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Expansion: Eurofuhrer

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Couple of simple map requests.

1. Please rename my capital to what it currently is, Belgrade.

2. Update my flag

On a completely unrelated note, I would like to know if there was any more groundwork set on expansion. I am thinking far ahead here, but if there are any changes to the process (doing RPs, being active) let me know. If I am currently eligible, you can reply and we can have that arranged. Thanks.


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Hello @The Eurofuhrer . Your capital was renamed and flag changed.

About the expansion. If you're planning an expansion, it will have to be done via RP. There are several recent examples of how to do this. Looking at your neighbours, it's possible to head in multiple directions.

Also, please involve your closest active neighbours in this discussion. Those would be @Girkmand @Greater Serbia @Poland-Lithuania .

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Seconded, it would be nice to see you up and about again!

1 hour ago, Girkmand said:

I have full confidence in your ability to roleplay your expansion, so I have no issues with it. It would be nice to see you become more active once again.


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@The Eurofuhrer All of your relevant neighbours seem to agree to this future expansion.

What I can do is mark the area as reserved. That way no-one else will be placed there. Meanwhile you can figure out how to RP the expansion.

Suggestion as an alternative story to your current military solution: a historical RP, set a couple of centuries back, in which this wild mountain region are tamed.

@Girkmand Did you have a look at the area being claimed? You will share a future border. https://photos.app.goo.gl/M1jnPKkahm4Nd8i23

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That's a large claim, @Orioni. I obviously do not approve IC due to @The Eurofuhrer aligning himself towards the red bloc of Argis, but OOC I am of the opinion that everyone should be able to roleplay what they want without arbitrary restrictions, given that what they're doing is roleplayed appropriately and realistically.

I would like to make clear that this will no doubt greatly strain relations between our two countries IC. The Eurofuhrer can and should expect retaliation upon extensive western expansion, especially if it begins to trivialize the sovereignty of neighboring independent states.

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@Girkmand Once this expansion is complete my country is done expanding. It wouldn’t look aesthetically pleasing to me or for other nations. This is my last expansion because to me, two large claims is enough. Obviously our political views don’t see eye to eye, but that is to be expected from capitalist countries and socialist ones, like mine. I look forward to working either on or against you in future role plays!

@Orioni Your historical background is a wonderful idea that I might incorporate into the existing role play. I’ve already burnt out the “war torn area under siege” Rp, which I’ll admit was a bit underwhelming. This RP will be much more sweeping in its coverage and a more enjoyable and less rushed read. Any ideas how to introuduce this subplot?

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