have 8 teams, it will be an easy bracket of 8 to 4 to 2 teams
  • With 12 teams, we can hold a group phase of 3 teams each, of which the top 2 advance.
  • With 16 teams, the group phase can include 4 teams.


If you are interested in participating, please reply with the following information:

  • Team nickname (optional): can be generated using https://www.teamnames.net/fantasy/random-team-name-generator
  • Team colours (2)
  • Team coach
  • Team players: 11 names in total, can be generated using https://www.behindthename.com/random/
  • Team kit (optional): can be generated using http://dyo.blksport.com/
  • Team lineup (optional): can be generated using https://www.buildlineup.com/


In 2004 we held our very first football league: the Inter-Europa Football League. Two years later, in 2006, this was continued by the Euro Cup. And now, 12 years later, I want to reboot the idea with a Nations League. We will use the tools and generators already available. To help get this started you can add your team and players. We will also be needing a global headquarters.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Team nickname (optional): Lions

Team colours:

Home Colours Away Colours
N3VtaUy.pngpJ7QfD2.png e6L5uWh.pngI3Ea5w6.png

Team Coach: Michael Cooper

Team kit (optional):

Home Kit Away Kit
pzcbmr1.png FZAQfWl.png

 Team lineup (optional):

  1. Matthew Ryans
  2. Milos Degenek
  3. James Meredith
  4. Tim Cahill
  5. Mark Milligan
  6. Matthew Jurman
  7. Mathew Leckie
  8. Michael HUghes
  9. Tomi Juric
  10. Robbie Kruse
  11. Jamie McLaren



@Orioni FYSA

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One more and we have 8 nations competing. That would be enough for a very small bracket.

Feel free to update your applications and include a team name, kit, etc.

Since no-one is offering to host, I'll take this up myself.

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  • 1 month later...

Alright. I'm skipping a load of steps and going straight to the tournament bit. Right now I'm counting 11 interested players.

  1. Orioni
  2. Eurotuhrer
  3. Morheim
  4. Gallambria
  5. Iverica
  6. Sunset Sea Islands
  7. Variota
  8. Mauridiviah
  9. Prymont
  10. Cristina
  11. Derthalen

Now we just need 6 more names and we're set for a 16-player game.

  • First round of 16, with 4 groups of 4 nations
  • Second round with brackets

As far as rules and regulations go, I'm going to have at look at NS and elsewhere and devise a system.


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Thank you to everyone who is already involved here.

Please take some time to update your signup with the following information. Just scroll up and edit your post.

I'll go ahead and already add my own information. Apparently, I forgot to signup.

Team nickname (optional): Orioni Orcas

Team colours: blue and white

Team coach: Guus  Hiddink (we hired him after he successfully led previous teams into a place in the Worldcup.)

Team players:

  1. Tristão Paredes
  2. Filipe Shirazi
  3. Bagus Palmeiro
  4. Jagjit D'cruz
  5. Davud Moreno
  6. Gusti Lucas
  7. Ratnam Jain
  8. Abhay Kaur
  9. Julio Hoffmann
  10. Romeo Acosta (Captain)
  11. Caoimhe Laing

Team kit (optional):


Team lineup (optional):


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Team Nickname: Vinotinto

Team Colors: Maroon and black

Team Coach: Juan Monarca

Team Players:

  1. Azri'el Vittorio
  2. Priapus Terranova
  3. Héctor Bartolomei
  4. Ruperto Benítez
  5. Hugo Favero
  6. Reynado Salcedo
  7. Philetus Marmo
  8. Luca Aquino
  9. Cyprianus Colombo
  10. Livianus Aristodemos
  11. Judas Cruz

Team Kit:




Team Lineup:



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Team colours: Blue & white
Team coach: Nojus Fauskanger
Team players:

  1. Johannes Henden, GK
  2. Trym Hansen, LB
  3. Simon Jensen, CB
  4. Andreas Eskeland, CB
  5. Ravn Ulleberg, RB
  6. Alex Bakken, LW
  7. Vincent Borge, CDM (Captain)
  8. Fred Skogland, CAM
  9. Fillip Roth, RW
  10. Mikkel Karlsen, LF
  11. Ollie Sæther, RF

Team kit:
                         First Kit                                                Second Kit                                    Goalkeeper Kit


Team lineup:

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Het Huisselant Variota
National Football Team

The Golden Privateers
Het Gaut'n 


Yes! The best football team of Alharu has returned to the international football scene! Het Gaut'n Freikaapers' new squad is sure to impress with a mix of new and more experienced players. While the average age of the main squad remains on the younger side, the reserves are filled with experienced players that have seen their fair share of international matches. Who can forget the 2002 match against the Prymontian National Team where Hans fan'et Wolf, then a young inexperienced wildcard of a goalkeeper, kept out all eight Prymontian shots on target for the entire second half and ensured a 2-1 victory for Het Huisselant? The same man, now a grizzled veteran of the football fields, is now playing his last international tournament before fully retiring at the ripe age of 34.

Yes! We have some of the best coaches and support staff. Drawing from the massive pool of domestic talent, we have managed to find none-other than the 1980's wonderboy of Variotan football: Ronnie Ronthuissen. The star striker of teams such as FK Ranjekaat, GSF Grootwaterflakte and Sporting Finfishafen in the late 80s has returned from his football retirement and 'job' as a self-proclaimed Whine celebrity to take charge and sort the team out. Under his training regiment and leadership, aided by assistant coaches Rikkert Tuureterp and Ivan 'Vanny' Paalenmaaker-Aleksandrov, Ronthuissen has done his best to shape up the team into one that can bring home the UENA World Cup victory. In addition to regular doctors, the minds and souls of the players are supported through an omni-trained chaplain, the blessing of Gillofan V of the Variotan Christian Church and two alternative healthcare provides skilled in things such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, chakra realignment, chi harnessing and tarot card drawings.

Yes! We have some of the best players! Playing a defensive 4-4-2 position, the Golden Privateers will attempt to keep the more aggressively playing opponents from scoring while tiring them out in the long run. Starting Strikers Johan 'Bolle Jo' fan Branttorp and Ibrahim 'WooWoo' Wu will give the squad the attacking power it will need to consistently score goals. Bolle Jo has seen a good year at FK Orgaan Hotels Ferrefaaierhafen with the player growing more and more into his role as the sniper of the team, working in the long shots with accuracy and power while somewhat lacking in endurance. Wu, or WooWoo as the local supporters call him, is the first pure-blooded Fulgistani player to get selected for the main squad. His recent move from Foetbal Finfishafen to FK Ranjekaat saw him struggling to integrate in an area with far less Fulgistani citizens. Luckily for the Golden Privateers, he has managed to recover in time to join us in the UENA World Cup. Where Bolle Jo lacks endurance and likes to work in the long shots, WooWoo uses his speed and endurance to close the gap to the goal as a way to compensate for relatively low shot strength and average accuracy.

Yes! The goal is on lock. Koen Dekkerburg from Ghestelikke Foetbal Klub Kattetraalstatt (GFKK) is the starting goalkeeper and the legendary Hans fan'et Wolf remains on scene to keep the goal on lock as our reserve goalkeeper. GFKK managed to get promoted to the Foorste Foetbalkompetitie for a large part on the efforts of Dekkerburg, enabling secure conditions for their mediocre attackers and ensuring that they could take risks. While Hans fan'et Wolf is no longer playing in the highest divisions, he remains a starter for the semi-professional club Limbo Lorrevelt which plays in the Varinco Kompetitie. The man has shown to be in good condition and although his age may reduce his amount of endurance, he is seen as a solid reserve as he is able to draw from a wealth of experience.


Team nickname: Het Gaut'n Freikaapers / The Golden Privateers

Team colours: Gold and Purple

Team coach: Ronnie Ronthuissen / Assistants: Rikkert Tuureterp & Ivan 'Vanny' Paalenmaaker-Aleksandrov

Team players: 

1 - Koen Dekkerburg - GK - GFKK
2 - Harry Balleman - RB  - MKSF
3 - Kokki - CB - GSF Grootwaterflakte
4 - Estevan 'Kostenpost' Costa - CB  - MSK Reierferplattoterp
5 - Jan fan'es Linkefoet - LB  - FK Varinco Lorreboerterp
6 - Leonart Barth - LW  - FK Ranjekaat
7 - Franciscus Lantboer - CM  - Sporting Finfishafen
8 - Wilm fan Frau - CM - GSF Grootwaterflakte
9 - Jannes 'Stoffsuiger' Sloffeboer - RW  - Brootplatto FK
10 - Johan 'Bolle Jo' fan Branttorp - ST - FK Orgaan Hotels Ferrefaaierhafen
11 - Ibrahim 'WooWoo' Wu - ST - FK Ranjekaat

Team kit:




Team lineup:


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The Imperial Military Football Team

The Golden Boys

Team nickname: The Golden Boys/Der Goldjungen

Team colours: Gold and Blue

Team coach: Colonel Grendel Felding

Team players: 

1 - Konrad Johann Altmann - GK
2 - Gerhard Otto Carius - RB 
3 - Karl Friedrich Dix - CB
4 - Rupert Hans Mayer - CB 
5 - Hermann Jakob av Widuwald - LB 
6 - Thurman Aldo av Widuwald - LW 
7 - Mendel Hendriksen - CM 
8 - Jak Sebastian Saint-Thor  - CM 
9 - Johannes Haraldson - RW 
10 - Borlo Fylk - ST 
11 - Adolf Schneider - ST

Team kit:


                     Home                                        Away                                    Goalkeeper



Team Lineup:


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The Cristinese Federation of Football (Cristana Federacio de Futbalo) was created in 2015 and has 16 members.

Football is the most popular sport in Cristina. Despite of this, the Cristinese national football team has had little success, being made up of part-timers, for the first time qualifying for a major tournament.

This year the Cristinese higher hopes are on the skillfull and experienced Adriano Concetto and Rocco Albani.

Team nickname: Squadra d'Oro (Golden Squad)

Team colours: Yellow and Black

Team coach: Rafaelle Gardeni (hired after achieving many good results leading the National Women Team in the last two seasons )

Team players: 

1 - Baldi Grotto (Korvi FC)

2 - Luca Angioli (Razzi FS)

3 - Valerio Marciano (Korvi FC)

4 - Giordano Valdi (FC Azure)

5 - Luigi Sandre (FC Azure)

6 - Andreas Sabini (Central FC)

7 - Giuseppe Nazzara (Marinai SC)

8 - Savio Ponzio (Central FC)

9 - Andreas Orcini (Korvi FC)

10 - Adriano Concetto (FC Azure)

11 - Rocco Albani (Razzi FS)


Team Kit:



Team Lineup: 5-4-1/4-1-4-1





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The Adapton National Football Team. 

Football in Adaptus is the most popular sport, with such a deep and rich history.The Adapton Premier League is on of the richest, and most widely watched football leagues in Europa. With a very dedicated fan base, hopes are running high for the Adapton team to do well this year. 

Team Nickname: The Falcons. 

Team Colours: Maroon, Navy and Gold. (Additionally play in Black and White as their historic national colours). 

Team Manager and Coach:  Principalis Robrute 'Bobbae' Robsuno 


A footballing legend in his own right. Former capped Adapton player during one of the golden eras of Adapton football. Later became manger to some of the top club teams Europa has seen. Recently he has returned to the game to lead his home nation to glory during this years cup. 

Team Sheet (Including Substitutes):


1. Gianae Luigi Buffon

18. Iker Casillas 


3. Sergius Ramos

4. Gerade Piquae 

5. Robertos Carlus

14. Polo Maldini 

21. Cafus 

35. Carlis Puyol


8. Zinedine Zidanii 

7. Christianus Ronaldos

10. Paulus Gasconigae 

6. Peterius Beardslae 

12. David Beckhaemus 


9. Alanii Shearas 

17. Lionelii Messi 

69. Shola Ameobi. 

Team Kits







Team Formation and Lineup:


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Team colours: Blue, Gold, White
Team coach: Mannus Maniana 
Team players:


11. Léonel Messy, RM

10. Andreu Insiesta, RM


9. Abarné Etxeberri, INT

8. Juan Cabrón, FC-B

7. Luis Suaress (Cpt), INT

6. Pietro Deisant, FC-B


5. Franso Goya, FC-B

4. Anton Bandera, RM

3. Diego Sorro, RM

2. Ragi Kjells, FC-N


1. Giulius Hafþór, FC-N










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Team nickname: The Blue Tigers

Team colours: Marine Blue and Red

Team coach: Joko Vizaya

Team players:

1. Gusti Nugraha

2. Chandra Simanuk

3. Jarot Aditjavarman

4. Vandi Baravani

5. Garuda Bimaperkasa

6. Bima Adisatya

7. Ucok Simbara

8. Sukarjo Kaarien

9. Hendra Matrawan

10. Pandu Culanama

11. Baraa Bistjar

Team kit:




Team lineup



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      The broadcast shows the final results and they read
       Vineet Ajmera 49.53
       Shadvard Mirani 49.57
       Zurvan Chauhan 49.67
       Turag Prajapati 50.87
       Semih Chandio 51.63
       Shervan Sangha 52.15
       Zengin Bhatti 52.22
      Tansal Mohmand 52.22
      The broadcast remains at the final results screen for over two minutes. Silence flooded the airways until loud mic feedback blared its way through the nation's speakers. A third voice cuts through the feedback, corrects the mic and begins to speak in a calm monotone voice over the results graphic
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      The KSP's seal is shown on the broadcast, the national anthem is played, and it fades to black.
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