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Expansion: Asgeirria

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I've just about burnt myself out on RP-ing with myself, but I've finished annexing the islands surrounding Asgeirria.

So here are my requests:

1. Add the 4 little islands surrounding Asgeirria to its territory

2. Make Asgeirr look like this but with better art skills.



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Hi there @Asgeirria . I had to consult some other players for feedback. Here are their suggestions.

  • I'd like more information regarding detailed invasions of the islands. Specific segments of an event, for example, the conquering of a building during a siege.
  • More views from the opposition would be interesting. To see how the natives are handling it.

:) Right now I'll mark the islands as reserved until such time as your story is finished. So you're about 75% of the way there.

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