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The Late Introduction of Selayar

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Hello everyone! I have been here since last January and has been lurking around discord, but realised I haven't introduced myself formally here :P

I'm not new to the roleplay and NS world, but I can't say that I am an expert either. I came here because I see you guys have a dope map. (and the biggest so far lol)


About me personally, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. My hobby is writing, reading, worldbuilding, maps, and other nerdy kinds of stuff. I'm still in High School and yeah. I think that should be enough lol. If you want to ask anything please don't hesitate!

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Hello! Apa kabar?

Let me be the first to welcome you to this forum, our own corner of the internet.

I am glad you chose to remain in Europa. Over the years, we've seen our ups and downs. Right now we're on the upswing, which includes bringing you to our shores.

So I hope you enjoy the experience so far. Do let us know how we can improve the experience.

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