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For many years, the “Group Of Five”, an informal group of Slavic nations close to each other, have endured relative prosperity and well-being. However, with new land being snatched up left and right, the Euroführer felt that they needed to put their foot in the door. The “Group Of Five” includes the Euroführer, @Cavunia @Greater Serbia, @Poland-Lithuania, and @Girkmand. Relations have been positive with most of these countries for many years. However, that may change with a new possible land acquisition.

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ZYAZDA: I don’t know that more land is necessary.

Secretary Divac’s fist pounded on the table.

DIVAC: “Look at this map, General.’

GENERAL  ZYAZDA: Yes, Secretary Divac”

DIVAC: “What do you see?”

ZYAZDA: ”New countries springing up left and right, sir”

DIVAC: ”How many of these countries are truly socialist?”

ZYAZDA: Well, @Greater Serbia is fascist, @Poland-Lithuania says they are socialist, but they are more authoritarian, @Girkmand is capitalist, and @Cavunia is no longer relevant on the international stage.

DIVAC: Exactly! None of those countries are exactly like us. We are a beacon of socialist light in a valley of authoritarian/capitalist countries around us. Who says we are safe from them? We have no idea of their intentions. This is why I have concocted a plan. *pulls out map*



(this is the map)


DIVAC: This space will serve as the buffer zone between us, the ray of light, and the shadows of darkness. This area will help to ensure our socialist dream, and our great and beautiful country, stays alive. This plan could secure our Union for generations to come. All we need is to pitch this plan to the senate for their approval. What do you say? Are you in? Or are you out?

ZYAZDA: I’m in. Once the bill passes through the senate, the army will begin to be mobilized. Let’s do this. *begins to walk out*

DIVAC: One last thing, General. Expect international questioning and anger. This has always been an issue. *Chuckles* They’ll have to learn the way.... The Eurofuhrerian way.


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