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Source... The Free Tribune / Voice of Klopstokia


The revolutionary council of old diehards has spoken on the subject of the elections in Klopstokia. The parliament has been a growing pain in the neck for some years.

The "council of the elders" now has given the advise to have some major changes in the

constitution for our free and brave nation.


1) The votes in parliament will be secret. This will deal with those parties using the whip to keep representatives in their line.


2) Elections will be held in a regional district election system.

Klopstokia has 150 seats in the Parliament. These are from now on devided in the regions of Klopstokia, proportional to the number of inhabitants.


These are the future number of seats:


South Woolland 30

North Woolland 25

Bracbant 25

Gelre 20

Utrek 15

Limboland 5

Sealand 5

Islia 5

Daranthia 5

Frisisk 5

Grun 5

Fluvia 5


And of course, candidates have to be registrated at least 4 years in a certain region, to be granted the right to represent that region in parliament!

No funny tricks any more!


All law proposals that pass the parliament will also be checked by the council of justice, together with the council of the elders. This is called..

"The council of the wise".

This council only has the right for a unanimous veto on a law, unanimous means that 66% of the representatives is against a law.

The law is then returned to the parliament.



We from the revolutionary council hope, that this way of democracy will be an example to the world. In fact, we have decided to do away with the stupid party system. It only brought us corruption and a lot of monkey bussines.


In Klopstokia, there is only one party from now on, the free people of Klopstokia!

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