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@Ahrana, @Greater Serbia


All right, seeing as I am going to hopefully have time on my hands again, would you like to start this up once more? Thankfully we already have the charter done, so now we just need to discuss how we will implement this in-universe.


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    • By Mauridiviah
      After the recent elections, President Diego Polo was given a full mandate when handling foreign relations, and as a part of that comes another round of diplomatic meetings with several nations. The first one up was a nation that Mauridiviah used to have chilly relations with as an unstable, autocratic Derthalen-aliged communist state. However, ever since the fall of dictator Ivanoff Ahrana has moved towards democracy and a freer market, as well as cutting ties with Derthalen. This has basically reset the diplomatic relations between the new nations, as a result the newly-appointed Secretary of State Marco Luti (who replaced the previous compromise candidate of Augusto Gomez), who was the delegate who attended the founding ceremony of the Confederation of Independent Socialists, has decided to meet with them first.
      Polo had decided, after hearing reports of how cold Ahrana was, and to demonstrate Mauridiviah's increasing involvement in world affairs, that the @Ahranan delegation (which included the new Secretary-General of Ahrana) would be coming to Maurotopia for the meeting.
      Now, as to the topics of the meeting, there were many to choose from and only limited time to cover them all. The Mauridivian government hoped that Secretary-General Alexsandra Core would re-affirm the previous administration's stance on LGBT rights, be willing to call for new elections soon, allow Mauridivian companies to operate in Ahrana, and expand civil and political rights in Ahrana. They were willing to provide aid to Ahrana to help in the transition from a planned economy to a market socialist economy as well as the transition from dictatorship to parliamentary republicanism. A trade agreement between Mauridiviah and Ahrana was floated as a possibility, and somewhere in a personal assistant's pockets was a thank-you card thanking Ahrana for allowing Radio Free Eurth to operate within its borders (As Mauridiviah expected them to allow RFE into their nation). The final topic anyone had in mind (at least in the Mauridivian cabinet) was Mauridiviah's observer status in the Confederation of Independent Socialists and the future of the organization. Ahrana's new government is so hastily put together that not even President Polo knew what they were planning to discuss.
      With security waiting for the arrival of the delegation at the Antonio Bolivar International Airport, the final preparations were being made. Luti would meet the delegation upon their arrival at the airport and then they would drive together to the place of the meeting, a room of the Presidential Palace.

      The Presidential Palace, called the "Palacio Repúblicano".
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